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Dr. Santosh. Dr. Santosh was riding on a train when the window shattered and cut him, causing him to die for 3 minutes. Passengers watched him die and return to life. Dr. Santosh experienced the tunnel, the snow-white light, and 3 different realms in Heaven. This caused him to start studying the afterlife and study other Near-Death Experiences. Dr. Santosh now has insight into the different realms in Heaven. Dr. Santosh-https://www.amazon.com/Miracle-Life-A... Dr. Santosh YouTube Channel- https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCbsPp4...

I had a NDE and published a book. "The Miracle of Life After Death: A Scientific and Spiritual Investigation" by Dr. Santosh K. M.


"The reason for writing this book is a near-death experience that had happened to me a few years ago. I was traveling in a train between Cochin and Cannanore in India. At that time, I was working as a teaching faculty in a University at Ernakulam, India. When the train left Calicut station the shutter of the side window fell suddenly on my left hand and I was in excruciating pain. Then remembered asking fellow-passengers for a cup of water and had it then all the scene's inside the train were gone. Then after I felt that I had been on a great journey. I have all sorts of feelings and sensations as such but I had nobody consciousness. I could see a bright light with perfect peace and blissful environment and then approached a snow-like world, stopped there for a moment. Then returned to a beautiful garden afterward one more place I could see. Then, I just thought of my family especially my younger daughter and my native place. It was to my great astonishment I reached back to the train and surrounded by a huge gathering including Officials in the train. They asked my whereabouts and many questions. The fellow-passengers explained to me about my physical condition to my body inside the train, they thought a massive cardiac arrest and they did all the possible way to support me and finally, they thought almost finished. That time my body again started responding. Altogether three to five minutes the incident took place. In turn, I had explained all my experiences to them. Then the train when reached the destination at Cannanore, the train ticket examiner accompanied me to the Railway hospital beside the railway station and did all the necessary checkups."
My book discusses about realms of afterlife, how would cross over our consciousness to other side, suicider' afterlife, environment of realms of afterlife, period of afterlife
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