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04 ~Worlds Within Worlds – Ancient Human Timeline


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04 ~Worlds Within Worlds  – Ancient Human Timeline


This article in the worlds-within-worlds cosmology stretches our minds to the boggle point. I’ve tried to keep it as clear and uncluttered as I can, just adding lots of links to details and source materials, which you’re welcome to ignore or explore.

The controversial timeline below (which I’ve come to believe is reasonably close to the truth) was all woven together with information from…

  • Ethereal messages via ITC, or instrumental transcommunication, the use of technology to get information from the worlds of spirit,
  • History and science, especially astronomy, geology, and archaeology,
  • Religion, especially the paradise “Eden” story of western religion, the 4-billion-year “day of Brahma” of eastern religion, and the knowledge of spirit realms held by most major religions,
  • Solid physical evidence such as megaliths and Ica stones that might contradict mainstream science and religion, and
  • Frontier science… what zealous, hard-headed skeptics on wikipedia toss together as “fringe science.”

Our ancient past is not an easy subject to write about nowadays because of all of the polarizing views. For scientists, megalithic ruins found throughout the world are like elephants in the lab that no one wants to talk about. And new ideas about spirits and the origin of mankind can upset religionists. So writing about these things is like walking on eggshells.

Eggshells and elephants… what could go wrong?

Here’s the story….


The Cataclysm 4 Billion Years Ago

A defining moment occurred 4 billion years ago that changed everything. Scientists call it the Late Heavy Bombardment, and it caused most of the impact craters on the planets and moons in our solar system. No one’s exactly sure what caused that massive onslaught of debris in the first place, but here’s what makes most sense to me:

Billions of years ago a Saturn-sized planet circled the sun between Mars and Jupiter. The planet went by various names, including Eden and Marduk.

Brilliant beings from finer spirit realms decided to spread life into the physical universe.

  • To do that, they would have to “terraform” planets like Eden… making them habitable.
  • To do that, some of those spirit beings would have to become physical beings.
  • And to do that, they would have to develop what we today would consider to be giant, superhuman bodies as sort of protective outer shells around their spirit bodies (for the same reason that astronauts don spacesuits or divers wear scuba gear; it was the only way to live in an otherwise incompatible environment).


So as the project got underway, those giant humans with their massive technologies began turning Eden (and presumably other large planets in other solar systems) into a paradise world. Here in our solar system they were not only terraforming Eden; they were also spreading their flourishing paradise to other, lesser planets such as Earth, Venus, and Mars.

Around 4 billion years ago their technologies got out of hand, and Planet Eden was suddenly destroyed in a massive explosion. The only surviving Edenites were the colonists on Earth.

(Some people believe the planet Eden or Marduk or Maldek was destroyed by an impact with another big body, but I lean toward the idea that advanced Edenite technologies caused the explosion 4 billion years ago, mainly because of the unimaginable force it would have taken to produce the kind of shrapnel illustrated below.)


Comparative sizes. (The Eden picture is an artist’s rendition… obviously not the real Eden.  🙂


Why did life survive only on Earth? Maybe just coincidence. Maybe Earth was on the opposite side of the sun from Eden when Eden exploded—like standing behind a brick wall when a grenade goes off—in which case Earth might have only suffered a planetary blast concussion from which it eventually recovered. Whatever the case, Edenites on Earth (and only on Earth) survived the explosion.

The giant humans, who were well suited as stewards of a gigantic paradise planet like Eden in a peaceful universe, were now marooned on tiny Planet Earth under chaotic conditions. The biosphere had probably been badly disrupted by the explosion, and the heavens were rife with meteors, asteroids, and other planetary shrapnel.

For some 3 billion years (tenuous years, at best) the castaways were able to continue engineering and managing Earth’s biosystems in relative peace.


Then came a second defining moment—dinosaurs. They appeared on Earth shortly after the last ice age (sometimes called the Karoo or Paleozoic ice age, which ended 260 million years ago). Unlike most of the other living things on Earth, these new dinosaurs did not submit to the will of Earth’s human caretakers, and so it became a struggle to prevail.


Some 33,000 Acámbaro figurines (left) and 15,000 Ica stones, which were dug up last century, were probably (and arguably) buried around the time that the dinosaurs went extinct, providing solid evidence that our giant ancestors once had to contend with dinosaurs. The three Ica stones in the picture show not just a human with a dinosaur but also an ancient astronomer and an advanced medical procedure. The lower photo was taken in the Berlin Museum of Natural History (Museum für Naturkunde). Note the relative size difference between humans and dinosaurs then and now.

As mentioned, the peaceful Edenites were brilliant, superhuman giants by today’s standards, so their strife against the dinosaurs, whose gigantic bones we see in modern museums, would have been like us today battling crocodiles and snakes the size of cars and subway trains… probably without the aid of guns and other weapons.

I suspect that the Edenites possessed advanced scientific and medical technologies for planetary management and for interacting with other dimensions (the spirit realms), but weapons were probably an alien concept… something that had no purpose before dinosaurs appeared on Earth.

Carved stones dug up in Ica, Peru in the 1960s, and figurines dug up in Acámbaro, Mexico in the 1940s, are probably (though arguably) tens of thousands of years old. If so, they provide some of the best solid evidence that our gifted, giant human ancestors were on Earth during the time of dinosaurs… and probably much, much earlier.

(There’s lots of other evidence of ancient human presence scattered around this website, for example here… and here… and here… but these pictures, along with the megaliths shown below, make the point well enough for this article.)

And here are a couple of key ITC contacts that inspired me, in recent years, to formulate this mind-boggling scenario of our ancient beginnings 4 billion years ago. Unless I’ve misunderstood the meaning of the following contacts, the scenario above seems to make pretty good sense to me.

Related ITC contacts (excerpts)

  • Long, long ago when humans came to Earth from Eden (or Marduk), they lost mastery over nature after their dissension with the serpent…. Humans had to fight against nature and some of its most dangerous creatures. You call them monsters, but they were only life forms which defended themselves and their kind. These creatures did not subject themselves to the intellectual superiority of humans and had to be defeated and destroyed by cunning and strength. Human civilizations prevailed. Of these times long, long ago, only legends were handed down. Do not scorn them. The day may not be far off when your sciences will dig up the skeleton of a dragon.…
  • The animal consciousness has been forced on humanity. Humans themselves are not bad. Prior to the last ice age men lived peacefully together, man with man and man with animals.

Dawn of Global Civilization

After finally vanquishing the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, the Edenites gradually regrouped and started building what might be called the foundations of modern human civilization. Plato spoke of Atlantis as a vast island empire in what is now the North Atlantic Ocean. Other sources talk about various ancient, mighty civilizations in various parts of the world that went by various names.

Trying to figure out what really happened in those ancient times can cause some serious head-scratching, but certain facts stand out clearly.


We only need to open our eyes (and maybe our minds) to see plenty of solid evidence that giant, brilliant, technologically advanced humans walked the Earth long, long ago.


Megalithic ruins—gigantic structures—are found throughout most of the world, and there is simply no rational explanation for their existence—none—if we insist on believing that we today are the most advanced humans who ever walked the Earth.

Solid, megalithic evidence like this picture insists that the ancient story of humanity has to include a highly advanced civilization that prevailed on Earth long before we did.

This, in a nutshell, is probably what happened in that era long ago:

After vanquishing the dinosaurs, the surviving Edenites developed an advanced civilization that spanned most of the globe and went by different names in different parts of the world (Atlantis being just one of those names). That’s why megalithic ruins have been found in so many locations.

So after the demise of dinosaurs, giant humans were once again in control of the global ecosystem… more or less. Apparently the conflict that had raged between humans and dinosaur for millions of years caused Planet Earth to undergo a personality change. It was no longer a paradise world managed by human stewards, but a more savage world where competition and conflict would play a much bigger role.

Eventually the Edenites themselves left the Earth (and presumably returned to the worlds of spirit), and the fate of human civilization was left in the hands of their descendants, whom we sometimes call Titans or demigods. Those Titans were like a hybrid race between the Edenites and smaller humans like us today.

Those Titans in that ancient civilization apparently made some big mistakes, which instilled a noble-savage character into the terrestrial ecosystem, where life kills life to survive.

Related ITC contact (excerpt):

  • The “fall of Man” is a legend handed down from Greek mythology. It was maintained by the “Mysteries” and found its way into the schools of philosophy during the Greek classic period. Humans were considered to be descendants of Titans who had killed the young Dionysus-Zagreus. The burden of this crime weighed heavily on them. In a writing by Anaximander it is said that the unity of the world was destroyed by a prehistoric crime. In reality, these legends are based on a factual incident: the downfall of the civilization you often call Atlantis (also known by other names). This downfall was brought about by the descendants of the last inhabitants of Marduk who became marooned on planet Terra. This downfall came through reliance and blind trust in a massive technology…. You see, there was a “fall of Man,” but different from what you imagined. We know that many among you will not believe us. This does not bother us. We know that this is how it was. Today you may consider it science fiction, but you too will one day, once more, recognize its validity. The next time we shall speak of more pleasant things.

I’ve speculated elsewhere on this website about the things that might have gone wrong with the “massive technologies” of that megalithic civilization. Possibilities include:

  • Experimenting with humans, animals, and plants through genetic engineering and cross-breeding,
  • Engineering sexual reproduction so that humans (and presumably other species) could perpetuate themselves with an endless series of short lifespans… (it’s likely that the Edenites themselves were asexual beings, simply coming to Earth for a long lifetime measured in millennia or eons, and maybe renewing their bodies periodically through spiritual processes, similar to the way we humans today reincarnate… but the Titans decided to change that by creating male and female versions, starting with the male… a decision that led to lots of thorny problems early in the development cycle),
  • Creating devastating weapons,
  • Transducing potent spirit world energies to physical (electromagnetic) energies with explosive results.

But these are just four possibilities among many. Whatever the truth turns out to be, I’m confident that the choices made by the Titans (superhuman descendants of the Edenites) caused serious problems for humans and other life forms on Earth after the age of dinosaurs, and we today are still contending with the fallout from those bad choices. I base that confidence mostly on the three ITC messages listed earlier in the article.


So, let’s pretend that we could gather together all of the stories and theories and beliefs about our ancient human timeline from the archives of science, religion, and the frontier sciences… and then toss them all on the table along with the above article.

If we then used Occam’s razor to start cutting away all of the material that’s too contrived or too complicated or at odds with solid physical evidence like the megaliths and ancient artifacts mentioned earlier… what do you suppose would be left when the cutting’s done?

My money is on the article above, even if it’s a bit mind-boggling at the moment.


Granted, this timeline has plenty of holes and unanswered questions. One of the biggest:

Why haven’t archaeologists uncovered any giant human skeletons among the dinosaur fossils?!

If this cosmology is valid (as I suspect it is), then these things will eventually be resolved. Meanwhile, discernment is prudent, skepticism is understandable… and comments are welcome.


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