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Carol and Mikey Morgan 'Flying High in Spirit: A Snowboarder's Account of his Ride Through Heaven'.


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Carol Morgan talks about how desperate she was to get in touch with her son Mikey after he transitioned in a car accident at the age of 20. She had a huge number of contact experiences with Mikey and spent two years practising how to contact him telepathically, initially with the aid of a pendulum. Eventually the communication became so clear that Mikey was able to dictate a book on his experiences: 1) He was taken out of his body before the impact and watched the scene from above. 2) He soon became aware of an energy change: “Crazy tingling! Really a total head rush. I felt like I was everywhere! It was so easy to move.” 3) Next he became aware of spirits surrounding him: “I realized that there were people appearing in the air around me. They were greeting me, loving me, and I was recognizing them and realizing that I knew them well, but I hadn’t seen them in a while.” 4) He felt a pull and was taken by his spirit friends to a different place: "As we moved, I realized that I no longer heard what was going on at the accident scene. I was coming into a place that was incredibly beautiful and peaceful. I had no fear or worry. It felt like home.” Carol answers questions about the afterlife with Mikey's help on https://afterlifeforums.com/

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