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Life After Life Blog Digest

June 2022 


Every month we seek out the best research, stories, and other thought-provoking writing to enlighten, inspire, and entertain. We hope you LOVE this month's selections as much as we do.




Why an Afterlife Obviously Exists

by Jens Amberts

There are four well-established facts about the NDE that, on their own and from a purely scientific perspective, do not mean very much. But considered together and from a philosophical perspective, they form a tremendously compelling argument in favor of the existence of an afterlife. This is what NDE researcher Kenneth Ring had to say about two of these well-established facts about the NDE after having interviewed many near-death experiencers (NDErs) himself:

[A]fter having spoken to many hundreds of NDErs, if not more than a thousand (for I have lost track by now), I have long become aware that from the standpoint of NDErs themselves, there is generally no doubt that the end of physical life is not a dead end.


Living It All Over Again – Life Reviews

By Dr. Kenneth Ring

A quarter of a century ago, when I was working on my book Lessons from the Light, I was particularly concerned to make my readers aware of the profound significance of the one feature of NDEs that I felt was the most important of all – the life review. At least from the standpoint of what we all can learn from NDEs without having to undergo one, the life review (which I will abbreviate from now on as LR) represents the key takeaway lesson from these encounters with death.  I ended up writing two chapters on the LR in that book and have always advised people that if they could not manage to read the entire book, to please read at least those two chapters.


Dr. Raymond Moody Radio Interview

Dr. Raymond Moody was recently interviewed by Michael Benner on KPFK-FM radio in Los Angeles about his work with near-death experiences, philosophy, and what he’s learned over his years of study and research.

Listen to the full interview below on YouTube.

 Listen HERE.


Further Lessons of the Life Review

By Dr. Kenneth Ring

I am beginning to write this blog as the war in Ukraine enters its second week. I had considered postponing it, but then I realized that this terrible war will drag on for some time, so like many others who write articles, give speeches or offer sermons, I will simply revise what I had planned to say. Still, it is hard not to think about what is going on in Ukraine. We have all seen the images, some of which like the woman who gave birth in a metro subway or the ancient Russian woman protesting the war with her handmade signs being dragged away by a half dozen sturdy helmeted policemen have become almost iconic.

 We are all following the war on our TVs or phones, on Instagram and TikTok. It has become both visceral and addictive. We are spared the stench of war, but not its horror. 



Soul Plans and Unhealthy Dynamics

By Alicia Young

My sister’s husband gaslights her, and her confidence has plummeted this past year. Why would this be part of either’s Soul Plan?

When things are going well in our key relationships (or in those we witness), it can be easier to contemplate that we might have designed pre-birth to be in each other’s lives. When the dynamic is unhealthy, even debilitating, we shake our heads and dismiss the possibility that we might ever have “signed up” for this. I understand why it seems outrageous at first blush.





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