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Direct Voices - George W. Meek

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Thanks Jeff! Havent seen this in awhile. I like the combo of scalar bubble and the multi bandpass. What kind of device is that - the 

Would like to know more about how this could be imitated in software, as I do this type of thing, but not with the physical opposing forces. 

Is resonance assumed with the 14 turns and the 1 turn? I notice it corresponds with the 14 bands passed through. Am interested in that theory. 


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  • iDigitalMedium Research Team

Friends, that's the sound of the system. It will go online again on Youtube in 2022.

"It is important for the present time to bring our experiences and our knowledge closer to people."

Friedrich Juergenson, 2012


Can clues conveyed by the media show us new ways in transcommunication research?
Statements from otherworldly communicators on the subject of transcommunication conveyed through the media have occurred time and again in the past. The "world beyond" seems to be interested in explaining to us earth dwellers the background of the communication between "this world" and "beyond" and to help us to improve the contacts. The statements of the afterlife received from 2012 onwards by Friedrich Juergenson, the "Nestor" of tape vocal research who passed over in 1987 and who made this phenomenon known through his book "Radiotelephony with deceased" published in 1967, formed the basis for the development and construction of an ITC test facility.
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