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Greetings, fellow voyagers! I'm Kenda Elise - Longtime EVP, ITC (etc etc) enthusiast

Kenda Elise

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Hi everybody!
I'm enjoying reading all the interesting posts on the forum - Wow!! Lots of interesting info!

A little background: I've been investigating "All Things Paranormal" for 40+ yrs... Recording Spirit communication and sound effects (using nearly every conceivable method) for almost 20 yrs
Honestly, just can't get enough - I'm ever contemplating the next "experiment"

I wasn't born with Spirit sensitivity, but I grew up in a family with several relatives who are/were natural Spirit sensitives - I remember sitting on the floor (as a toddler) watching family members "raise" my grandmother's 7 ft mahogany dining room table - 8 people, hands laying on the table surface - Up it goes!, "Spirit - two dips for "yes," one for "no" Please!" (Grandma's house was extremely active, needless to say) - Paranormal research seemed like a logical choice

I have quite a lot of material online (My facebook page "Kenda Elise" is jammed with evidence set to "Public" - Anyone can view or listen to it)

Looking forward to learning a lot and sharing my observations every now and then
So exciting! 

- Kenda Elise

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Welcome Kenda Elise! Seems you grew up in the natural environment of paranormal phenomena. It's amazing that there are still families out there who indeed foster a spiritual culture where the hereafter is as natural as the neighbours backyard. Feel free to ask any questions about what you find here and let us participate on your experiences as well.



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Thank you Andres!
Intrigued by what I’ve read so far on the forum

Yeah, it’s kind of strange, looking back… But the evidence I experienced was so overwhelming, just couldn’t negate it - My dad was super rational - textbook skeptic - According to him, the precognitive information that came through (via family members) was just too specific to deny - My father’s aunt was a reverend in the Spiritualist faith (the table tipping happened in my maternal grandmother’s home)

Never a dull moment!

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