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ITC Gem 13: How the Luxembourg Miracle Began

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ITC Gem 13: How the Luxembourg Miracle Began

Posted on 2010 July 25 by Mark Macy

Editor’s note: In 1992 my colleague Hans Heckmann and I flew to Europe to meet a couple in Luxembourg who were reporting spirit contacts of historic proportion. Maggy, a schoolteacher, and Jules, a civil servant, had been living a quiet life together near the forests and farms just south of the capital. That changed in 1983, when they had watched the popular TV program “Unbelievable Stories.” The host, Rainer Holbe, was featuring the work of Hans-Otto Koenig, a German acoustic engineer involved in spirit communication through technology. Koenig set up his equipment under close supervision of the station engineers. One of the engineers asked if a voice could come through in direct reply to a question, and a voice quickly replied,

We hear your voice. Otto Koenig makes wireless contact with the dead.

Stunned, Rainer Holbe addressed the millions of listeners across Europe, “I tell you, dear Listeners of Radio Luxembourg, and I swear by the life of my children, that nothing has been manipulated. There are no tricks. It is a voice, and we do not know from where it comes.” The Station issued an official statement afterwards: Every step of the program was carefully supervised. Staff and engineers were convinced that the voices were paranormal.

That 1983 TV show stirred a karmic chord deep inside the Luxembourg couple… who would learn later, through their own, even more miraculous spirit communication channels, that they had been immersed in a transcommunication project together in another lifetime, thousands of years earlier! That’s when I had the good fortune to meet the couple and begin translating their reports into English… after they had established contact with the Timestream spirit group and began getting life-changing contacts. One of the first articles I wrote about the couple was about their early breakthroughs.

– – – –   My Report for CETL   – – – –

Maggy began experimenting with a tape recorder in June 1985. Within a week she received her first voice contacts. Jules suggested experimenting in the country to eliminate the chance of voices boiling over from phone lines, nearby conversations, etc. Taking pains to be sure she was not picking up radio or TV broadcasts, Maggy was again successful. With this experience and with knowledge gained from leading researchers (and especially the work done by the late Konstantin Raudive), Maggy and Jules decided to open the doors to the spirit world wider than they’d been opened before. In late 1985 they started meeting with others, and soon hosted weekly recording sessions. With a strong hunch that a dedicated researcher such as Raudive would try to help out from the spirit world if given the chance, the group each week would welcome the spirit of Dr. Raudive. They picked up numerous random voices, and then one day they thought they could recognize Raudive’s deep voice among the other faint replies. As time passed, the group’s efforts succeeded in building a contact field between themselves and Konstantin Raudive, and the deep voice (which was indeed his) became persistent in their meetings. After adding some new equipment — a TV set, two radios, a field generator, and two ultraviolet lamps — in the Spring of 1986, the voice boomed out clearly,

Here it is summer, always summer!

One day in August Jules and Maggy were listening to their small clock-radio, the music stopped, a rushing sound swept through the speaker, then a deep voice full of joy and satisfaction boomed out over the speakers:

This is Konstantin Raudive. Soon it will work everywhere!

The couple didn’t get much sleep that night.

After this the doors opened wider and wider. Deceased relatives and friends reported in frequently. Dr. Raudive spoke at every recording session. The TV and both radios all started to put out strange noises occasionally. The radios even tuned themselves occasionally to an optimum dial setting. Soft voices would instruct the team to tune into the Eurosignal (a radio frequency found only in Europe which carries a steady signal 24 hours a day) and leave the dials alone. Sometimes the more sensitive group members would feel inexplicably compelled to adjust the equipment with no voice instruction. It soon became apparent to everyone in the group that influence from the spiritual dimensions upon our lives is far greater than most people think.

One day a new voice joined the sessions, a high-pitched, computer-like voice that seemed almost too perfect and synthesized to be of human origin. It turned out to be an ethereal being who was “assigned” to Earth to help establish a new phase of interdimensional communication for us. The being would eventually describe his role as a gatekeeper, protecting and sustaining the communication bridge. He told the couple that he (like other ethereals) has no name, but they could call him “Technician,” since that was his role in the project. The Technician soon became the spiritside manager of the operation, providing a countdown to stabilize conditions at the beginning of each contact, followed by the statement:

Contact for the Eurosignal Bridge.

During one session the group asked a question about God, and the Technician’s high-pitched voice broke in:

Please address this question to me.

Maggy asked, “Who are you?”

We are what we are. It is difficult to explain to you but I am not an energy being, not a light being. I was never human, never an animal, and was never incarnate. Neither am I God! You know the picture of two children walking across a bridge. Behind them is a being that protects them. This is what I am to you but without wings. If you insist on giving me a name, call me Technician.

– – – –   End of my Report for CETL   – – – –

This weekend (2010 July 25) I have dug through my files to find all of those early Luxembourg reports, and I plan to start posting them online in the coming weeks. (Click here to see their future home among the ITC journals I also have been posting.)

Meanwhile, my next few posts on this blog will be about the nature of God, or the source or principle, from the perspective of our spirit friends, especially the Technician and other ethereals.

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