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Can you Experience an NDE without Dying?

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Can You Experience an NDE without Dying?

The answer is yes. 

A surprising number of people report sharing in the near-death and dying experiences of their loved ones. Raymond Moody coined the term for this: the shared death experience (SDE). 

A compelling discussion of SDEs can be found in Raymond’s Book Glimpses of Eternity (2010), co-authored by Paul Perry. The shared death experience is characterized by a number of features, including several that overlap with the near-death experience. 


Interviewees report these phenomena both at the bedsides of their loved ones as well as from long distances:

  • change of the geometry of the room/space. 
  • a mystical light.
  • music or musical sounds appearing from nowhere.
  • co-living the life review during and/or after the death of a loved one.
  • encountering otherworldly or heavenly realms.
  • seeing a mist emanating from or surrounding the loved one at the moment of death.

No one interviewed reported all seven occurrences, but most described more than one of those listed above.

William Peters, of the Shared Crossing Project, has built upon Raymond’s foundational work with extensive research into the shared death experience. He is the first and only pioneer in this field to have an institute dedicated primarily to the research of this phenomena.

Click here to register

Raymond and William will be in conversation about SDEs during a free webinar on Saturday March 12, 2022 10:00am PST, 1:00pm EST, 6:00pm UK.

The webinar is free, and we hope you will join us for what promises to be a fascinating discussion about the transcendental SDE.

Discover how you might share in this most powerful and intimate occurrence with those you love and better understand the spiritual dimensions of the dying process.


Click here to join us–and let’s have a shared-webinar experience together!



Lisa Smartt on behalf of Raymond Moody and the lifeafterlife.com team


Dr. Raymond Moody

Philosopher, psychiatrist, physician and author of Life After Life and Glimpses of Eternity

Dr. Moody is the individual responsible for identifying both near-death experiences and shared death experiences. Hear how Raymond, after decades of studying the near death experience discovered the shared death experience as a little known yet awe-inspiring phenomena. Raymond will also share the remarkable story between emergency department physician Jeff O'Driscoll, and  Jeff Olsen, a patient, that transformed his thinking about the afterlife. 


William Peters

Psychotherapist, founder of Shared Crossing Project and author of At Heaven's Door

William is the director of the Shared Crossing Research Initiative, the only research institute dedicated to the study of shared death experiences. Hear how William took the foundational work of Dr. Moody and developed the typologies to provide a greater understanding for this transformational end of life experience. William will share his own formative SDEs from his time as a volunteer at the Zen Hospice project. 




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