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Terra 06 — How Pure Love Gets Earthy


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If only you believe in miracles… We could exist on a star… I know that love is the answer….
from “Miracles,” by Jefferson Starship

Paradox: Pure love from the source gets devised along its way to Earth, where it continues to shine at the center of everyone, while bristly sparks of earthy passions flare up around it… passions for worldly things like money, power, food, drugs, and sex.


Years ago, when I gave presentations, I’d often play background music to capture a mood—Debussy’s Afternoon of a Faun for mystery and intrigue, Bach’s Air on a G String for relaxed inspiration, and so on. On one occasion I played Miracles by Jefferson Starship to set an upbeat mood of love and miracles that are at the center of robust ITC research (spirit communication enhanced by technology). I noticed some discomfort in the audience, and when I read the lyrics of the song later on, I discovered that the word “love” generally refers to sex. I’ll probably always love that song because it just sounds so good, but I began to wonder why sex is often misconstrued as love, why the subject of sex is often inappropriate, and how love got earthy in the first place.

That’s what we’ll try to unravel today—how pure, enriching love that comes from the source and nourishes the vast cosmos gets devised in our world to become a mixture of pure love and earthier motivations like the sex drive (or like our passion for money, material possessions, good food, politics, crime dramas, and sports… including hunting and fishing where we actually kill other living things for pleasure.)

The love paradox began to stir in my mind around the time I got involved in ITC and joined the new INIT group in 1995. My Luxembourg colleagues Jules and Maggy Harsch-Fischbach received a computer text from their spirit friends describing in vivid detail the paradise world (Eden or Marduk) where many people from Earth awaken after they die and soon find themselves in their same bodies, but healthy, pain-free, and at the prime of life. The computer contact included the following excerpt:

“People here are very much like they were during their lifetime. Men and women have the same sexual needs as before their death. Since the average age here is 30 years and everybody knows that the sexual organs also serve other functions than reproduction, nobody should be surprised when I say that everything goes on as usual. However, here a woman does not get pregnant. You do not put away your sexuality, as it is a truly human characteristic. Sexual partnerships exist, provided both partners harmonize and desire it… We eat and drink like you do, but our food is produced synthetically. To put it another way, we more or less materialize physical food. The meat which some still enjoy here is only a reproduction of matter. No animal has to die for another being.”

Reading that excerpt, my first thought was…

Seriously? We can still enjoy feasting and sex in the afterlife?

And that opened a Pandora’s box of other questions:


Pure love emanates from the source and is gradually devised or changed through the various levels. When it reaches Terra, it’s radically devised by our brains, hormones, and DNA into more earthy motivations.


  • Does everyone go to level 3 paradise after they die?
    No. People who overcome their earthy desires might awaken in finer levels, while people who hold onto passions that hurt themselves or others will find themselves in denser levels, for example, level 2 or Earth’s spiritual shadow at level 1. But apparently most people do awaken at level 3.
  • Why don’t women get pregnant in the afterlife?
    Because reproduction, like eating, is a biological process that doesn’t apply to the spirit body. In the spirit worlds, presumably, living things are created and nourished by life-energy from the source. A human body at level 3 is a sort of energy template of the physical body at the prime of life. It’s sustained constantly by life-energy, so it doesn’t age, it doesn’t need to reproduce, and it doesn’t need other nourishment.
  • Why do spirits at level 3 have sex, if not for reproduction? (And why do they eat, if not for nourishment?)
    We bring our pleasues along from Earth after a lifetime, and the level 3 paradise world—a stepping stone to finer levels—is a place where we can still enjoy earthy things like sex, eating, and (safe, pain-free) sports, but they’re no longer driven by the brain, DNA, and hormones, so there’s no intense competition and little drama at level 3, as people migrate into resonant communities and relationships. Ecstasy is a daily way of life, without the agony (which in the case of sex includes unwanted pregnancies, rape or assault, shame or guilt, lust, frustration, yearning, sexually transmitted disease, and so on).
  • Are there gays at level 3?
    No doubt. After we die, we humans bring along to the afterlife the behaviors we love. As long as those things don’t harm other living things, they’re suitable for level 3. We continue to share our refined (causes-no-harm) love as we understand and feel it. Maggy Fischbach received a contact from George Cukor, a well-known gay Hollywood movie director who often brought flowers to his leading ladies and was known as “the Gentleman Director” (unlike the many Hollywood moguls who preyed upon pretty actresses).


Thomas Edison and George Cukor in the Timestream sending station at level 3.

  • Are there spiritual repercussions of abortion?
    No. A spirit enters the fetus as it’s developing in the mother’s womb, and if the fetus is terminated before birth, the spirit simply moves on to a new adventure. He or she will have little or no recollection of the event… as our spirit friends explained: “Abortion is not a topic of importance here anymore as it is on Earth. Here the emotions and feelings of guilt that arose on Earth about abortion no longer play a role. One of the women who had an abortion on Earth met the youngster who would have developed out of the aborted fetus and grown into a young man on Earth. The fellow did not know the young woman (his mother) who stood in front of him. Neither did he understand the emotions she felt when she saw him face to face. He knew nothing about the problems she’d dealt with when making her decision on Earth. The short stay in the physical world inside the female’s body left no memories in his mind. He was now enjoying his existence and had found his way. Only now did the woman realize that nobody was bearing a grudge against her. Nobody in her new life was judging her, and she managed to free herself from her feelings of guilt.”
  • What happens to babies and children who die?
    Typically they too awaken at level 3, where loving caretakers raise them in an accelerated growth process to adulthood, as explained by our spirit friends: “When wounded children (and grownups) arrive here they are being bedded in tubs filled with healing waters. It is not easy work. The wounds have to be treated and their bodies have to be washed. Amputated limbs regrow within a short time and the sick tissue regenerates itself… they soon forget what happened to them and play happily with the other children.” (read more… )

How Pure Love Is Devised into Earthy Motivations Like Sex

As mentioned in the above diagram, pure love from the source is gradually devised on its way to Earth, where suddenly it’s radically devised by our brains, hormones, and DNA into earthy passions like sex.

During a lifetime we still have pure love shining as an inner light at the center of our being, but it’s largely obscured by the dramas going on around us that stir up our hormones and passions.

We can mitigate the effects of Earth’s drama when we dedicate ourselves to practices like prayer and meditation, but the earthy passions never go away completely as long as our spirit is confined to the physical body.

Even after we shed the physical body at the end of a lifetime, the deeply ingrained patterns of drama and passion still exist in our spirit body for a while, but their intensity is gone.

Essentially, if we’ve lived our life in a kind way, without causing intentional harm to the people and other living things around us, we’ll almost certainly awaken at level 3, where we can resume our pleasures under paradise conditions.

These earthy pleasures become less important to us as we prepare to ascend to finer realms. Or, we might choose to reincarnate quickly into another lifetime on Earth to resume the drama and passion.

Our spirit decides what’s appropriate for our timeless soul plan.

# # #

For a more in-depth look at the spiritual aspects of sex, romance, and the love paradox, you can reread an article I wrote a couple of years ago in the Worlds Within Worlds series, which contains links to rich resources by people who’ve devoted their careers to the subject.


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