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Possible hereafter video sequences

Andres Ramos

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You know I am frequently making ITC recordings in nature to gain voices from the natural sounds of water and wind but even more I am utilizing the magical properties of moving water in creeks or lakes to gain hereafter images from it.

My usual approach is making a short video sequence and then analyzing the file frame by frame. Thus the resulst are fixed images and this is working very well. This also was the case two days ago as I went to my usual place in the park beneath my house where a small creek is running through and I made a short video from it like I did so many times before.

This time something was different. As I watched the short film and I concentrated on the vibrating relections in the upper left quadrant of the film I got the impression I saw semi-transparent humanoid shapes running around at a very high speed and it appeared to me like I was watching into a different dimension populated by entities through a window.


Of course everything looked very distorted but the impression of seeing people running around was persistent. Thus I decided to change my standard operating procedure and take the video as a video and not as a source for single frames to analyze.

What I will show you now is highly speculative and likely 60% pareidolia and 40% pk-effect at best but maybe this pushes open a door to a technology where we could see scenes from the hereafter like on a movie screen some day buy using the magic of water.

The next thing I did was to crop the region of interest and to slow the video down to 20% of it's original frame rate. I think now you can see a little better that something is going on there.

Despite most parts of the video are showing random patterns there are some sequences where you can see coherent movements. I tried to separate the interesting parts from the trash and extracted the following scenes. I admit there are very hard to follow. See it as an interesting speculation.

Most of the following clips I made as animated gif because this is a very convenient format to show those little scenes.


The humanoid body


This clip shows the blurry and pulsating shape of a human torso with its front facing us and for a very small moment we can identify the right arm and shoulder.


The Animal

In the video I identified a strange structure looking like an animal torso on very thin legs. It appeared to me like a camel or some similar creature in front face. The strange thing is that it is coming from the right side and walking towards the humanoid body. You even can see some of his legs in motion.



The crowd

In the next scene you can see the very blurry shapes a humanoid beings interacting, like a crowd of people at some place in a city.



The punch

The following scene is highly speculative! It appeared to me as if the two persons visible on the right side of the previous scene were interacting with each other in a very special way at a different timestamp in the video. It seemed like the person on the left side punched the person on the right side into his face that just fell off.


In my mind the idea is forming to se an aparatus utilizing water flowing over a rough and dark structure like slate making the water vibrate and creating reflexions of some light source. Maybe one day we could take a look into another dimension like we were watching a movie in our TV sets.





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