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Raymond and I love to share great events with you --

especially when they are FREE!

Dr. Raymond Moody coined the term 'Shared Death Experience' with Paul Perry in their book Glimpses of Eternity. The identification of this phenomenon  convinced Raymond that an afterlife existed after almost five decades of extensive research.

Many of us would like to learn more about this phenomena and discover whether we can possibly experience a shared death with our own loved ones.

While there are no concrete answers on this side of the veil, this is a wonderful and life-affirming topic that is deservedly gaining more attention with each passing year.

Join William Peters and Dr. Martha Jo Atkins as they share their knowledge about shared death and introduce methods that can help you and a loved one to experience a shared crossing. 


                                                             RSVP HERE for FREE


This webinar will introduce you to shared crossings, the steps to prepare for a good death, and practices that can facilitate shared death experiences and other shared crossings.

Finding the Pathway Home: An Introduction to the Methods that Enable a Shared Crossing 

Thursday October 13th - 5pm to 6pm PST  

The free, live online webinar introduces participants to the methods that will enable them and their loved ones to: 


    • MANIFEST a conscious, connected and loving end-of-life experience. 
    • ENABLE a shared death experience and other shared crossings. 
    • REALIZE that our bonds with loved ones continue beyond human death.  

Dr. Martha Jo Atkins (end-of-life licensed professional counselor and counselor supervisor (LPC-S), coach, speaker and author), will be William's special guest.  



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FROM William Peters: 

'I imagine you want a shared crossing for yourself and your loved ones.

The challenge is that most people fear dying and believe they will never see their loved ones again. This makes sense because death can be a painful and stressful experience especially if you are not prepared. In our culture, death is shrouded in mystery. It is viewed as the ultimate finality - the end of all things.

This daunting cultural perspective of death leaves us as collective “deer in the headlights” when it inevitably occurs. As such we avoid discussing death, dismiss sincere consideration of life after death, and when death and the accompanying grief naturally do ultimately arrive, we feel immense social pressure to “get over it” and move on. 

The cumulative effects of this are that we know extraordinarily little about the death and dying process, let alone the shared crossings that validate that our relationships with loved ones do endure beyond death.

That’s why I created this webinar as a guide for how to prepare for the spiritual aspects of death and dying.'



William Peters

Psychotherapist, founder of Shared Crossing Project and author of At Heaven's Door.

William is the director of the Shared Crossing Research Initiative, the only research institute dedicated to the study of shared death experiences. Hear how William took the foundational work of Dr. Moody and developed the typologies to provide a greater understanding for this transformational end of life experience. William will share his own formative SDEs from his time as a volunteer at the Zen Hospice project. 




Dr. Martha Jo Atkins

A dog-loving, doctoral level (Ph.D.) end-of-life licensed professional counselor and counselor supervisor (LPC-S), coach, speaker and author.

For almost thirty years, she has been working with grieving and bereaved children and families + people at end-of-life and the ones who love them. The landscape of dying can be frightening. It doesn’t have to be. Her intention is to support people in moving beyond the worry and panic and what-ifs, so that in the midst of the unknowns at end-of-life, you can be fully there - in the messy, glorious, life affirming, deeply ordinary and extraordinary holy space that is dying, leaning into all of it. 







We hope you enjoy this wonderful offering!

Raymond Moody & Lisa Smartt

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