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Contact Prior to Passing Over

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Hello. I wanted to share a very recent experience. 

My best friend for 20+ years was in a nursing home for the past 15 months with dementia. She was only 29 years older than myself, and was not only friend, but also sister, mother and grandma. 

Last weekend, she was transferred to hospice and I was really undecided about seeing her, but then the decision came very swiftly and I knew that I had to do this.

So, on Wednesday, my daughter and I went to see her. She was very responsive and even though she didn't remember who we were, that really didn't matter because we were able to there with her and share the love, and was even able to feed her some vanilla Ice cream. I told her to come into my dreams because I will remember them, to let me know that she made it safely. On the way home, we were in a car accident, but everyone was fine, and I was grateful that the impact missed my daughter's door completely and hit the tire instead. 

On Friday, during a one hour nap, my friend came to me within a dream. She was sitting on my sofa and said "I just want to die". I told her that "it's a process, just like everything else." Then she took a pair of scissors that was on the table, cut her leg, and said "I just want to kill myself." I told her that "you are not going to do that, you have made it all the way to this point, so there has to be a peaceful end here." I then got up and was trying to find the number of the place that she was at so that I could call them to have her picked up. In the meantime, she got up and went to the bathroom to find a bandaid, and given that she had a housedress on, the back of both legs were bruised. She came back with the bandaid on and sat down again. I told her "it's ok to let go. We had a good visit and now I can let you go. There is nothing left for you here in this physical world. Your sister has been helping you and your mom and dad, your husband and dog, are all waiting for you and they will be right there when you let go." I woke up at 12 noon.

From this, I knew that she was halfway, because her spirit was with me within this dream, and felt some comfort for at least being able to know that it was coming and to not be shocked when that news actually came through.

Twenty four hours later, she let go. I feel that I directly helped her to do this. 

The only question that I have surrounding this is that on Saturday (yesterday), I was not home when she let go, and I didn't feel anything come through from her, which surprised me a bit. Although, I was outside for about 1.5 hours, sitting in the sun and it was breezy and chilly. When I got home, I had lunch and then about 1:30pm, began feeling really cold. I had goosebumps and chills running through me. I typically don't have this happen and not to this extent, but I literally couldn't warm up. This lasted for about 30 minutes and after some tea and an extra blanket, I became very tired and then took a nap for 1.5 hours. Shortly after I woke up, I received the message that she had passed.

So, I'm not sure if that was her energy that I was feeling or not.

Thanks for reading.







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Hello Sharon,

This is very interesting. I've ever had any such experience myself but I've come across other people's stories just like this one.

I would think that the reason you "missed the event itself at the time it happened" was because she had already visited you and you had already worked it out.

That fact that she expressed wanting to kill herself seems only to suggest that she was more than ready to go, not that she wanted to end her life in the way we would think about it in a suicide case. That's not at al what happened here. 

And that's really good because chances are she is in a very good (and better) place now!



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Hi Fernando,

Thanks for this reply. It was good to hear that there are others who experience this as well. This is not typical for me, as usually it takes 1-2 months before a departed comes into the dream state. When I visited her, I told her specifically to come into my dreams because I will remember it. I feel that I had to tell her within that context that it was ok to let go and I was ready to do that as well. 

As I reflect on the feeling of coldness, chills and goosebumps that I experienced on the actual day, albeit about 1 1/2 hours after she had passed, I am more inclined to believe that it was her energy that I was feeling, and given that I became very tired after that and took a nap for 1.5 hours, was awake for 10 minutes before the message came through that she had left. This coldness did not return for the rest of the day and has not returned since then.

It has been really advantageous to post these types of experiences here because for a very long time, I usually kept them to myself. Although, now, I am trying to share more of them with other people, and the typical reaction that I receive is along the lines of "what's the big deal". This is rather disheartening for me, as I don't quite know it this comes from a place of fear or just a general disbelief in that not even being possible. The few that I have shared this with are Catholics, so there does exist a belief in the afterlife. I have found that those who have had similar experiences are those who understand it. 

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