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Life After Life Blog Digest September 2022


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Life After Life Blog Digest

 September 2022 


Every month we seek out the best research, stories, and other thought-provoking writing to enlighten, inspire, and entertain. We hope you LOVE this month's selections as much as we do!


Mark Antony Interview Preview

In our final post previewing some of our upcoming interviews, we talk to Mark Anthony, a fourth-generation psychic, about his understanding of psychic phenomena, what his experiences have taught him, and why he believes there is proof of a life after death.

He also explores these concepts in his book The Afterlife Frequency: The Scientific Proof of Spiritual Contact and How That Awareness Will Change Your Life.




Dr. Kenneth Ring on Terminal Lucidity

We who must die demand a miracle.
— W. H. Auden

By Dr. Kenneth Ring

You are visiting your eighty-eight-year-old grandmother in her nursing home. For the last ten years she has been suffering from progressive and irreversible Alzheimer’s. For the last few years at least, she has been mute, unable to utter a single word, only to grunt at times. Her eyes seem sightless – milky, glassy, vacant. She has no idea who you are and doesn’t look at you, even when you hold her withered wrinkled hand. She is absent, just a living corpse strapped into her wheelchair. You wonder if it even makes sense to continue to visit her. What is the point?



                                                          Mas Sajady's Near-Death Experience

The following is an account by Mas Sajady, a computer programmer and father of six children from Minnesota, who had two near-death experiences and found his life profoundly changed. He experienced new abilities and understanding and decided to devote himself to helping others unlock their potential through meditation.


You can also watch the short video here from his podcast in which he talks about his NDE.



David Lovegrove’s Past Life Experience

By David Lovegrove

Reincarnation had seemed an exotic idea to me growing up, and certainly because of my orthodox Christian upbringing, I had been taught that we lived one life, ‘and then the Judgement.’

After my NDE, and subsequent few years in a Christian Community, I had left and set off on a journey of discovery of myself and the true meanings of life.

In 1996, whilst still at art school, I began to practice Iyengar Yoga at a Shala in Sydney.



Soul Plans and World Peace

By Alicia Young

I’ve read that thousands (if not millions?) of souls are seeking to attain the same thing, such as progress on peace or the environment. Why does the same goal take on so many forms? Wouldn’t we get further, faster, if we choose one thing to work on together? 

We design individual Soul Plans, but you’re right that we often work on overlapping goals.  Peace is a great example, because it presents itself in so many ways and with such varied  intensity.






This is Ken Ring's last book, and though he claims to spend most of his days whimpering, his farewell to writing, as his final essays will demonstrate, certainly goes out with a bang. As he veers unsteadily toward eighty-seven, Ring has lost none of his verve or literary panache. As always, his essays sparkle with his usual wit, but mainly reflect Ring's more serious concern to address some of the topics that have engaged him during this last phase of his life.

Still, the book begins in a more lighthearted way with his reminiscing about his early life with his absent father ("my father, once removed," he calls him) and about some of the other things that shaped his character, such as the greatest movie ever made that few people have heard of. He also devotes several essays to largely unknown facets of Helen Keller's extraordinary career, including "The Sex Life of a Saint." But most of the rest of the book is devoted to Ring's careful study of the lives of animals and considerations of animal welfare and the movement for animal rights. And it concludes, fittingly enough, with a number of essays that distill what Ring believes are the most important lessons that people should take from his many years of researching near-death experiences—all of which was foreshadowed by that film he saw as a youth that changed his life and foretold his destiny.

Blogging Toward Infinity: Last Notes from the Ringdom is available on Amazon. For more information, click HERE.

Kenneth Ring, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Connecticut, the author of five books on near-death experiences (NDEs), including his bestselling Lessons from the Light, and cofounder and first president of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).


In his new book, Dr. Raymond Moody looks at God and how his personal understanding of the Creator has changed over the course of his life and research into near-death experiences.  

Dr. Moody organizes his insights about God into 12 simple but profound ideas and walks us through them using stories and examples from his own life and from accounts of encounters with God in the hereafter. 

He looks at our society's beliefs about God, how religion can both help and hinder our relationships with the Divine, and how we can bring Source into our lives with a new understanding that transcends all limits. 

God Is Bigger Than the Bible is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats. For more information, click HERE





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