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01- Our Connection to the Source


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Worlds Within Worlds 01- Our Connection to the Source

Posted on 2019 February 9 by Mark Macy

Of all the vast knowledge gathered by humanity across the millennia, I believe the information in this short article is the most fundamental and most important… and it has remained forever unchanged… maybe just said in different words. It’s stated below in a few different ways, which may sound repetitive, but each version has different nuances so that (hopefully) there are few unanswered questions. – MM

Basic premise. There’s a simple, elegant way to enjoy lasting peace and happiness during a lifetime on this turbulent Earth…

  • and there’s both a simple and a comprehensive explanation of how and why it works. First the simple explanation.

Simply put…

The two most important things in the entire universe are you and the source.

That sounds like a massive ego problem, but it’s really the opposite.

You refers to your complete self… the integrated, multilevel, real self. Your body, spirit (mind), and soul comprise the complete you. (The outer “you,” the physical body and brain with its ego, is insignificant in the universe, but at the innermost level you’re one with the omnipotent source, as the article explains.)

The entire universe is an infinitely vast omniverse, which contains many physical and spiritual universes, all flourishing with life.

The source is what religions call God or Allah or Brahman. It’s at the center of everything, and it creates and sustains the omniverse.



This simplified diagram portrays physical humans on physical Earth, each with its respective soul… which is a piece of the source.

Even though your carnal body has weaknesses and limitations, the real-you is just as important and brilliant and eternal as the brightest archangel. By fostering your connection to the source, the carnal-you can start to find unlimited power, peace, happiness, and understanding. For us humans, that oneness is a state of mind and a way of living and thinking which involves a big transformation… but in a moment we’ll look at a simple, effective technique that can help a bit in that transformation.

Comprehensive explanation…

At the center of everything is the source that creates and sustains it all. There are many material and spiritual universes, and there are countless entities inhabiting them… and at the center of every universe and at the center of every entity is a piece of the source… an eternal spark. Getting familiar with that inner spark through the outer mind brings an entity peace and oneness with all.



This simplified diagram shows physical humans on physical Earth, their astral bodies on an astral earth, their ethereal bodies associated with an ethereal earth… all leading to the source (which is also the soul of each entity).

In other words, 1) there is a source (sometimes called God, Allah, Brahman… ) that creates and sustains everything, 2) everything has a spark of the source within it and in that way is connected to everything else, and 3) greater peace and oneness await anyone or anything that consciously acknowledges and fosters that connection between its outer self and its innermost self… the soul.

Like the story of the head monk at a Buddhist monastery who retired to open a vegie hot dog stand / enlightenment center… and all of his students lined up every day to ask for the same thing, “Make me one with everything”

… this simple technique can help to connect the conscious mind with the soul, so that we may achieve oneness with everything. For centuries mystics in India have called the heart “the seat of the soul.” So if we had the vision or the technology to look inside ourselves to see our spirit and our soul, we’d probably find the soul shining brightly in the center of our chest.

Connecting to the source: a simple technique

That’s a misleading subtitle. The fact is, we’re already connected to the source. To exist is to be connected. However, our dense, carnal brain and conscious mind have forgotten that connection because of the overwhelming distractions of the material world that flood our five senses. They’ve overpowered our finer senses that are associated with the connection.

Normally it’s a huge job, involving years of devoted meditative practice, to transcend the noisy distractions and illusions of the material world and to begin fostering the oneness.

On the other hand, heart meditation done frequently as a simple routine can make the job easier (again, because the heart is the seat of the soul). This technique (below) is a rather easy way to refine and to strengthen that connection by opening communication channels between our conscious mind and our soul. It’s a simple mantra that I introduced in another recent article and describe briefly below.

The mantra: “Focus from the heart, gratitude for the lifetime, God’s will be done.”

You simply relax, recite the mantra slowly in your mind, and synchronize it with your breathing, as I show in this short video:

With the first few words, you move your awareness from the head to the heart. That’s the most important part of the exercise… moving your awareness so that it feels like you’re thinking from the chest, not the head.

I’ve gotten in the habit of doing this several times a day. I can do it while lying down or sitting up, while driving, and even when enjoying a game of craps two or three times a year… (you don’t have to be a monk to do this. https://s0.wp.com/wp-content/mu-plugins/wpcom-smileys/twemoji/2/svg/1f642.svg )

Whether it’s to help me get back to sleep, or to relax in moments of stress, or to stay anchored in times of drama, or simply to get closer to the source, it works very well for me. It’s polished away most of my fear, anger, and other troubled emotions.  I think it makes me a better person (if not a better craps player; I think while I’m rolling the dice, my spirit helpers and supporters are probably rolling their eyes and wondering, Are we done yet?)

[I mention this somewhat embarrassing pastime of mine mostly to illustrate that we all have dramas in our lives that we get caught up in, and we can overcome those dramas by fostering our connection with (by turning our lives over to) the higher power at the center of our being.]

Anyway, I hope it works for you.

For a deeper understanding of the vast spirit realms, this might be a good place to start.


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