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ITC Gem 3: A Phone Chat with an Invisible Friend

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ITC Gem 3: A Phone Chat with an Invisible Friend

Posted on 2010 May 30 by Mark Macy

[Editor’s Note: In 1992*, when I met Maggy and Jules, they were a humble couple living not just in a small flat in the small European country of Luxembourg… but also in a wonderland of spiritual realms and angels and paradise afterlife communities. They’d work all day—she as a schoolteacher, he as a civil servant—then at home they’d work late into the night meticulously documenting the miracles gracing their life. I spent nearly a decade publishing their work in research papers, journals, and an English translation of a book, written mostly by Maggy, which I titled Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication (click here to read it.)

The post below is one of many examples of Maggy’s miracles—part of a 20-minute phone chat she enjoyed with her close invisible friend and spirit colleague, Swejen Salter, who was in charge of the Timestream sending station on the third level of spiritual existence. Be sure to click on the highlighted links to get the full flavor of the miracles! I published an English translation of this in 1992… and I plan to post more such reports in the coming months.]

– – Maggy’s Report – –

I asked SWEJEN about the three suns which are visible in the background of the F. Juergenson picture. The center sun on the computer picture is not very clear in comparison to the larger TV image of these suns as received by Adolf Homes. It was due to the transmission. The purpose of the computer-scanned image was to show how the picture was sent.

Earthside: Do you know why your world has three suns? Do you carry on any space research?

Spiritside: No, there is no technical space program on the third level such as you have in your world. In this regard, there are totally different possibilities open to us. We can travel in space mentally and with our mind visit other dimensions and other planets to explore them.

However, it is also possible here to travel with the help of large dirigible blimps or hot air balloons. There are aircraft—small two-seaters which are used by airplane enthusiasts. Many people use helicopters, which we call zelicopters here. They are similar in appearance to helicopters but fly according to a different physical principle, and therefore their technical construction is different from their counterpart on Earth. There is also surface travel here, mainly in electrical automobiles and solar-powered vehicles.

Because I can enter into the fourth plane, it has become possible for me to transfer myself mentally to other realities and get in contact with entities of other dimensions. While here on the third plane we live on the planet Marduk with three suns, there exist many other planets. Richard* often travels to these planets to get to know the inhabitants. These travels are not comparable to space travel from your world as far as space and time are concerned. Richard’s trips to other planets give him the impression of day-long experiences while he is only away from me a few minutes.

Earthside: That is impressive. Do you take part in these travels, too?

Spiritside: I use other possibilities. If it gets too noisy in the station I withdraw and go to quieter places. We have a beautiful, spacious home. Compared to homes in your world it looks like a rented apartment of approximately 400 square meters (4356 square feet). This apartment alone opens many dimensions to us because our life in it is not tied down nor limited by space and time. When I walk out the back door of the apartment, which on Earth might open to a small garden, I can go into the most immense, most beautiful garden imaginable. Everything looks as real as your world looks to you. But I do not have to travel thousands of miles to see it. I merely go through the back door and can visit exotic parks, take a stroll on beautiful beaches or admire a sunset across the ocean.

Earthside: That sounds like science fiction.

Spiritside: For me it is reality and I have the opportunity to see many worlds. However, I can only see things that actually exist.

Earthside: Still, everything you see or can touch, all vehicles, even the nicest car, the most beautiful house in our world or in your world, is an illusion of the mind.

Spiritside: Yes, that is correct.

Earthside: But as long as we need to live in these illusions, we should enjoy them.

Spiritside: Right. I shall go to a beautiful world today. Just wait for what is approaching you today! You, too, and Jules will be in another nice world this evening…

I thought Swejen was joking. To what other world could we go when we have so much work to do and get tired so early? Perhaps Swejen intended to send us beautiful dreams that night. Jules did not take Swejen’s comment too seriously either. We agreed that our spirit friends may have the best intentions for us but are too far removed from our physical reality to see our lives as clearly as we do.

Later, finishing our work, we thought we would take a little walk to relax. We had not planned to go anywhere in particular. Purely “by accident” we found ourselves in a park that we had not even thought about. Later, sitting on a park bench we watched the glistening light of the setting sun reflect on the pond. We felt happy and wondered about the lack of shyness of the ducks and birds in our presence. It felt almost as though we were in a different world. It was then that I remembered what Swejen had said that afternoon.

– – End of Maggy’s report – –

* Notes:

As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Agnostic most of my life, near-fatal cancer in 1988 sparked my curiosity about what really happens after we die. Forging a friendship with ITC researcher George Meek in 1991 quickly fanned my spark of interest into a flame as he introduced me to books, multidimensional worldviews, age-old esoteric philosophies and, most important, an international community of frontier scientists and researchers who were exploring far beyond the bounds of conventional science… into flourishing worlds of spirits and angels and extraterrestrials. The flame became a raging fire inside me when George arranged for me to meet and befriend researchers Maggy and Jules of Luxembourg! Our collaboration lasted until around the year 2000.

When Swejen Salter died on her home world of Varid and got settled into her new life on the third level, she met the famous English explorer, Sir Richard Francis Burton. They became close friends and partners and moved in together. Richard’s love for travel accompanied him into the afterlife, and he now explored not just other lands but exotic worlds… sending us reports of those travels… most of which I published in the “Contact!” journal. (Click here, search the list for articles about expeditions and explorations, then peruse those issues.)

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