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The previous article was about the source. This article takes a closer look at the life-energy that’s emitted by the source to create and nourish everything throughout the vast omniverse.

Though often called “the Great Central Sun,” the source isn’t really like our sun, because life-energy isn’t like sunlight.

We think of our sun as a burning ball of gas emitting heat and light in waves that flow freely through empty space and bounce off the planets, moons, and asteroids in our solar system.


Life-energy is the essence of the source that spreads, devolves, and adapts interminably to forge the big picture of reality, instilling vitality, purpose, and knowledge into countless universes (fine, white circles), countless worlds (like Earth), and countless entities—from human beings, at level 1, to brilliant spirit beings residing at finer levels close to the source… such as The Seven (inset lower left), who’ve accompanied humanity down through the ages to support and protect our world.

Life-energy from the source doesn’t flow freely through the omniverse like that. Quite the contrary, it moves out-beyond from the source, through many universes in many dimensions, devolving and transforming to create countless entities, worlds, and universes. It doesn’t just stream, it creates everything and nourishes it constantly.

So life-energy from the source gets passed out-beyond, from one universe to the next, as a creative, nourishing force of power and information that transmutes constantly into denser and denser realms.


This is a pulled-apart view of the subtle (spiritual) forms that are within us. As the diagram suggests, we humans (and everything else in our physical universe) originate from the source and devolve through many forms at many levels while becoming the carnal you and me whom we know today, in this lifetime.

This article, like the previous one, is based on messages received by our INIT group in the 1990s via phones, radios, computers, and other devices. The messages were delivered by our invisible friends at Timestream spirit group at level 3, especially The Seven ethereal beings who established and protected the communication bridge.

This article, like the previous one, is based on messages received by our INIT group in the 1990s via phones, radios, computers, and other devices. The messages were delivered by our invisible friends at Timestream spirit group at level 3, especially The Seven ethereal beings who established and protected the communication bridge.




Sensitive researchers like Maggy Fischbach and her husband Jules Harsch can sometimes get good ITC results as their energies become attuned both to their equipment and to the presence and dispositions of their spirit friends. They can feel when things are in sync. Researchers like Maggy are motivated by love, which creates a stream of resonant life-energy that gives coherence to the bridge. Maggy’s spirit friends often referred to a “source energy” that powers ITC contacts. We humans feel that energy as an all-pervading love, and we can learn to influence that energy and affect the world around us. That’s the crux of ITC.

Finely attuned researchers are aware of the need for complete sincerity in their motivations, as any trace of insincerity can weaken the bridge. They have to be discerning about colleagues and visitors participating in the experiments, as their life-energies also impact the purity of the bridge. When researchers get stressed, they become depleted of life-energy, and the communications falter.

In 1992 Maggy wrote in her journal CETL INFOnews:

“The energy and information of the source and center connects everything in the universe…. Our spirit partners gave us a key for this understanding: If the energy from the source of all being (love, or source energy) is slowed down, this energy beyond space and time jumps around the much lower vibrations of space and time to become a carrier of scalar waves, electromagnetic frequencies and sound waves.”

The main intent for an ITC bridge is to ensure that those dense waves don’t get polluted by the dark thoughts and feelings like envy and fear that spin out of Earth’s troubled symbiotic relationships (competition and predation), but are instead based on mutualistic, win-win relationships among researchers.

Our INIT group received a lot of information from our spirit friends about life-energy. Most of it was sent to us by The Seven refined beings. Some also came from our friends at Timestream Spirit Group (deceased humans now living at level 3), especially Swejen Salter and Konstantin Raudive.

In a nutshell, here are a few specific things they tell us about life-energy (the associated ITC contacts are listed at the end as reference material):

1. All of our thoughts during a lifetime become energy patterns that are stored in finer realms forever, as a sort of historical record of our existence.

2. Meditation and refined thinking can get us vibrationally closer to the source, forming a beam of life-energy through which we can receive knowledge and strength. A sick person entering the beam can sometimes be healed miraculously if they are receptive to that frequency of life-energy.

3. When our loved ones and ancestors at level 3 have the opportunity to exchange information with a finer being (one of The Seven, for example), all other higher beings in the group are aware of the conversation. Since communication requires resonant life-energy, it can only happen when everyone is sincere, which is hard to achieve on Earth, making ITC difficult.

4. Everything is formed by life-energy that spreads out-beyond from the source, throughout the omniverse, as a field of vibrations. By adjusting their life-energy to resonate at a common frequency, finer beings can come together in friendship to merge their life-energies into a single light, while also retaining their individuality and their ability to leave the group to perform particular tasks or missions.

5. When the mission is ITC communications with Earth, a lot of life-energy is needed to sustain the bridge, and the finer beings become living power supplies to provide the energy and knowledge. Although spirits communicate silently mind to mind, they can fabricate voices, text, and images that are meaningful to us humans on Earth, and convey that information to us through our equipment. Voice contacts through our radios and phones exhaust much more life-energy than simply planting messages and images in our computers.


This is an example of a phone contact running out of energy. It’s the very end of a spirit phone dialog
between myself and spirit friend Konstantin Raudive in 1996 that lasted nearly 15 minutes.

6. Positive public interest in ITC creates resonant fields of life-energy (what scientist Rupert Sheldrake refers to as “morphogenetic fields”) that allow communication bridges to be established from level 3 to Earth (between our spirit friends and ourselves). Without those stable, resonant energy fields, there’s no amount of life-energy from finer beings that can sustain an ITC bridge. In other words, researchers must be in mental and emotional harmony with each other and with their spirit teams.

7. Some of our spirit friends make a distinction between life-energies that are electromagnetic (the informational energy of matter in our material universe) and those that are 5-dimensional (the energy of life that is everywhere). When we die, some of our 5-dimensional energy can remain stored in various objects or buildings. Violent death can cause 5-dimensional shock waves around the Earth that we can sometimes detect emotionally, but not through our five senses. If we could develop a 5-dimensional wave receiver on Earth, it would be like tuning into various spirit worlds through a radio, but the widespread slaughter of animals and humans on Earth creates 5-dimensional shockwaves that disrupt an ITC bridge.

I hope that information gives a pretty good understanding of life-energy and its influence on our lives. Following are the actual ITC contacts that support the information.

Reference Material

All of the contacts below were received by Maggy Fischbach of Luxembourg, except the first one.

The first contact was received by German researchers Frieidrich Malkhoff and Adolf Homes, who were working closely with Maggy in nearby Luxembourg at the time. As Maggy explained in her journal in 1990:

“When the (new device) MEZA 1 is up and operational, combining the energy fields of the research teams in Luxembourg with those in the two German towns of Rivenich (Adolf Homes) and Schweich (Fritz Malkhoff), the system will no longer need the concentrated, combined energies of the individual researchers. The apparatus and its energy fields will at last be able to operate in large, mixed gatherings. The machinery will no longer be subject to the diverse positive and negative energies of the spectators.”

That was the hope and expectation of those researchers and all of their spirit friends working with them from level 3. Unfortunately, they never developed a system that would be impervious to negative thinking among humans present for experiments. (The Scole Group in England had better success in getting good spirit contacts when diverse groups met in their basement lab, but even their results were disrupted when severe skeptics with hard feelings were present.)

Here are a few ITC contacts about life-energy:

1… Technician via radio, 1988 (to Friedrich Malkhoff and Adolf Homes, Germany)

We are sources of energy. The same energy from which you come. I too am only a creator and yet was created. I practically do not exist for you, although through our existence your life becomes possible. Phrases and symbols have no meaning to us. All thoughts of your world are stored with us in patterns of light for eternity. Be assured, as truly as you are, we are and so are many others who live in other realities. Life is existence without end. This is a law for all that is.

2… Technician via computer text (1991)

The closer a person can get to the higher planes of life, the stronger the healing powers become within. The faith of a person and his efforts are like a beam of light which in time can connect to the planes of Light. Across this beam—these bundles of Light energy—you are being given knowledge and strength from our plane. Others joining this light become beneficiaries, and the beam becomes greater. An ailing person coming into this bundle of Light energies can be healed in the most wonderful way, as happens at Lourdes and Fatima. These are locations that have attracted streams of bundled light energies. Individuals who are not healed (those who lack faith) are less receptive to this Light than those who are healed instantly.”

3… Swejen Salter via computer text (1991)

Communication among higher beings is something very special to behold. It is like a reservoir, one big network of communication. Compare it to several computers, except that these are highly evolved, living beings who exchange information as fast as a network of computers. If you speak to one of these beings, all other higher beings are also simultaneously informed of this conversation and at the same time are aware of your entire personality.

Since they have no secrets from each other, one can only get closer to them by being absolutely sincere. Insincerity is alien to them. Nothing remains hidden in their dimension. You sometimes forget in your physical world that sincerity plays a most important part over here.

4a… Technician via radio, 1988

When higher beings form a circle of friends, they actually come together and form a single light.

4b… Technician and Seth 3 speaking as one voice via radio (1991):

We greet you dear friends. These meetings will become important events for all of us. On this side too, we are happy about this cooperation. Through a common frequency we will all become co-builders and creators. The omniverse is like a field of oscillation. These oscillations, whether negative or positive, form the grand universe. As long as beings look for advantages over other beings in existential, emotional or religious areas, the eternal longing for perfection will remain incomplete. Love is the blood that keeps your heart beating. We, whom you call spirits, greet all of you! We shall have to finish as the energy fields in the air are getting very weak.

5… Technician via computer text (1990)

Due to the large amounts of energy exhausted during voice contacts, we will now focus more on computer contacts.

6… Swejen Salter via computer text (1990)

People’s interest in ITC is the most important part of ITC. If there is sufficient interest for us on your side we are real and can take part in the happenings there. Through you, we in turn become strong.

You are still arguing about evidence to prove the existence of the ITC phenomenon. Instead, you should be studying it to find out how the world could be changed with it. For instance, could you bring yourself to accept Sheldrake’s concept of morphogenetic resonance, you would already be a little closer to the matter. Similar structures can indeed be in communication with each other across space and time by means of morphogenetic fields.

7… Swejen Salter via computer text (1990)

Fields affect other fields. The electromagnetic and the 5-dimensional power field are not the same. The electromagnetic field is subject to space/time weakening or distortions. The life-energetic 5-dimensional field is not. Nevertheless, from the laws and actions of the electrical field you can also deduce the attributes of higher dimensional fields. The electromagnetic field is the informational energy of matter. The 5-dimensional field is the energy of life.

If there already existed a 5-dimensional wave receiver and an international organization with the laboratory announced by Manfred Kage, you would be a step closer. The receiver would give you a jumble of receptions similar to your radio receiver. As you know, the impulses at death are already stored in the 5-dimensional fields of some of your objects. You speak of “spook” cases. As a rule these are only stored in cases of more or less violent deaths. This explains the good voices at accidents, murders, etc. Violent death produces modulated waves in the 5-dimensional “channel.” It is obvious that these cause some action in this realm. When considering the millions of violent deaths caused by the constant slaughter of animals and humans, the 5-dimensional field must literally flow over from such shock waves.

These disturbances, says Swejen, cause many mistakes in picture transmission during ITC contacts.


For a final note about life-energy, let’s consider a computer metaphor, since the previous article started with a computer metaphor. That’ll bring these two articles full-circle.

Computer Metaphor

To get a better sense of the source and its life-energy, it might help to imagine a computer running without any hardware—no keyboards, no screens, no plugs, no silicon chips…. Just an invisible bundle of brilliant software.

The software operates by itself.

The kernel is the software program at the heart of a computer, the way the source is at the heart of the omniverse. However, the two approach their jobs a little differently.

  • In the computer, the kernel controls just about everything that goes on.
  • In the omniverse, the source simply gives everything life, knowledge, and noble motivations such as love and sincerity. Beyond that, the source expects everything to evolve freely. The living software (life-energy) can create new programs and apps. It can even create hardware that the software can play with if it wants to explore all possibilities… or if it just gets bored.

That might very well be the whole reason for the existence of the material universes like ours, out here on the fringes of the omniverse. The source (the cosmic kernel) with its life-energy (the living software programs and apps) simply want to experiment with new, illusory forms of life that would involve dense form and structure that we call the material universe (the cosmic hardware).



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