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ITC Gem 17: Avoiding Dark Forces in Spirit Work

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ITC Gem 17: Avoiding Dark Forces in Spirit Work

Posted on 2010 August 20 by Mark Macy

Important: The purpose of this article is to provide tips for pursuing spiritual research safely, not to stir up fear about ITC. As many wise men and women have said in many ways down through the ages, the only thing to fear, is fear itself.

– Mark Macy

– – –

Editor’s note: The Luxembourg couple started getting historic spirit contacts in the mid-1980s. In 1987, for example, the spirit of the late 19th-Century chemist Henri Sainte-Claire de Ville showed up on their TV set and spoke to them through their radio. (Click here to see and hear those contacts.)

But as the contacts proliferated over the course of several months, eventually the couple began to hear troubled voices with troubling messages. Soon the negative contacts began to proliferate, stirring up their lives badly and taking a toll on their health.

What they learned over the years can be a good lesson for anyone involved in spiritual pursuits… particularly ITC research, which seems to have a large opposing force on other side. What attracted the dark forces into their work? Why are those forces opposed to ITC research? How exactly are spiritual seekers and researchers affected by those forces? How do they protect themselves?

Well, for lots of answers, here’s their story, woven together from several articles that appeared in their CETL Infonews between 1987 and 1990, which Hans Heckmann translated into English and I edited and published:

– – – Begin CETL Report – – –

What opens the way to negative spirits? For a year the Luxembourg team welcomed other researchers and interested people into their small apartment/lab to observe their contacts and investigate their findings. People showed up with greater frequency. The team organized public meetings in the evenings, their phone never stopped ringing, and hundreds of letters for the Technician began to pile up. People became annoyed if they did not get quick answers to their questions. By the fall of 1987 the Luxembourg researchers were drained of energy from overwork. This weakening in the ranks allowed an infiltration by dark forces.

The negative spirit group that elbowed its way into the Luxembourg experiments and forced the spiritside collaborators out, were intent on suppressing ITC development.* They succeeded for a time, as the earthside team decided to suspend their experiments for a few weeks in order to rest and recuperate.

Not all negative entities are low-level spirits. People on Earth as well as in spirit can become negative due to various shortcomings, producing harmful vibrations in several dimensions. Just as some people on Earth detest friendship and unity, there are spiritual beings who fight efforts to build a bridge of love and unity among dimensions. These entities, who shun the Light, are often called dark forces. They allegedly are responsible for accidents, job problems, conflicts among family members and friends, and even cases of illness, insanity, and premature death.

Maggy wrote: “Many people’s conception of the “beyond” is frightening. When the human mind becomes poisoned through fear and cruelty, it actually gives strength to the existence of the lowest astral levels which feed on these emotions. Human spirit in connection with higher forces is shaping the physical and spiritual levels of being. If many people knew how much the power of our minds and thoughts can influence the spiritual dimensions, they would change their way of thinking. We can start early by avoiding malicious thoughts and intentions and by recognizing the causes of our aggression. This will reduce the chances of survival of the lowest Astral levels and the dark forces. The beings of Light are waiting to give support to people who oppose the enemies of Peace, Harmony and Justice. So as not to make us feel patronized, the members of Timestream tell us repeatedly that their present abode is no place of sadness. Neither should our earth life consist only of self sacrifice and drudgery. A failure of unification among ITC researchers is no reason to lose courage.”

The ethereal being Technician shed some light on the situation too:

“You on Earth can never totally turn them away. You will at times be confronted by these negative forces. Evil takes the shape of people who open themselves to the negative. You may experience the negative effects through no fault of your own. In time these effects will diminish as the positive side gains strength.”

How can you protect yourself? The main defense against these dark forces is positive thinking and prayerful requests for protection by higher Light beings. Most researchers start every session asking forces of Light for protection and assistance. With mutual trust about a common goal, a group produces positive energy and becomes immune from negative energy.

The Technician: “You only have to entrust yourself into your spirit guardian’s protection and immediately you will be under him like you are under a shield.”

With time and experience researchers learn to detect negative forces quickly and withdraw from them. They avoid large public ITC activities where negativity can abound. Negative influences can be shut out completely only when there is trust and unity in a group, and it is easier to achieve that among a small group.

The struggle between Light and dark forces continues in other dimensions. Siding with the Light means aspiring to virtues and doing good service with a pure heart.

ITC researchers can attract negative as well as positive help from the other side. One negative researcher can upset the balance among a small group of researchers, opening a door to dark forces. Group experiments are safe only when all members feel united in the pursuit of common goals.

The nature of darkness. After closing down the Luxembourg operation due to presence of dark forces and reopening months later, the team learned that the negative forces were able to imitate their spiritside collaborators. Their ultimate goal was the suppression of all ITC activity on Earth. The experimenters became ill and faced a variety of difficulties, all tests of faith.

“Further development of ITC exchanges seems to depend upon whether man is willing to undergo these tests (of unity and trust to overcome the darkness),” Maggy said.

During the Fall of 1987, a wave of negativity seemed to sweep the world. Many ITC researchers everywhere grew ill as confusion, uncertainty, suspicion and fear reigned supreme. The Luxembourg team not only were hit hard by “Group 2105”, but they soon heard from researchers in the US and throughout Europe who had suffered similar problems during the months of October, November and December.

There seems to be a large contingent of negative spirits who wish to see chaos and conflict prevail on Earth. We can see that aspect of human nature even here on Earth.

– – – End CETL Report – – –


* Those disrupting spirits called themselves Group 2105… and after 20 years of thinking about those contacts in Luxembourg, I believe that spirit group was from our future, trying to establish a field of possibilities for humanity today that would lead to the future they wished to see unfold. ITC research apparently stood in their way of that.

** Since writing the above article I’ve figured out quite a bit more about this situation. For one thing, the spirit group didn’t call itself 2105, but 2109. That was a typo on my part. Sorry. Also, I no longer think it was a group “from our future,” but just a spirit group with dubious intentions, as I explain my a more recent (February 2018) article. 


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