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 "Bringing light where there is darkness and hope where there is despair."

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November 6th, 2020


COMMENTARY: THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE IS NOT JUST ANECDOTAL There are still uninformed materialists who claim that any evidence for the afterlife is 'just anecdotal'.

Anecdotal evidence is based on hearsay, rather than hard facts. It is based on individual personal accounts, often by unnamed people, and is not written down. It certainly does not refer to controlled experiments and systematic observation by trained professionals written up in scientific journals (see for example Beischel, J. (2007) "Contemporary methods used in laboratory-based mediumship research". Journal of Parapsychology, 71, 37-68.)

Evidence for the afterlife has been systematically collected and documented by scientifically trained witnesses for more than 150 years, written up and reported in respected journals. There are repeated accounts of the same phenomena occurring over time and space, often with formal reports and statements signed by witnesses.

So, please, let us have INFORMED critics. As a retired attorney, I consider myself to have specialized expertise in the admissibility of evidence. Taken as a whole the evidence for the afterlife is overwhelming - and no genius materialist has been able to empirically disprove any of the twenty areas of afterlife evidence.

TERRI DANIEL NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES: WHAT WE KNOW, AND WHAT COMES NEXT Terri Daniel DMin, CT, CCTP is an interfaith clinical chaplain, trauma specialist and end-of-life educator certified in death, dying and bereavement. She is the author of four excellent books. In this talk for the Theosophical Society she looks at NDEs in other cultures and invites us to explore ways we can serve as teachers and advocates for death awareness and consciousness studies in the decades to come.

Terri Daniel Near-death Experiences

NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE ON MOUNT EVEREST Professor Roger Hart says that “before the https://www.victorzammit.com/images/Roger Hart.jpgNDE on Everest, I was a rationalist, reductive materialist and skeptic. I believed matter was the basis of life and by reducing matter to its smallest components we could understand the universe according to predetermined laws of physics.” His NDE propelled him on a world-wide journey to try to make sense of the paranormal which he outlined in his book The Phaselock Code. Recently Michael Tymn revisited an interview he did with Roger soon after that book was published. Read more.

JAMES VAN PRAAGH HEARS HIS MOTHER SPEAK THROUGH DIRECT VOICE In October 2017 best selling author and Spirit Medium James Van Praagh kindly took time out of his schedule to create this important video testimonial about the mediumship of direct voice Leslie Flint.

James Van Praagh on Medium Leslie Flint

QUESTION: WHERE IS THE AFTERLIFE? Is it up in space or on another planet? Jerry S.

Victor: Traditional religious books imply that the afterlife is up in the sky somewhere - especially when they tell us that 'Jesus ascended into heaven'. But we now know that https://www.victorzammit.com/images/tuningradio.jpgthe afterlife is right here where we are. It's just on a different frequency. When people talk about "ascending" they really mean moving to a higher vibrational frequency. When you die, it's just as if you are now tuned into a different radio or tv station. Our loved ones are not separate from us - they are where we are. And by focusing, they can lower their vibrations to earth level and tune into what we are doing.
 And conversely we can raise our vibrations and connect with them.

Out-of-body teacher William Buhlman explains how we can handle negative influences by sending out a shock wave of light or love.

Ghosts and Demons - Be Not Afraid

 Out-of-body explorer Jurgen Ziewe has been doing monthly talks on our Zoom Global Gatherings. In this episode he shares Impressions about depression and whether there is a plan to our human evolution. He also reflects on the effect our ignorance has on the population in the Afterlife.

Zurgen Ziewe Afterlife Answers Part 22

Jurgen wanted to see what happened to suicide bombers in the afterlife. According to the religious text of Islam, male martyrs will receive 72 virgin maidens in paradise as a reward for their sacrifice.
What he found shocked him to the core.

https://www.victorzammit.com/images/Vistas.jpgInstead of being in paradise the 'martyrs' found themselves in a wasteland surrounded by thought forms of their victims and representations of their pain. Read extract from Vistas of Infinity.
A spirit helper working there told Jurgen: "But at least you must return and warn and report about this misery you have seen here in order to save people from their folly. Every person in the world must know that God is mercy and love and nothing must be stronger than Love. Unless people know the truth then many more will have his fate".

DEATH - THE LAST FRONTIER Psychic medium, academic and researcher Julia Assante Ph.D. talks about the relief experienced by people on the other side when they are able to connect with loved ones, how to recognise signs and ways to make contact. Dr. Assante will be our guest on the Zoom Afterlife Global Gathering next Sunday 8th November at 3 p.m. New York time.

Dr. Julia Assante with Fanny Kiefer

Part 2
Part 3

REALITY AND YOU: CONVERSATIONS WITH HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS Karl R. writes: "I have been reading the transmissions coming through David Ingman, and am amazed at the degree of detail describing consciousness at levels that usually cannot be described... from the penthouse the view is fantastic and beautiful."
https://www.victorzammit.com/images/davidandjean.jpgDavid and Jean Ingman have been tapping into higher consciousness to ask every question about life, the universe and all there is. See index of questions. The resulting answers are available to read on the website www.realityandyou.com and are also available in two books from amazon.com or amazon.co.uk.

There is further information on the website which is still a work in progress and has not yet been published in book form. Recently David's health has been declining significantly and he received wonderful comfort and reassurance from his deceased son and father. See Session 22nd October 2020 Approaching the End of Life.

LOUISE HERMANN ANSWERS QUESTIONS ABOUT HER MEDIUMSHIP Are you a developing medium? Below is a Question and Answer session about mediumship which Wendy conducted this week with a good friend of ours. Australian medium Louise Hermann is an experienced platform medium as well as a developing physical medium whose aim is to change mass consciousness by developing direct voice mediumship in light. You can learn more about her work on her webpage.

Louise Hermann Answers Questions on her Mediumship


TIME CHANGES: Clocks went back in the UK/Europe early on Sunday 25th and went back in the USA on November 1st. Please check the times for the next couple of weeks.

TODAY Thursday 5th November 2020 USA time
6 p.m. California time - 9 p.m. Eastern
Friday 6th November 1 p.m. Sydney time.

Afterlife Bookclub
https://victorzammit.com/images/Harrisonbook1.jpg1st Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. California time. Led by Gary Langley and Karyn Jarvie on Zoom
This month's book for discussion:
Life After Death - Living Proof by Tom Harrison
A good way to prepare for the meeting is to watch the video of Tom Harrison's talk about his mother's mediumship on Youtube
Visitors From the Other Side.

Saturday 7th November 2020

Experimenting with Trance States
https://victorzammit.com/images/KarenFrancisMcCarthy.jpg1st Saturday of the month for 4 weeks 10.30 a.m. New York time. Are you interested in experimenting with trance for various purposes, for example communicating with a loved one, accessing your inner guidance, healing? Karen Frances McCarthy, author of Till Death Don't Us Part, will be running a free session on Zoom once a month, on Saturdays at 10.30 a.m. New York (Eastern) time. Karen is an experienced medium and teacher, trained at the AFC. If you would like to be involved,

Sunday 8th November 2020

New Developments in Physical Mediumship
https://www.victorzammit.com/images/inge.jpgwith Inge Crosson: 
Trance Demonstration. You will have the opportunity to attend a free zoom discussion with Abraham, a Spirit Healer, via his medium. Q & A on any subject related to all Healing modalities, Spiritual matters and guidance on developing healing channel skills.
Sydney time 7.00 p.m.
Brisbane time 6.00 p.m.
Perth time 4.00 p.m.
Auckland time 9.00 p.m.
New York time 4.00 a.m.
London time 8 a.m.
Rome time 9 a.m.
Check the time in your city
Co-ordinator: Karyn Jarvie karynjarvie@ozemail.com.au

Mediumship Development with Dr. Susan Barnes.
https://www.victorzammit.com/images/Susanbarnes2.jpgDeveloping the skills of mental mediumship and blending with spirit.
Meetings: Every 2nd and 4th Sunday
Times: 2 p.m. New York time Next meeting Sunday 8th November 2020
Coordinator: Dr. Susan B. Barnes, CSNU susanbbarnes@gmail.com
Online in Zoom https://zoom.us/j/8738817733

Global Gathering Dr. Julia Assante (see item above) https://www.victorzammit.com/images/Julia_Assante.jpgwill be our guest at the Zoom Afterlife Global Gathering next Sunday 8th November 2020 at 3 p.m. New York time. https://zoom.us/j/7595442928
Check the time in your city
Los Angeles 12 p.m. Sunday
Phoenix 1 p.m. Sunday
Chicago 2 p.m. Sunday
New York 3 p.m. Sunday
London 8 p.m. Sunday
Rome 9 p.m. Sunday
Sydney 7 a.m. Monday

Spiritualism Today with Rev. Norma Turner Ph.D.
https://www.victorzammit.com/images/NormaTurner.jpgEvery Sunday
A combination of a presentation of some aspects of Spiritualism and spirituality followed by open discussion. If you have questions about Spiritualism or spirituality or religion, bring them here.
California 5 p.m.
Arizona 6 p.m.
Chicago 7 p.m.
New York 8 p.m.
Contact: njturner@earthlink.net
Norma’s Room: https://zoom.us/j/3499782616 

Monday 9th November 2020

https://www.victorzammit.com/images/kimparker2.jpgGOSH: Gatherings over Strange Happenings
When: Every two weeks on Mondays (UK EUROPE and USA) and Tuesday 7 a.m. (Sydney).
A small group that meets to share and explore the meaning of strange experiences like missing time, seeing scenes from another time, interacting with a person who suddenly wasn't there, bi-location etc. If it's something you cannot share easily with others, bring it to this group to get validation and speculate on its cause.
Check time in your city IN THIS LINK
Los Angeles 1 p.m. Monday
Phoenix 1 p.m. Monday
Chicago 3 p.m. Monday
New York 4 p.m. Monday
London 8 p.m. Monday
Rome 10 p.m. Monday
Sydney 7 a.m. Tuesday
Kim at kmrainbow57@yahoo.com

Tuesday 10th November 2020
Spirit Art

https://www.victorzammit.com/images/Susanbarnes2.jpgWe are meeting for the purpose of creating spirit art with messages.
No art experience required.
Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 9 p.m. New York time, 6 p.m.. Pacific time.
Coordinator: Dr. Susan B. Barnes, CSNU susanbbarnes@gmail.com

Wednesday 11th November 2020
https://www.victorzammit.com/images/RobBlackburn.jpgPhysical mediumship development group
with Rob Blackburn and Craig Hogan
 8 p.m. Central time.
The group is now admitting new members. Participants sit in a darkened space in their own homes; the group has been going for some time and members are experiencing phenomena.
Contact Rob Blackburn (rkblack@mtco.com) or Craig Hogan (r.craig.hogan@afterlifeinstitute.org) before joining the group.

More details of meetings

Videos of past Global Gatherings

NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION WITH MARSHALL ROSENBERG Marshall Rosenberg, PhD effectively mediated conflicts throughout the world for more than 40 years. His method, Nonviolent Communication, brought together warring factions as diverse as Irish Catholics and Protestants, Rwandan Hutus and Tutsis, Israelis and Palestinians as well as families and communities in conflict. His method was simply to enable both parties in conflict to listen with empathy to the authentic feelings and needs of the "other" without the need to blame and judge. Things can change when we feel respected and heard as humans.

Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE? https://www.victorzammit.com/images/life_with_purpose.jpgDirectly from an afterlife intelligence.
"Your purpose in life is to grow in character. It is not to doggedly pursue that which your society says is your own self-interest, such as amassing wealth, building a "healthy" retirement, traveling at length or otherwise indulging in purely selfish pursuits. Your purpose, I say again, is to grow in character. This is done by focusing not on yourself, but on those around you. It is ironic, but by attending to all those people of your acquaintance, by giving of yourself to these people and to your family, only then do you truly find yourself and establish your own firm identity." (Beyond The Veil, Judy Laddon p.67).

IT'S JUST A RIDE - HELPFUL TO REMEMBER AT THIS CRAZY TIME Bill Hicks (1961-1994) was an American stand-up comedian, writer, social critic, satirist, and musician. He rejected his family's Southern Baptist religious beliefs and instead explored transcendental meditation, psychedelics and alternative spirituality.

One of his famous lines was "Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration—that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves". This is one of his best monologues.

Bill Hicks It's Just a Ride

See Victor on Video
* What Happens When you Die
Afterlife and Science

* Near Death Experiences- Evidence of the Afterlife?
* What You Must Know Before You Die
* David Thompson's Materialization
* Million Dollar Challenge
* The Afterlife on Trial
* A Lawyer on the Afterlife
* Suicide is not the answer
* Religion and the Afterlife

* Ghosts- Randi and closed minded skeptics when they die
* Zwinge Randi's Challenge Exposed ... Lawyer Explains

* Why Professor Richard Dawkins is Wrong
* God--the Evidence (Without Religion)
* Afterlife Without Religion

* Skeptics Demolished
* Afterlife Objections Demolished

* Victor Zammit speaking at Speakers Corner
* Materialized Houdini speaks to Victor

FEEDBACK: (Three only)

1) "Victor and Wendy, I want you both to know how kind you are and what a treasure your weekly column is.  You help so many people".  PMH

2) "How powerful that final scene from the movie Ghost was, it had me in tears, but happy tears. Victor the work you and your wife do is amazing to let us get a taste of what the afterlife is really like. My husband died a little over 2 years ago and this site has bought me so much comfort. Thank you". Donna

3) " I don't know why, but it [ the quote from Silver Birch] gave me waves of goose bumps...the really refined ones that roll through one's physical. I find myself welling up with tears as I read through it again...I'm going to put this quote on the wall in my Spirit Room - to remind myself why I do what I do, and live the life I live. Bless you". Julia

Shawn Gallaway is an award winning singer/songwriter, visual artist, author, workshop facilitator and energetic healer. He has traveled the world over sharing his message of “Healing and Transformation through the Arts”. His “I Choose Love” song and online course (a collection of videos, songs, artwork, meditations and processes) continue to inspire and educate people of all ages on how to awaken their hearts and find their art.

I choose Love - Shawn Gallaway

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.



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