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Arriving at the grandparents' house to spend the summer holidays there was quite an event. In those years I only had the opportunity to visit them once a year and the three months I spent in their company, fortunately, became eternal. There were so many things to discover, so much time to play, and a lot of exciting experiences to live, that the return to the big city was always painful. Also for those old people, because it would be many months before we would see each other again.

The welcome they gave to my parents, me and my sisters was great. Our many uncles and cousins, as soon as they found out that we had arrived, would travel to my grandparents' house and shower us with kisses and hugs. My father always came with some gift and brought big bags of candy for boys and girls.

That house seemed huge to me, it was next to the main road of the town and, from the sidewalk, you had to climb a very wide staircase, with a lot of steps, until you reached the door. A splendid corridor was giving way to the kitchen, which was the first room on the left, and then, there were several rooms, some of them interior, without a window, but with fascinating trunks, which I imagined full of fantastic and mysterious things. On the top floor there was a bedroom, a magical place where, in addition to mice, you could find hundreds of items and utensils of the most diverse, which encouraged play and a children's adventure without limits.

Behind the house there was a pen with many chickens. I was almost always awakened by a rooster, the one that corresponded every year, and that, usually, was sacrificed at some moment of family celebration. The ridge, exquisite, was reserved for me for my gastronomic enjoyment.

My mother had five siblings. In those days, most were single. One of them worked as a carpenter in a sawmill next to the house. Many days he invited me to enter there, so that I could see how they treated and cut the timbers. The smell of sawdust freshly fallen to the ground is an aroma that I have never forgotten. My uncle was very skilled and knew how to make all kinds of doors and furniture.

Two other of my uncles were expert trout and crab fishermen and I accompanied them many times, riding one of their bicycles, when they went to the river bank. The truth is that I had neither much interest nor enough patience for that hobby to awaken in me and it seemed to me something quite boring. Until some capture took place, of course.

On warm summer evenings, the whole family would leave the house after dinner to sit on that staircase, occupying most of the steps, and the elders would tell interesting things about our ancestors and life in the village.

One of those nights, one of my uncles spotted a very bright white light and alerted us all to its presence. It was located in the alley that separated the carpentry from our house, about twenty or thirty meters in the opposite direction from the road and about three or four meters high above the ground.

Faced with our stupefaction, that circular light, which was visible with the size of a billiard ball from the distance separating us from it, moved to another nearby location. Another of my uncles said that it was a firefly, I guess to prevent my cousin and I, who were the youngest, from getting scared.

My carpenter uncle went into the sawmill and, in a minute, came out with a very long rod. He walked with her towards the light, ignoring the warnings of my mother and grandmother, who preferred that she stay away from there. When he went to touch it with the tip of the stick, again, the ball changed position to the right. I was standing, on the sidewalk, from where I could see the whole scene. Without any fear, because I was not willing to miss the smallest detail. He tried to contact her again, but that strange light shifted again.

Suddenly, it overtook him over the head and placed itself on all those who were sitting on the stairs, who got up in a panic. I closed my eyes because I thought the light would come for me. When I opened them, the others were pointing at my head. I looked up and, indeed, the ball of light was a few inches above me. When I looked at it, it came out fired at enormous speed to the north and, it just disappeared.

Many years passed since that until one day a text came to my hands that mentioned the "foo fighters", some mysterious flying lights that were seen by the Allied pilots, in their night missions, during the Second World War. The detection of these luminous spheres was the subject of numerous military reports from the autumn of 1941 to mid-1945. 

The movements of such balls seemed to be guided by a certain intelligence, because, sometimes, they followed, from far or near, the airplanes, and were placed next to their wings or in front of the fuselage, as if they were remotely controlled. They accelerated and decelerated instantly, rose and fell very quickly or remained floating in the air.

Would a “foo fighter" be the luminous sphere that was playing with the members of my family, and of which I was a preferred witness at the end of the “60s” of the last century in a small village? 


Some four decades later, I was sitting in the courtyard of my second residence, about two o'clock on a hot morning in mid-August, entertaining myself by looking at the stars, when, from the southwest direction, just behind the house, a disc-shaped ship appeared whose base was full of multicolored lights, flying slowly low over the rooftops.

From my position, the angle did not allow me to visualize it for more than a few seconds because, in front of my house, there is another one with two floors and several behind it, which prevented me from tracking the trajectory of that device from my chair. The access door to the courtyard was locked, so I rushed into the house to look for it. When I got out on the street, I ran to the right and climbed a small slope that exists there, but that ship had disappeared.

At that time, there was no one in the vicinity and I assumed that there would be no witnesses who could confirm my sighting. If someone had seen something, I am convinced that, the next day, sooner rather than later, the word would have spread throughout the village. But it was not so. I never said anything and this is the first time I have given public knowledge of that unique experience.

I have heard some neighbor comment that, at night, sometimes, it is possible to observe the flight of the international space station, but the height at which this occurs has nothing to do with the one carried by that alleged UFO that I saw.


The last shocking event that I can testify to took place on December 24, 2021. About 23.45 hours, after the family dinner on Christmas Eve, despite the cold, together with my two sisters and my wife, I went out for a little walk through the deserted streets of the same population to which I previously referred.

We took the opportunity to take a few containers to a glass container that is near the Dulce River. While one of my sisters was starting to deposit the bottles there, I noticed a yellow object flying over the street we were on, about a hundred meters away and at a relatively low altitude.

One thing that can be reproached to me is that I almost never usually take my mobile with me when I go for a walk. If something happens to me and I'm alone out there, I wouldn't be able to contact anyone for help. For that reason, it was impossible for me to record what I was seeing with the phone's camera.

However, one of my sisters did carry hers and, screaming, I asked her to record what she could urgently. At that moment, that object had been hidden behind an old house located in front of us. Soon, she was able to start the recording, just when that powerful golden light was lost, in a northwest direction, to the left of the building, behind the trees that mark the river.

The video we have of that sighting is only 19 seconds long, but it is enough to prove that it was completely real. I am convinced that it was not an airplane. He moved at a discreet speed and made no noise in the silence of that special night, in which families are usually, at that same time, celebrating at home.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find anyone nearby who could have shared our vision. We only have that partial recording of the phenomenon.

Taken from my own book "Relatos junto a la chimenea" ("Stories by the fireplace").

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Very interesting and amazing experiences, Cabrerizo! Personally, I don't think these objects were foo-fighters. From what I remember foo-fighters were bigger than a billiard ball and identified as some kind of flying machine made from alien technology. What you described is more near to the incidents that have taken place and still do at the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. There are lots of sightings of light balls there in different colors chasing animals and people. I think these are a kind of drones or maybe entities from other dimensions themselves. They usually appear in regions where are portals. A portal is not far away from what the "Stargate" series told us. It is an area where different dimenions of reality overlap and where the border between them is rather fragile. At Skinwalker Ranch there were sightings of light holes opening some meters above ground level anbd creatures creeping through them into our world.

In the book "Seth speaks" from Mary Roberts, the higher entity Seth tells us something about this phenomenon. He said that there are regions where dimension are colliding, so to speak and he clearly mentioned Utah and many other places. I remember that Spain was also among them. Can you specify more clearly the locations of your encounters?

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As always, thank you very much for your comments, Andres. The event of the alleged "foo fighter" happened in 1965, I think I remember. The size of a billiard ball was the closest thing to its volume when it stood over my head. The locality: Mandayona (Guadalajara, Spain).

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