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ITC Gem 6: The Strangeness of Material “Reality”

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ITC Gem 6: The Strangeness of Material “Reality”

Posted on 2010 June 6 by Mark Macy

Editor’s note: In the late 1980s, ITC researchers in Luxembourg received a letter from their spirit friend Swejen Salter, who had recently died on one of the Earth’s parallel worlds—a planet called Varid. Swejen related some of the difficulties she faced as a scientist while adapting to her new life in spirit… with memories of her illusive physical life still fresh in her mind. The researchers had been asking her for advice on how to develop better systems with which to open high-tech communication channels with the afterlife.

– – Luxembourg Report – –

Swejen: I found it frightening and fascinating to find out that energy and matter are one and the same thing, that a body only seems to exist and that time has to be understood as a bodily substance.

Mankind simply does not have the necessary fundamentals yet to comprehend either physical or spiritual realities. Several elements such as fermium or the Hahn particles have not been discovered yet on Terra as they have on Planet Varid. How can I instruct you to develop an apparatus when several of its metals do not even exist?

Many here do not even believe in contacts with Earth, and our group cannot convince them that ITC is genuine. They do not believe anymore that they once lived in a four-dimensional world of time and tell me they had only dreamed it.

– – End of Luxembourg Report – –


“Energy and matter are one and the same…”  The source (what our religions call God, Allah, Brahman, or Yahweh) is something like a sun, emitting a pure, nonvibrating force or energy or light, which begins to vibrate very fast as it leaves the source… and the vibrations become slower and slower as it emanates outward. That force, sometimes called such things as Holy Spirit or Aum or chi, manifests all reality everywhere—not just everywhere in the material universe but throughout the boundless, innumerable spiritual realms. It spins off to create all structure, all force, and all conscious thought… all of which is just illusion. Each reality at every vibrational level of existence takes on its own characteristics, and physicists for several centuries have theorized that our material universe consists of two forces—matter and energy. What we find, shortly after we die and start getting settled into the afterlife, is that matter and energy, as well as consciousness, are all part of the same force.

“…time has to be understood as a bodily substance.”  Our spirit friends have no sense of time as we do. Life is happening in the moment. As they observe us on Earth, they see our physical bodies aging—an indication that “time is passing” in our world. That probably pertains to what Swejen is referring to, though I’m not sure if it’s the complete picture. I’d welcome comments from readers with other ideas.

“…elements such as fermium or the Hahn particle have not been discovered yet on Terra…”  Apparently there are metals unknown to modern science that have properties conducive to interdimensional research. They might be similar to the metals used in extra-terrestrial crafts, or UFOs, spotted frequently around the world, which move fluidly between our material dimension and subtler ones, blinking into and out of our view. Where (or even if) such metals would fit into the periodic table?… or if they are some yet-to-be devised alloys?… I have no idea. I do know, however, that terrestrial science still has a lot to learn!

“Many here do not believe in ITC contacts with Earth…”  We move from one vibrational level or dimension to another while meditating or dreaming or making our transition after death. Some beings (for example, our ethereal friends who call themselves The Seven) apparently can move among dimensions fluidly and fully aware of any reality at any time. Not so for us humans. Our minds (whether through genetic programming long ago or through natural evolution… again, who really knows?) become acutely aware of our current reality, while the dimension we left behind fades into a surreal experience. That’s why we awaken from a dream with only vague memories of what was going on in that other reality (which we mistakenly dismiss as “a dream world”), and the memories quickly fade away. The same thing happens to many of us when we leave the Earth to take up living in the afterlife. Our recent Earth experience fades into a dream. Many people choose to keep the dream alive, for example by sustaining a warm heart connection with loved ones left behind on Planet Earth.

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