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ITC Gem 2: A Reliable Look In-Beyond

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ITC Gem 2: A Reliable Look In-Beyond

Posted on 2010 May 29 by Mark Macy

[Editor’s Note: This message was sent to Luxembourg researchers by their spirit friend Swejen Salter, who was in charge of the Timestream sending station, which she said was on the “third level” of spiritual existence. I originally published the message in 1992.

Thanks to a reader’s response to the previous entry (ITC Gem 1), I plan to write a short explanation after some of these postings, as necessary, when the information seems far removed from our day-to-day reality. To see my explanation of that previous blog, please read the comments attached to it. Meanwhile, happy reading!….]

Swejen Salter: We live in a world that is similar to your world. We have a body like yours. This body is of an etheric substance of much higher vibration than your dense body in your dense material world. No diseases exist here; missing body limbs grow again. Bodies that were amputated on Earth will here be regenerated again.

We live in comfortably furnished homes. The surrounding landscapes are impressive and beautiful. The average age of all those who passed over to us becomes 25 to 30 years. If they died in old age, they awaken here in full consciousness after a regenerating sleep that lasts about six weeks of Earth time. In some cases it can be shorter.

The children arriving on the third level are lovingly accepted and cared for by their relatives who live here. The children continue growing up until they have reached the age of 25 to 30 years.

We live together with other life forms… with humans who before their bodily death lived on other planets… with dwarfs, giants, and gnomes and with bodiless (formless?) entities. Approximately 60 billion humanoids from all existing worlds congregate here. They continue to cultivate friendships and partnerships.

You do not put away your sexuality, as it is a truly human characteristic. Sexual partnerships exist, provided both partners harmonize and desire it. We eat and drink like you do, but our food is produced synthetically. To put it another way, we more or less materialize physical food. The meat which some still enjoy here is only a reproduction of matter. No animal has to die for another being.

Many animal species exist here which are unknown on Earth, such as paradise-like birds and colorful butterflies. The temperature is very mild. Personality and character are not changed by the process of dying. You do not wake up on the third plane with new knowledge. Psychic problems and conflicts are not abolished yet. Though there is no more physical pain here, we still know mental anguish and the pain of the soul.


Timestream sending station was established on the “third level” of spiritual existence, and this is according to the model of Frederic Myers, which is apparently a prevalent worldview in-beyond… or at least in those spirit realms closely associated with the earth… or at least within the community of spirits who were associated with Timestream. To learn more about Frederic Myers and the worldview he reported to mediums after his death, click here.

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