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02 - Worlds Within Worlds – Where the Body Meets the Spirit


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This article is about that nebulous region where the physical body (or any other material structure in this material universe) blends into its spiritual counterpart… a spirit body (or spirit structure). We’ll consider some worldly and other-worldly principles that might come together and facilitate the blending-together of those bodies—the spiritual and the physical.


Before 1990. I used to believe that if we could delve deep into trees and rocks and other material things, down into the tiny world of molecules and atoms and subatomic particles such as quarks and leptons, we’d find tinier and tinier systems… maybe extending downward, inward, forever.

After 1990. After a spiritual awakening (compliments of George Meek) I finally had to admit that all structures are mostly an illusion, even though they seem solid and real to inhabitants of structured universes like ours. Reality exists beyond structure. It is a formless, living force that’s sometimes called spirit or consciousness. So then I deduced that if you could dig into a quark, what you’d actually find is reality… what science calls waves, and what George Meek called cosmic energy… akin to what religions have been calling prana, chi, shakti, and Holy Spirit.

Then I slowly started to digest the Timestream contacts and other information that form the basis of the macyafterlife website… and a new picture started to emerge.

In the past 20 years I think I’ve finally gotten a clearer understanding of “the everything.” Those other two cosmologies (the physical one and the spiritual one) have now sort of wrapped themselves together in my mind to form a new, more accurate picture of how our material world blends into the spirit worlds.

New Cosmology

The picture below is a very simplified view of how the omniverse (I believe) is nested… that is, worlds within worlds within worlds… and how it’s all nested in at least two different ways: physically and spiritually.


The countless universes in the omniverse are all jumbled together in the same space like radio signals, each universe remaining distinct by its vibration… something that’s hard to envision with our five senses and brains, which are only geared to perceive our own physical universe.

When we die.  Nearly all of us will awaken in an astral world after we die. We’ll have a more multidimensional vision at that point, and it’ll be “natural” for us, then, not just to perceive the astral world around us, but also to get glimpses into some of those superimposed worlds around our world… some of them subtler and lighter than our new world, others darker and denser. If we’re lucky enough to awaken in an astral world at level 3 or level 4, we’ll be delighted to see that it’s an absolute paradise. All of the structures (buildings, forests, mountains…) are lighter, brighter and more vibrant than structures on Earth. Nearly all the people there are now in the peak of health and at the prime of life (age 25 to 35 in appearance), regardless of whether they’d died as oldsters, infants or invalids.

Where the Body Meets the Spirit

Okay, now that we understand that these two nesting arrangements (physical and spiritual) are integrated with each other, we can get a feel for how things come together and integrate between a physical structure and its closest spiritual counterpart… the astral structure. For this, we’ll focus on a physical human body and on the molecules and atoms that are its basic building blocks.



Here we have physical bodies of five people at different ages, and their corresponding astral bodies. The astral body at level 3 is a copy of the physical body at the prime of life (age 25-35 in appearance). Apparently the astral body has the same organs, cells, and atoms that make up the physical body… but everything in the astral body is of a much finer substance. The atoms are much smaller and there is a great deal more “space” between them… which apparently is why we can’t perceive the spirits around us. They don’t reflect enough physical-world light to be seen by our physical eyes.


Apparently the astral body is close copy of the physical body, limb for limb, organ for organ… down to the level of atoms and molecules.

The main difference between the physical body and the astral body is that the astral body is of a much finer substance and vibration, making it essentially “invisible” to us carnal humans with our five physical senses.

To complicate matters a bit, there is not just one astral universe (and there’s not just one astral body for each physical human being), but multiple astral universes (and multiple astral bodies) that get finer and subtler as they get closer to the source in vibration. (Referring to the 7-level model, structure begins to disappear at level 5, and by level 6 it is gone.)

Eventually the astral body (as well as other structures) in the astral universes simply gets so subtle that it merges with the formless ethereal universes and disappears altogether. At this point we reach a finer level of reality, beyond the illusions of structure. We become a brilliant energy being or light being.

Hm, that’s a little bit misleading. We don’t really become an energy being. We’re already a brilliant energy being and light being. That’s one of our birthrights of living in the omniverse. Shedding the various physical and astral bodies during our spiritual advancement is like shedding layers of clothing that are simply outer appearances of our true self… the soul.

So spiritual advancement in the spirit realms is simply a matter of shedding the bodies one by one. The entity’s outermost self becomes ever lighter and brighter as it returns home to the source, bringing along a rich collection of experiences and memories that it’s gathered along the way.

Spiritual advancement during a lifetime on Earth involves getting familiar with our spiritual make-up and reawakening the connection between the carnal mind (brain) and the various spiritual minds within us… especially the ultimate inner mind: the soul, which is a piece of the source that rests at the center of our being.

When we die and shed the physical body, all sorts of fascinating possibilities open up for us, and that’s a subject of the next article in the series.



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