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Life after Life Raymond Moody

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Can Philosophy Prove Life After Death?

by Jens Amberts

There is arguably no question that is more important for humanity as a whole, or for the average individual, than the question of whether an afterlife exists or not. And it is definitely granted that very many people already believe, hope, or doubt that an afterlife exists. But belief, hope, or doubt does not really take us very far, or rather, it results in the kind of world we live in right now with respect to this issue, where everyone has different viewpoints, beliefs, opinions, and doubts.

In this book, however, I will make the case that we already know, with a high degree of certainty, that an afterlife exists, if we reflect upon four non-controversial facts about the near-death experience (NDE) in a new light and from a more philosophical perspective


David Lovegrove’s Aftereffects of his NDE

My NDE (at 21 years of age) left me changed.

Recovering physically took quite a while.

Mentally and spiritually, however, I became aware that I had a new, and at times incredibly strong, connection to that other side. It was as if I had brought some of ‘heaven’ back with me! Sometimes I even wondered if I was the same person who had entered that Kombi van! (I had fallen severely ill with what was most likely a form of encephalitis, or meningitis, whilst living alone in a van at an isolated sea village. I had lain unattended for three days, in midsummer Australian heat, with no food or water, and when near death (so I believe) I was taken to a ‘heavenly place’).


Dr. Moody’s Interview with The Portal

I met with Dr. Moody by Zoom meeting twice, once as part of a group and once personally, thanks to my friend and Dr. Moody’s associate, author and linguist Lisa Smartt. Particularly because of my background as a trained Nurse, ex Christian Pastor and amateur philosopher, Dr. Moody and I really hit it off and found that we shared much common ground. On this third occasion he very generously offered to answer three questions from me related to my book (and YouTube) project ‘The Portal’.


Soul Plans and Losing Friendships

By Alicia Young

Do you grieve differently since your OBE/trip to the Other Side?

Yes, my experience of grief has changed. As I’ve shared previously, my father passed a few years ago. Dad had dementia, and it was just as they say it is: a long goodbye, with the grief beginning far before his physical death. But even though we had lots of time to prepare, the immediate sting of loss was still (of course) very painful. 

At the same time, I was deeply comforted by the takeaways from my spiritual experience. I knew with quiet certainty that Dad had shed his frail body and his deep mental fog, and I felt grateful for that. He is now home, young and free of those earthly limitations. 


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In his new book, Dr. Raymond Moody looks at God and how his personal understanding of the Creator has changed over the course of his life and research into near-death experiences.  

Dr. Moody organizes his insights about God into 12 simple but profound ideas and walks us through them using stories and examples from his own life and from accounts of encounters with God in the hereafter. 

He looks at our society's beliefs about God, how religion can both help and hinder our relationships with the Divine, and how we can bring Source into our lives with a new understanding that transcends all limits. 

God Is Bigger Than the Bible is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats. For more information, click HERE.

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