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ITC Gem 5: How Thoughts Create Reality

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ITC Gem 5: How Thoughts Create Reality

Posted on 2010 June 4 by Mark Macy

Editor’s note: When people say, “Thoughts create reality,” it stirs our imaginations… but few of us know what it really means. In 1990 our spirit friend Swejen Salter told us that while we on Earth do affect spiritual realities with our thoughts, we don’t actually create or fabricate the spiritual worlds and beings with which we are communicating. These things are not products of our mind; they really exist. In a short text planted in a computer in the home of Luxembourg researchers, she wrote:

It is true that men in their thoughts can help form reality, but the influence of the individual is small. If your conception of our life is different from how I describe it to you, it would not change our way of life. We live in a real city, which may be unimaginable to some of you. Our reality is for us as touchable and as material as your world is to you. We do not consider ourselves transparent spirit beings.

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