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11-19-21 Vidicom Results from Spiricom Experiment

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The first spirit faces in sound were recorded in 2007, documented in my various experiments. 

Since July 31, 2021 I was able to tune my voice experiments sufficiently enough to be able to determine some of the content of what I perceive as voice in my "Synthetic" voice experiments. They're called Synthetic because there is no external audio source - everything is generated inside the computer...at least on my part. 

Today while listening to a version of "Spiricom Invention #9" I decided to look at a live spectrograph of the voice on Stream5. I was pleasantly surprised to find that spirit was not only sending voice (modulating voice) on this experiment...but also sending pictures. This was a surprise because the stream is tuned for voice. 

It seems the same principles that apply to voice also apply to pictures. At this time I can disclose one principle: balance. 

The tones MUST be balanced.  Their interaction in relation to each other is key, is critical in fact.

Think of it this way. When we use a medium (physical hardware) and we successfully determine that spirit can either order randomized bits OR attenuate/amplify certain frequencies, then it also stands to reason that we must provide them an equalized spectra of sound - sound that is balanced. Give them a level playing field.

This is much harder than it sounds. By balanced I mean start with one tone. Balance it with a second tone. The amplitude/volume of the second tone should NOT be the same as the first tone. It should be less (if a higher frequency is chosen). This can be done by ear, as well as visually using a spectrograph. 

The challenge for voice lies in the following: Energy is not distributed across all harmonics evenly in human voice. Some shaping needs to occur in a synthetic "voicebox" in order to simulate human voice. There is a fundamental frequency and then harmonics that bounce all over the place as we change our glottal pulse and the shape of our mouths.

In short-if spirit can control a synthetic voice then they can also use the same technique to form pictures in sound. Control is control, regardless of the methodology.

As a result - similar to when I first introduced faces in sound over radio in 2007, followed by faces in sound in a synthesized environment in 2019, now we have....

The first half decent samples of faces in sound from a Spiricom Experiment.

Spirit refers to it as "Spiricom", "Vidicom" (a Metascience Foundation Project) and even "Spektrocom" (the name of Martin Bellefeuille's Perlin software available in the downloads section).

Their goal is: synchronized pictures and audio. Otherwise known as television. 

Here are the first official pictures, observed accidentally.  (Though spitits intent of video has been known for some years now).

At the time of this writing you can observe stream5 and use Sonic Visualiser yourself to come to the same conclusion.

When the signal is clear and refined enough it will appear on our YouTube stream as a new technique alongside its previous Perlin predecessors.










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