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ITC Gem 1: How we affect the Spirit Worlds

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ITC Gem 1: How We Affect the Spirit Worlds

Posted on 2010 May 28 by Mark Macy

[Editor’s note: This is the first of a long series of short articles… amazing communications from the other side during the early years of ITC (1985-94), mostly in Luxembourg. I published English translations of those historic contacts and distributed them to a small circle of researchers and interested parties in various countries over a period of several years. In this communication, The Seven ethereals suggest that our widely held beliefs do indeed play a big role in shaping the spirit world.]

Technician (Ethereal Being): The world in which we live, which you call ‘the other side,’ is constructed according to the basic laws of Ptolemy.*  The ideas that living and deceased persons hold concerning this structure are misleading.

The life view of Ptolemy was then obliterated by followers of Copernicus.*  This life view correspondingly reduced the number who arrived here geometrically. At the moment, due to the imprint of Einstein’s view, and because of numerous new theories from your side — Hawking, Sheldrake, etc. — the other side here is, one might say, ‘out of joint.’

Countless people are coming here from the earth. The spiritual understanding of many are not as yet advanced to the point that they recognize their responsibility for the outcome of these events. As new situations on Earth are created, we stand ever ready for new changes to echo here. Here these lead not only to changes in our planet but also to the dimensions or planes. New changes then need to be made here to compensate. The solution that we at the moment have decided upon is to try to reach the core of our world through which, when you inform us, we would be able to create anew. People who read what you write would discuss it with others and slowly construct a stable direction of thinking. To be sure, people here live happily and peacefully and can ‘straighten out’ the many problems that you manifest.

Even if your side is not a mirror image of the third dimension, and this side also does not present a mirror image of your Earth, we mutually influence each other. We are concerned about the unresolved problems of the Earth and always seek possibilities for helping you. Many times we can do nothing and must wait until someone on your side takes the initiative.

For many, many years I have inspired Mankind to subscribe to common valid rules that make living in community according to spiritual principles orderly and possible. Today I try to inspire your society. I have determined that the guiding principle to which Mankind subscribes, when they seek it, is to be One. It is very different from earlier times when they allowed themselves to be led. Most of all, to me the greatest difference is how Man thought in earlier times and how he thinks today. When we try to inspire him now,  we take into consideration life in this age.

* Notes:

Ptolemy (AD 90-168) refined the idea that the Earth was the center of the universe—the view held by most people in the civilized world at the time.

Copernicus (1473-1543) upset the geocentric worldview, putting the sun at the center of the universe, with the Earth as one of its satellites.

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