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Craig Hogan Phd books


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Dr Hogan outlines his new book which contains the proof from 15 areas of evidence! Communication from people living in the life after this life Quantum mechanics Near-death experiences Psychotherapist discoveries Trance medium communication with people in the next life Voice recordings of people alive in the next life Appearances of people long after their bodies have died Training people so they have their own afterlife communications Dream appearance of people whose bodies have died Near-death experiences Mental medium communication with people in the next life Communication with those in the afterlife through automatic writing Proof our minds are not in our brains, so we continue to live after the brain dies And more!

He says "The evidence will prove to you that you have a unique purpose for being in Earth School, and you will graduate to go on to a glorious life in the life after this life with all your loved ones. You will never die. That truth will set you free".

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