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WebSDR Session

Michael Brandel

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Hey Friends, I recorded Spirit Cordula via WebSDR. She was Spirit Team Leader of Bacci/Capitani Seance sessions. 




Some time after the publication of the MUELLER-O’NEIL Spiricom contacts arrived news from Italy, which relativised the priority and uniqueness of the communications in the USA. According to these news, a group of experimenters, led by Marcello BACCI and Luciano CAPITANI in Grosseto, Italy, in their weekly ‘psychophonic séances’ had technically supported direct contacts in which, in addition to uncounted deceased relatives of contact seeking bereaved, some repeatedly manifesting TE spoke, among them female TE CORDULA and male IL SAGGIO (the Wise), and GREGORIO

Later the there undertaken ITC experiments were expanded by classical spiritistic séances, in which rappings, materializations out of light balls, the playing of musical instruments, and other phenomena appeared. According to information received from BACCI personally, CORDULA materialized in one of the séances, ‘her hands appeared lively like a girl’s, her touches let feel extraordinarily long finger nails’. 


from text: http://www.worlditc.org/c_07_senki_f_38.01.htm

I have stuck to the data of 7.6mhz and 9mhz, it is possible to find these data on this platform. 
The result was just a test.  Find out for yourself!

WebSDR: http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901

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