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I came across Dr. Parsons videos rather lately as Keith Clark provided them on the VARANORMAL YT channel. While I still not haven't seen all of his videos I remember how I wondered how he made all of them on his own.

Dr. Parsons made a series of 50 episodes about the most amazing and disturbing topic mankind faces in modern times where mankind sees death as the end of everything. Dr. Prason not just managed to put a well selected compilation of evidence on the table that death doesn't mean annihilation but transformation, he did it in his typical british soberness paired with a decent trace of humor, leaving away all those elements of upsetting sensation we are used from modern infotainment, while always emphasizing that the subject of afterlife is something he is damn serious about and a mission he is carrying in his heart.

And it was not just a bunch of information he confronted us with, it was quite more. Dr. Parsons told us a story and this is the only way he could achieve the goal he committed himself to because it's about life and death and transformation which constitute a story themselves.

In his last video Dr. Parson said he was not sure about the value of his contribution to afterlife science since the forces of self destruction in this world and the unwillingness of mankind to become aware of the truth about their existence are spiraling downwards with increasing speed. However even this sad situation is not diminishing Dr. Parsons work in just a fraction. We are not here to save the world. In the first place we are here to learn from it's mess. And those who have eyes to see and ears to hear have learned from Dr. Parsons masterpiece what is needed to perform the transition into another life well.

You saved a lot of souls Keith Parsons. The ones you could not save don't wanted to be saved and it's their decision and not your responsibility.

A lot of people will never forget what you did for the most important insight mankind is about to get. Thank you Dr. Parsons!

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