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"Bringing light where there is darkness and hope where there is despair."


July 31st, 2020

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https://www.victorzammit.com/images/vicrussiasm7.jpgCOMMENTARY: THE GIFT OF NDES TO THE WORLD Kevin Williams is the webmaster of several near-death experience sites. On his website near-death.com he explains how studying many thousands of near-death experiences has had a profound effect on him.
http://www.victorzammit.com/images/kevin-williams-2018.jpgHe writes: "I am convinced NDE research is contributing greatly to the spiritual evolution of humanity and that there is no greater endeavor than planting seeds of love within other human beings. Love is literally what life, the afterlife, and God is all about.

Paradoxically, learning about death and loss is also learning about love. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder; and dealing with the loss of loved ones is one of the greatest lessons of life. Love conquers and transcends death. So in this respect, death itself is the "grand illusion". Death is nothing but a "body problem" as one NDEr so eloquently put it."

He concludes: "The light of love revealed from millions of NDEs is being poured out upon this world of great darkness starving for light. This tremendous influx of light from NDEs is bringing a new understanding of life, death, and what happens afterward. It will ultimately lead to the great spiritual revolution and unity of all humanity foretold by many religions, NDEs, and psychic revelations. It will be the "golden age" of paradise and global peace realized on Earth." Read more.

PREVIEW OF THE IANDS ONLINE CONFERENCE The International Association for Near-Death Experiences (IANDS) was founded in the US in 1981. It does wonderful work to support and assist death experiencers (NDErs) and people close to them. Below are clips of some of the inspiring speakers at IANDS 2020 Live Online Conference, Aug 14-16. Check out the schedule of speakers & register. Please comment on and share this video.

NDE: There's no such thing as death.

WHAT NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES TEACH US ABOUT PREJUDICE "Creed, race, gender, and sexual preference have no real meaning to God. No matter who we are, we were all children joined under one God. The only rule is God's true law 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' ".
P.M.H. Atwater

"Those religions which claim superiority over others, or exclude people for various reasons, go against God's law that we love one another as we love ourselves". Sandra Rogers

https://www.victorzammit.com/images/loveismyreligion.jpg"It also needs to be recognized that not all teachings described as religious are beneficial. Religion which is judgmental, prejudicial, critical, and narrow may impede the spirit's natural growth. It is love, not religion, which creates spiritual growth. Where religion teaches love, there is growth. Where religion impedes love, there is stagnation". Nora Spurgin

DR. PIM VAN LOMMEL RECENT INTERVIEW After extensive NDE studies, the Dutch cardiologist Dr. Pim van Lommel believes that consciousness can also exist outside the body. The interview was produced by the magazine Kosmos that is published by the Martinus Institute, Denmark.

Returning from death - Interview with Dr. Pim van Lommel

EMINENT PEOPLE WHO INVESTIGATED PSYCHIC PHENOMENA AND THE AFTERLIFE https://www.victorzammit.com/images/nobelprize.jpgFrom the 1880s onward some of the world's greatest scientists, thinkers, and artists of all kinds (including more than thirty Nobel Prize winners) have investigated precognition, mediumship, telepathy, healing, seances, psychokinesis and many other aspects of parapsychology and psychical research. This list of more than two hundred of them shows that those of us who take these things seriously are in good company. Read more.

Many people think the beginnings of the spiritualist movement occurred at Hydesville in New York State in the 19th century, but psychic investigation is much, much older than that. This particular video of 22 minutes duration is about the origins of psychical research. You can see the complete collection of short documentaries by Keith Parsons here.

How Old is Psychical Research?

http://www.victorzammit.com/images/elisabethtarg.jpgDr. Elisabeth Targ, daughter of Dr. Russell Targ, was a brilliant doctor and researcher into spiritual healing. She died in 2002 from a brain tumor at the age of 42. After her death, her co-researcher, Dr. Jane Katra, received more than 35 unexpected communications from her. They started a few hours after her transition. She appeared to Dr. Katra at least 10 miles away from the house where her body lay. In the weeks that followed, lights flashed when people talked about her. A woman wrote down nonsense syllables dictated from Elisabeth in a dream visit that turned out to be a message in Russian ( a language that Elisabeth spoke well). Read more. On her website, Dr. Katra has details of another surprising communication from Elisabeth that shows she is still a healer. Read more.

PHYSICIST CONVINCED DAUGHTER SURVIVED DEATH Dr. Russell Targ, a laser physicist, cofounded the remote viewing research program at SRI International. He tells Jeffrey Mishlove that it was one particular message that finally convinced him of the reality of his daughter Elizabeth's post-mortem survival.

The Life, Death, and Afterlife of Elisabeth Targ with Russell Targ

DO WE LOSE OUR INDIVIDUALITY IN THE HIGHER REALMS? "As we progress into those https://www.victorzammit.com/images/hughbenson30.jpghigh realms, we shall not lose our individuality in supposed etheric clouds and become lost to everyone except the dwellers therein. We shall ever continue to be ourselves, our TRUE selves; refined, to be sure, more etherealised, but still, YOU will be YOU, and I shall be I no one else. You and I will recognise each other, just as you will recognise all your friends, as they will recognise you ... our wisdom and knowledge will also increase...."
Mons. Hugh Benson Heaven and Earth (through the mediumship of Anthony Borgia).

MANY NDErs COME BACK WITH DETAILED KNOWLEDGE OF FUTURE EVENTS When he was eight years old, Rev. Bill McDonald almost died of complicated health issues. He felt himself fading and slipping away into a state of consciousness outside of his body. Then he encountered a magnificent Light and felt embraced by the "Mother of the Universe." He also had multiple visions of future personal and public events, which came true in his later years.

 NDE: Seeing the Future


"You are always there, https://www.victorzammit.com/images/Paramhansa Yogananda.jpgunknowingly linked with the astral source from which the life and intelligence and sensory powers of your physical body are constantly flowing. You are working from that astral plane. Even though you think you are a material being dependent on the material world, you are not. You should learn to get acquainted with your real base of operations.

Suppose you have two houses—one in the slums where there is constantly turmoil and fighting going on, and another in the beautiful section of town where there is order and harmony. When you go to your better home, you find peace and contentment. That is what I urge you: Live in the consciousness of your finer astral body rather than "slumming" in the physical". Read this fascinating explanation of the connection between two worlds.

CHILDREN GIVE SIGNS AND INSIGHTS FROM HEAVEN Joseph M. Higgins has been a working medium for over 20 years as well as an Amazon best-selling author, channeler, spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. His new book "Always Connected: For Those Who Have Lost Children: Children Give Signs & Insights from Heaven" is based on his direct communication with a group of spirit guides who answer the questions asked by every parent whose child transitions early including soul contracts, life plans, exit points, suicide and addictions, why they left, and how to recognise the signs they send. Read more.

Children Give Signs & Insights from Heaven.


Sunday 2nd August 2020

Global Gathering.
Join us as we welcome our guest Karen Frances McCarthy talking about "Till Death Don't US Part".

Karen Frances McCarthy is a writer and public speaker who was born in Dublin, Ireland, and is now based in New York. She was an embedded Iraq war correspondent contributing to major news media. In television, she produced two documentaries with Deepak Chopra, She has just completed a memoir "Till Death Don't Us Part" about her spiritual journey, and is working on a new non-fiction book about the nature and representation of the ghost in contemporary literature and media. She has a private mediumship and healing practice in New York and Dublin.

Till Death Don't Us Part:
A True Story About Awakening to Love After Life

Check time in your city IN THIS LINK
Los Angeles 2 p.m. Sunday
Phoenix 2 p.m. Sunday
Chicago 4 p.m. Sunday
New York 5 p.m. Sunday
London 10 p.m. Sunday
Rome 11 p.m. Sunday
Sydney 7 a.m. Monday

Wednesday 5th August 2020
Automatic Writing and Mediumship Discussion

Share resources and discuss what participants are experiencing
1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time
Coordinator: Sheila Lowe sheila@sheilalowe.com

Physical mediumship development group
8 p.m. Central time; 9 p.m. New York; 6 p.m. Pacific Time;
The group is now admitting new members.
Participants sit in a darkened space in their own homes; the group has been going for some time, and members are experiencing phenomena.
Contact Rob Blackburn (rkblack@mtco.com) or Craig Hogan (r.craig.hogan@afterlifeinstitute.org) before joining the group.

Saturday 8th August 2020

Love After Life
Rebuilding a happy, fulfilling relationship with our **ROMANTIC** soul-mates / twin-flames who have crossed over.
Every Saturday 2 p.m. Central time
Online via our own Zoom Group, must be a member of the FB group 'Love After Life'
Coordinators: William J. Murray wjmurray@design249.com

More details of meetings

Videos of past Global Gatherings

BUDDHA AT THE GAS PUMP: INTERVIEWS WITH ORDINARY PEOPLE WHO ARE AWAKENING SPIRITUALLY "One night in 1997 Richard Schoeller thought he was dying because he found himself surrounded by both sets of deceased grandparents. They reassured him that it wasn’t his time to join them in the afterlife and that their visit was to help him understand that he could now “see them.” Who could ignore a visit like that? Richard had to learn more about what had just happened, so he began taking classes and researching the ability to communicate with those who have passed into spirit." Access main site.

Richard Schoeller - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

WONDER, AWE, AND THE INTELLIGENCE OF NATURE Award-winning filmmaker and advocate for the natural world, Louie Schwartzberg, tells stories that celebrate life and reveal the mysteries and wisdom of nature, people and places, by taking us into worlds that are invisible to the human eye. He has a profound message for us at this time of "breakdown and break through".

Wonder, Awe, and the Intelligence of Nature

"The real story of nature is not only survival of the fittest, but also survival of the kindest. The feminine story of Nature is all about relationships. It's about partnering, networking, regeneration, giving birth. nurturing, creating ecosystems that flourish without greed. It's why they call it Mother Nature". Louis Schwartzberg.

Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell
Saturday August 1st 2020 at
1 p.m. New York
12 p.m. Central
10 a.m.Pacific
Read more.

See Victor on Video
* Subscribe to Victor's Youtube Channel:
* What Happens When you Die
Afterlife and Science

* Near Death Experiences- Evidence of the Afterlife?
* What You Must Know Before You Die
* David Thompson's Materialization
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* A Lawyer on the Afterlife
* Suicide is not the answer
* Religion and the Afterlife

* Ghosts- Randi and closed-minded skeptics when they die
* Zwinge Randi's Challenge Exposed ... Lawyer Explains

* Why Professor Richard Dawkins is Wrong
* God--the Evidence (Without Religion)
* Afterlife Without Religion

* Skeptics Demolished
* Afterlife Objections Demolished

* Ghosts- Randi and closed-minded skeptics when they die
* Victor Zammit speaking at Speakers Corner

* Materialized Houdini speaks to Victor

https://www.victorzammit.com/images/feedback.jpgFEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) "I love sharing your quotes...thank you!" Celine

2) "Thank you. I've deliberately stayed away from T.V. and the radio today and read The Quiet Mind and other hopeful reminders that despite outward appearances...at the core...all is well". Kaye

3) "Your posts are always uplifting and encouraging. Whenever I am feeling low, first thing I do is open your site. Instant Peace. Thank you so much to you both for this wonderful service to humanity".

HIGHLY INSPIRED MUSIC "INFINITE LOVE AND GRATITUDE" Shawn Gallaway with Mary Beth Haubrich signing the song in American Sign Language. Shawn is a singer/songwriter, visual artist, author, ceremonial healer, workshop facilitator, and energy worker. He has traveled throughout the world, sharing his message of Healing Through the Arts. He plays what he calls 'Transformational Music', that is music which aims to awaken the collective heart of humanity to Love. His I Choose Love song and global movement continues to encircle the world, igniting the hearts of people everywhere to live consciously with Love in their lives.

Infinite Love and Gratitude - Shawn Gallaway.

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.

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