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ITC Gem 8: Reincarnation from Ethereal Eyes

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ITC Gem 8: Reincarnation from Ethereal Eyes

Posted on 2010 June 12 by Mark Macy

Editor’s note: This is from an article published by CETL in Luxembourg in the early 1990s. My colleague Hans Heckmann translated it (and many other CETL reports) into English, and I published them here in the states. We had about 100 subscribers at the time, mostly as the result of an article that I’d written for my friend Willis Harman at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. (click here to read that article)  The article helped the awakening process start here in the States for enhanced technical spirit communication.

When the miraculous communication bridge first opened up for the CETL researchers in the mid-1980s, reincarnation was one of the first topics conveyed by The Seven ethereals.

– – – Begin Maggy’s Report – – –

As ITC experimenters we have learned much about our own previous life and the lives of other experimenters. Such information deeply affects the consciousness of people. In my opinion it does not help very much immediately, but in time may be of some value.

People of great sensitivity, when given details of previous lives, can actually remember them.

At the beginning of our first clear speaking contacts with Timestream, the Technician and Konstantin Raudive tried to tell us that reincarnation is a “Spiritual Law.” Every being on both sides of the veil has the right to “detour” this law for awhile to avoid it or even reject it. But you cannot escape from it for ever.

Technician: The human soul returns back to Earth often enough to learn all human life expereinces . . .  Reincarnation is a constant evolution that moves forward, beginning with minerals, moving to plants and animals, then to human beings. There is no backwards evolution. The human soul does not return to Earth in the body of an animal.”

(Maggy continues her report…)

The reader will understand that we did not feel much different from any other person growing up in a Western culture who feels a little uncomfortable with reincarnation. I must say that the words of the Technician did not change my old beliefs but expanded them. I thought if this is true, and there is no reason to doubt it, the responsibility of each being towards his fellow being is really much bigger than I thought. We decide not only our own fate but affect the fates of others.

In early 1987 through GA-1 the Technician made the following comments about reincarnation:

Technician: “It (reincarnation) is not always a process of reparation in this life for a past life. If people around you are hard hit by fate, to not always assume that they have to make up for past transgressions. Never judge! You may be wrong and are burdening yourself by your judgment. There are people whose grief and sickness were not imposed on them because of past karma. They used their own free will to select a more difficult road to reach their goals faster.

“Some people are not making up for something, nor did they pick a life of suffering. Their grief was placed upon them as a burden by the thoughts and actions of others for these reasons. Always think first how you can help, not whether a person deserves his suffering or not. Should the occasion arise when you can help someone, we will let you know. If necessary, we will inform you about their previous lives. If we remain quiet, that information is of no importance to you. In this case follow your conscience.”

Not all our communication partners picked up the subject of reincarnation. Many had never thought of it during their lifetime and are only now getting interested in a return to earth. Others know about it but would like to remain on the third plane as long as possible. Decades pass by, often centuries of earth time, until the soul decides to reincarnate. Often the decision is only made if the being wants to go to a higher plane of existence and the path is only open through a new learning process on earth.

Others, such as Swejen Salter and Sir Richard F. Burton, have reached the end of the reincarnation cycle and can move on to other existences.

– – – End Maggy’s Report – – –


It’s my understanding that Maggy, her husband Jules, IONS president Willis Harman, ITC pioneer George Meek, and various other people alive in recent times, all came to Earth in their present lifetimes as reincarnations of priests who had been together at the Sothis Temple in the Middle East long ago. They each felt an inner pull toward ITC research as a result. Our INIT group received a computer letter that described the final meeting of those priests… while their civilization was on the threshold of collapse into a dark age.  (Read that entire contact about the Sothis priests here…)

GA-1 was one of the first configurations of radios and TVs that provided Station Luxembourg exceptional contacts with the afterlife. (click here to read an article about various ITC system configurations)

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