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Life after Life Blog August ~ Dr Raymond Moody & Lisa Smart

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Life After Life Blog Digest

 August 2022 



Every month we seek out the best research, stories, and other thought-provoking writing to enlighten, inspire, and entertain. We hope you LOVE this month's selections as much as we do!

                                                                                                                                            Exciting News and Steve Taylor Interview

We’re Thrilled To Announce The Upcoming Relaunch Of The Life After Life Website! 

Later this summer we will be switching to a brand new look and adding exciting new content. Our existing blogs and offerings will be coming with us, but you’ll find a lot more to love with new features, expanded resources on life after death, near-dear and shared-death experiences, new courses being added over the next year (including the highly anticipated psychomanteum workshop) and much more!


Jeremy Narby Interview Preview

Here are a few brief excerpts from Lisa Smartt and Paul Perry’s interview with Jeremy Narby. He talks about his experiences with Ayahuasca, which he first consumed during his anthropological research in the Amazon many years ago, as well as knowledge indigenous people say they gained through its use, our understanding of the world, the discoveries still awaiting us in the realm of the mind, and much more.




Psychedelics at End of Life: An Important Exploration

By Lisa Smartt

“I am not afraid anymore of dying,” my mother tells me, curled up in her hospital bed squeezed between the aluminum guard rails. I am next to her, feeling like the child I once was, our bodies so close, knit together of the same cloth. 

She was at the edge of life and death a few months ago, semi-comatose, but emerged, almost miraculously to see daylight again, but no interest in returning to the land of the living. She has not left the bed in 13 months.




Soul Plans and Political Divisions

By Alicia Young

How can politics be so different in one family? I look around and see families ripped apart. Why would the spirit world support something that does that so much damage?

That’s a very fair question, especially right now. It’s not that the spirit world champions the pain and division that can erupt through widely different politics.

Rather, it honors what we choose to design, and any aftermath of that. The Universe stays the course with us. It also knows that life is a game we can’t lose—meaning, whatever unfolds here, we will be back on the Other Side before we know it, sharing our experiences.







n his new book, Dr. Raymond Moody looks at God and how his personal understanding of the Creator has changed over the course of his life and research into near-death experiences.  

Dr. Moody organizes his insights about God into 12 simple but profound ideas and walks us through them using stories and examples from his own life and from accounts of encounters with God in the hereafter. 

He looks at our society's beliefs about God, how religion can both help and hinder our relationships with the Divine, and how we can bring Source into our lives with a new understanding that transcends all limits. 

God Is Bigger Than the Bible is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats. For more information, click HERE.

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