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Psychedelic Healing Summit


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The High Self or Spiritual Centre

Raymond and I love to share great events with you

- especially when they are FREE!

There are many questions in the world that science has yet to fully understand. However, the evidence for the potential benefits of psychedelics in the treatment of a wide range of emotional and psychological ailments has been growing rapidly in recent years. 

While it's impossible to say whether it's possible to truly connect to another realm through plant medicine, we do know that some plants have been used for hundreds of years in spiritual practice and that users have reported experiences that in many respects mirror those of near-death experiences in gaining clarity, spiritual understanding, peace, and often losing their fear of death.

This is a fascinating topic that Dr. Ken Ring has explored for a number of years alongside his research on near-death and one that Raymond has touched on in interviews with practitioners like Rachel Harris and he has noted the overlap (and differences) in experiences of near-death and some psychedelically induced states. 

We think that informed discussion about psychedelic's potential benefits and harms are important in our exploration and understanding of consciousness, especially as it relates to end of life.

Both Raymond and I hope to see more research conducted and to learn more about psychedelics potential through careful and monitored use to relieve suffering and increase human understanding. In that spirit, we are happy to share with you this summit and hope that you may find it both  interesting and informative.


Are psychedelics the new path in mental health & healing?

Journey through ancient plant medicines, the latest science & modern practices ~online event





                                                            REGISTER HERE for this GRATIS EVENT





With leading psychedelic experts and healers, you’ll explore:

  • How modern and traditional psychedelic practices foster our understanding of nature, consciousness, and the cosmos with Dennis McKenna
  • The visions Rick Doblin and Marcela Ot’alora G., M.A., L.P.C. have for the future of psychedelic-assisted therapy — and MDMA’s role in healing trauma.
  • How death and psychedelics are pathways to love and liberation, especially as you approach the “end” of life, with Anthony P. Bossis and Mary Cosimano.
  • The frontline experiences of Dr. Elias Dakwar and Hannah McLane, who are working with Ketamine and psychedelic therapy to treat addiction in underserved populations.
  •  Connecting with the sacred plant spirits of Ayahuasca and Huachuma (San Pedro) through guided ritual, song, prayer, and visualization as offered by Andean medicine man Puma Fredy Quispe Singona.
  • And much more! 


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