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Thank you, Garfield

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When I was 12 my dad brought home a kitten. My brother and I immediately fell in love with that cat and named him Garfield. He was a beautiful, adventurous and playful tabby. My dad had rescued him from the freeway - where some terrible person had abandoned him in a sack. One time someone moved a car where it should not have been, and when they backed up, they ran over my cat and killed it. I remember, as if in slow motion, seeing the vehicle move and yelling at them to stop - but they could unfortunately not hear me with the window up, and waived and kept going. I was horrified. - I felt extreme powerlessness and abject sorrow. Suddenly a blindingly bright ball of light bounced into my chest, knocking me back, and I was immediately overcome by a sense of profound peace, well-being, and serenity that I have never since experienced. In an instant it bounced out of me and was gone - and I was again assailed by sadness, heartbreak and loss - but also I felt confused. Later I came to realize what I believe happened that day - that my cat's spirit - before it returned to the Source, dropped in to say, hi, and bye... it wanted to let me know that it was ok - to thank me, and to let me know that we would meet again. Much later, when I studied esoteric traditions, I learned that my cat had maybe revealed to me the 5th Bardo - the luminosity of the true nature. I will always miss that cat - and I look forward to seeing him again someday. Thank you, Garfield ❤️ 

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