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Craig Hogan discussions for reasons for what happens in your life and Your Afterlife

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Today, we have vast libraries of clear messages from people living in the life after this life that have come through valid, evidential mediums. They describe what happens to us through all the major stages of life: why we decide to enter Earth School; how we plan the Earth School experience; what we must do to succeed in Earth School; how we grow in love, compassion, and wisdom; what happens leading up to, during, and after our transition from Earth School; what our lives will be like in the life after this life; and our destiny in the glorious realm we will choose to go to after we have spent eons of time living with our loved ones in the next life. This book contains 570 citations, most of which are statements from people living in the life after this life, telling us the reasons for what happens to us in our life and our afterlife. This book explains why we are having the lives we have, our purpose in life, why there are tragedies and suffering, how we can live our lives in love, peace, and joy, what happens when we transition from this life, and what life is like in the life we enter after leaving this life.

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