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ITC Gem 12: Friedrich Juergenson Makes Contact

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Macy Afterlife: The Beacon

ITC Gem 12: Friedrich Juergenson Makes Contact

Posted on 2010 July 1 by Mark Macy

Editor’s note: This contact arrived in Luxembourg on April 28, 1992, a few months before my first meeting with the couple at the ITC receiving station CETL.

Fascinating story here. Friedrich Juergenson was perhaps the best-known spirit voice pioneer… regarded by many as the father of EVP. After his death in 1987 he apparently moved to finer levels of the astral realm, but was invited “down” to the Timestream spirit group to participate in the ITC project. Timestream had decided to send images and messages of Juergenson to CETL, since he had been a prominent researcher in lifetime.

In this message, he announces Timestream’s plan to send a picture of him along with the three suns of Marduk. (To see those historic pictures, which came through Stations Luxembourg and Rivenich (Germany), click here.)

– – – – CETL Report – – – –

Early in 1992 Swejen informed us that F. Juergenson was planning to contact us. We waited. On April 28 an unfamiliar voice announced:

Spiritside: Greetings to you. This is Friedrich Juergenson.

The voice was intelligible but soft. During the greeting the voice changed and became more distinct. I recognized the well known researcher by the intonation of his voice.

Earthside: Mr. Juergenson, greetings to you, too! It is nice of you to talk to us.

Spiritside: You know, I always wanted to avoid a situation in which people create a cult around me, yet it apparently happened.

Earthside: I understand and will pass on your feelings about it.

Spiritside: I am coming through here to tell you that a great gathering is planned for tomorrow. Decisions will be made about what to put through to you next. I shall meet two ladies — Swejen Salter and Elise K. Homes — but also many others who will decide on a picture that shows me during lifetime. The three suns of Marduk will be recognizable in the background. The picture will probably arrive at Mr. Homes’ home. Also an audio contact is planned.

Earthside: A picture with three suns. I can understand you well. I regret that the answering device was not set for recording. I would have liked to record your voice to demonstrate it. People would have liked it. Unfortunately, it is too late for that.

Spiritside: You mean the sounds you wanted to record?

Earthside: Yes, but I must have pushed the wrong button. I do not understand why it is not recording. I’ll write everything down.

Spiritside: I shall give you another contact soon which you can record and I shall then speak to the people, I shall also speak about another subject but for now will only say one sentence: “Mr. K. Did not act according to my ideas.”

Earthside: Yes, I know. The Technician and Swejen said you are now residing in higher levels and are not a human being anymore as we understand it.

Spiritside: Yes, I am in higher levels. I have become for you part of what mankind used to call “Gods.”

– – – – End of CETL Report – – – –


At the time of this contact, the CETL couple were collaborating closely with researcher Adolf Homes of Germany, and each station had its own spirit group working with it—Timestream working with the Luxembourg couple, Centrale working with Mr Homes. Swejen Salter was the director of the Timestream spirit group, and Elise Karoline Homes was with Centrale. Elise was the mother of Adolf, but she’d died when he was just a baby… so Adolf had grown up with a yearning to somehow reconnect with the mother he’d never known. ITC made that connection possible. Elise had moved on to finer realms of spirit and had forgotten completely about her life experiences on Earth. Our ethereal friends, The Seven, located her, reminded her of her Earth lifetime, told her of her son Adolf who was involved in ITC, and invited her to help out. She accepted the invitation, and her picture appeared one morning on Adolf’s television during one of his experiments!

Timestream and Centrale arranged for several “cross-contacts,” in which similar images and/or messages would be sent to both earthside stations simultaneously. This picture of Juergenson was one such cross-contact.

As I explain in my book, The Project, and also on some youtube videos (click here to view the videos), the Earth was inhabited long, long ago by superhuman, god-like beings from the planet Eden, or Marduk. When the Edenites destroyed their world with advanced technologies, colonists on Earth became stranded here. They eventually created modern humans, through genetic engineering. So the many legends of gods and Titans are based in truth. Apparently those god-like humans still exist in the finer levels of the spirit realms… and many of us on Earth join with them after we die.

(I leave for Montreal tomorrow to attend the annual IIIHS conference, where I’ll be giving a presentation on ITC and a workshop on Science and the Study of Maya. This will probably be my last public speaking, as I can share a lot more through my writing, especially this blog. In any case, this will be my last post here for a week or so.)

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