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ITC Gem19: More Afterlife Descriptions


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ITC Gem 19: More Afterlife Descriptions


Editor’s note: This article combines reports from the 1991 issues of the Luxembourg ITC journal, CETL Infonews, which I published in English back in the day. These are wonderful descriptions of the paradise world where most of us will awaken after we die. Swejen Salter and Sir Richard Francis Burton are two of the members of the spirit group who were contacting the Luxembourg researchers on a regular basis.

– – – Begin CETL Report – – –

On the third plane some residents have been living for over a century. Some live in castles, fortresses or beautiful mansions, other in tents or teepees — whatever makes them comfortable.

New arrivals have the opportunity to get to know people of all ages of human history and to meet unfamiliar, intelligent beings of non-Earthly origin. How readily a newcomer can accept the many new and unusual things, is one factor determining how quickly he or she may move on to the subtler dimensions.

The researchers are assured that these are not descriptions adapted simply to make them understand; the conditions described are as real as our world.

During one of her river journeys with Richard, Swejen met a French scientist named Rimbaud who had been living with people of the early stone age to study their habits. Swejen and Richard visited their settlement and got to know them well.

Swejen Salter had a reputation as a tireless worker at the Timestream sending station. She once said:

“We too are overcome by a certain tiredness after long and hard work. It is not comparable to physical exhaustion but rather like the human need for change and relaxation. This relaxation is provided and takes but a short time as you measure it.”

She spoke of recreation centers frequented by hard-working people in the astral planes.

“The building we are in has the shape of a huge dome. Clouds are moving overhead although we are not in open space.”

She said the hall interior was patterned after nature, with beautiful gardens, indescribable colors, soul-penetrating music, and flowers that emit not only lovely fragrances but soft musical sounds as well. Some recreation centers have summer activities in beautiful, earth-like settings of lush green. Others have snowy landscapes with winter activities available.

Newcomers to the astral planes can spend as much time as they like in these centers. Some find the centers so appealing that they think they want to spend the rest of their spirit lives there. Others enjoy the activities for awhile then turn to other activities.

Inhabitants of the mid-astral planes are assisted by higher beings in creating landscapes they are familiar with. While this reality seems a bit “fabricated” to us, Swejen is quick to point out that everything in the astral planes can be seen and touched by people in astral bodies, just as physical things are fully experienced in our material world.

– – – End CETL Report – – –

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