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Life after Life ~ Raymond Moody

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Life After Life Blog Digest

May 2022

Every month we seek out the best research, stories, and other thought-provoking writing to enlighten, inspire, and entertain. We hope you LOVE this month's selections as much as we do!bird.thumb.jpg.aaa730b55db2c40cfba19bca401aaf99.jpg

Every month we seek out the best research, stories, and other thought-provoking writing to enlighten, inspire, and entertain. We hope you LOVE this month's selections as much as we do!


Heaven Knows… An Interesting Old NDE

By Sandy Coghlan 

Much has been written about NDE’s since the late 1970’s, following Dr. Raymond Moody’s ground-breaking book on the subject, Life After Life.

Many have wondered if the reports describing tunnels and lights are genuine experiences, or if they spring from an over-active imagination coloured by previously recorded accounts. This is one of the reasons I set out to research and write my own book, Heaven Knows, which features many pre-Moody accounts.




Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander

I’m a neurosurgeon.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1976 with a major in chemistry and earned my M.D. at Duke University Medical School in 1980. During my eleven years of medical school and residency training at Duke as well as Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard, I focused on neuroendocrinology, the study of the interactions between the nervous system and the endocrine system-the series of glands that release the hormones that direct most of your body’s activities.



What is Past-Life Regression?

The following is excerpted from Coming Back: A Psychiatrist Explores Past-Life Journeys by Dr. Raymond Moody and Paul Perry.

I first heard about past-life regressions from Ian Stevenson, a professor at the University of Virginia. He is a psychiatrist and an expert in psychosomatic medicine who has investigated reincarnation tales gathered from around the world. Typically they are tales told by young children who spontaneously “remember” past lives.

Stevenson had at one time performed some hypnotic regressions and decided that they were very unreliable methods of looking into the question of reincarnation.



Soul Plans and Life Themes

By Alicia Young

There seems to be an emphasis right now on the need for Joy. Seeking Joy. Prioritizing Joy. I love a laugh as much as anyone. But don’t we come here to learn?  

It’s worth peeling back the messages we grew up as to why we are here. Is life supposed to be all about sacrifice, to earn our way to heaven? Is it about duty? And if the Other Side is about love existing unopposed, why would we come here to prioritize joy? Wouldn’t we just stay there?

Let’s consider different types of joy. There is joyful purpose and work. There is deep joy to be found in the service of others, as we share our time, talents, and insights–especially with those less fortunate.


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