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Shared Crossing Video replay and announcement of forthcoming seminar


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What an absolute pleasure it was to be in conversation in my live webinar with Dr. Martha Jo Atkins last night! We covered a lot of territory about shared crossings, and discussed the methods that can enable you to experience a shared crossing or Shared Death Experience (SDE) of your own. We also introduced our upcoming Shared Crossing Pathway Seminar, the only program that teaches methods that enable the shared crossing experience.

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Shared crossing experiences have completely transformed my life and can transform yours, as well. They helped me realize that I am able to share in the journey with my loved ones to the other realm in an utterly beautiful experience; that the end of a life can be full of love and connection instead of fear; and that our bonds with loved ones continue beyond death.

Across my lifetime of researching SDEs and other shared crossings such as visitation and after-death communication, I’ve interviewed hundreds of experiencers and developed methods that enable individuals like yourself to have these experiences too.

Our next course, the Shared Crossing Pathway Seminar, takes a deep dive into how you and a loved one can experience a shared crossing (including the majestic Shared Death Experience) for yourself:

  • REALIZE a conscious, connected, and loving end of life for yourself and your loved ones
  • TRANSMUTE fear of death into acceptance and wonder
  • LEARN the truth about what comes next on our soul's journey
  • PREPARE for the best death possible

It is being offered in-person in sunny Santa Barbara, CA (October 21-23) as well as online (November 11-13). Take a look and join me for this life-changing three-day seminar!

If you missed the webinar last night, you can catch the recording here, and if you'd like to see more stories like David and Cindi's, our free video Story Collection is available on our website here.


I hope to see you again soon,

William Peters

Founder, Shared Crossing Project

Register for the Pathway Seminar



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