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Am I Channeling or Just making it up? A free video event with Michael Sandler


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That path of direct communication is available to anyone who earnestly seeks to deepen their connection with loved ones and other benevolent beings on the other side of the veil.

If you’ve attempted it yourself, the first hurdle is contending with the obvious question: “What if I’m just making all this up?”

Wouldn’t it be great to have a reliable approach to spiritual mediumship (a.k.a. channeling) that allows you to bypass the meddling influence of our miraculously analytical, survival-seeking, storytelling brain — and make verifiable contact with the other side?

Yet, how do you validate it to yourself? How do you trust you’re not subliminally feeding yourself your own ego-serving script — when it’s your soul you want in the driver’s seat... particularly when traversing the veil.

On Saturday, September 17, world-renowned automatic writing teacher Michael Sandler will share simple and elegant body-based exercises — sourced in the energy and the power of love — that can help you make the subtle adjustments you need to know for certain you’re successfully connecting with the other side.




In this hour-long free online event, you’ll:

  • Learn to hear, receive, and ultimately trust the inner voice/wisdom that bridges to other worlds
  • Discover how to deeply listen — to truly hear this voice on a moment’s notice
  • Learn the subtle but important keys to discern if the voice is really coming from you or your ego
  • Understand when to take action on this inner voice, rather than to hold back and wait for additional information


  • Develop trust that this inner voice has your best interests at heart (by testing the advice you receive)

Michael will show you the first steps toward dropping into a trance-like state that can help you communicate with loved ones on the other side for peace, understanding, and guidance far beyond the thinking mind.

If you’re seeking to understand the big picture — when most of us are desperately seeking answers to many of our personal and global issues — now is the time to begin or restart your dialogue with wise friends, guides, angels, and departed loved ones.







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