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Are Haunted Places Good for ITC Research?

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I have a friend in Texas who owns two haunted locations frequented by ghost hunters. The ghost hunter community is different than the ITC community, but there is some overlap. So here is my question. As developers and experimenters of ITC technology, would it be beneficial for us to make on-site field trips to haunted places? 

To answer my own question, here is an analogy. When biological researchers seek to understand a disease, they sometimes seek out the most  extreme manifestations in the form of rare diseases, where symptoms are most severe. The markers for these rare diseases are easier to research. After solving the problem by studying rare diseases, they can apply these solutions to more generic diseases. Rare diseases are a way to isolate certain factors. 

Similarly, it might be beneficial to test out ITC prototypes in an environment where phenomena are known to easily manifest. Experiments are easier to run, results easier to analyze because there is more volume of data. If so, maybe we can arrange some field trips. 

If anyone else would like to comment, I welcome your thoughts. And if you are a serious ITC researcher/developer who has pursued this, please share your stories. 

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What if the researcher goes into the place with psychic protection? Analogy would be a nuclear physicist wearing protective gear in a room that has radiation, to do necessary research. Do ghost hunters complain of bad experiences, or have they developed techniques to protect themselves that we can learn from?

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I actually do this. Not very often, but my goals have been to take what I experience with my senses and be able to replicate it so others can also witness, see, and experience some of what I do. I've experienced a lot from a young age to present day. My experience with technology so far, doesn't quite reproduce what I experience at other times on my own. 

I've developed some devices, played with others' experiments and devices. There are definitely means to protect yourself so that things do not come with you or follow you or enter into your space. I will say, though, that even when you don't go to specific places, just the pure manner of experimentation with devices - it is best to learn protection of yourself and your environment. You never know what you can bring forward with experiments. It is best practice to learn these protection methods in every environment. Sometimes we can mistakenly invite things in that we didn't realize we were opening up to. 

I haven't found most energies to have negativity. I know the negative are out there, but it isn't like you see on paranormal shows at all. So much is scripted, manipulated, enhanced, and just plain fabricated for ratings and hype. Most, from my experiences, are positive and usually just misunderstood. This also can vary from person to person, with their intentions and energy (whether realized or not). I've only had a brief negative experience and it was by mistake, not even attempting any contact - but rather my mental state and a little of my personal space state that briefly allowed something negative to enter. I was able to quickly and adamantly to remove it.  Knowing how to do these things is very important in every aspect, in every type of environment, in every type of experiment. 

My profound experiences happen when I'm not looking for them but in a certain relaxed open state. They take me a little by surprise and many times I have to really tune in to the experience to realize it's paranormal and not actually here like you or I am in the physical sense. I usually think it's the same, as seeing you or me, until I realize it isn't. 

The environments I test in with equipment are a bit different. I'm open, but guarded and have protected myself before, during, and after being in such locations. I'm fortunate enough to live in a highly active area and can go anywhere to do such experiments. Even though this option is available, it isn't something I do very often. I have to be in the correct, balanced, relaxed but protected state of mind before intentionally inviting anything or anyone to interact. When I'm specifically going in with equipment is very different than my day to day living where things will just happen. 

So, yes, absolutely it can be done and done in a protected manner and it is a good idea to go to areas known for activity - however just make sure before going in you're armed with a good state of mind, methods you trust for protection, and aware that just because you're looking or asking doesn't mean you'll actually get that evidence you're looking for. However, I do recommend to thank them during any intentional experiments for communicating with you and allowing you to interact with them. Many times upon reviewing, you'll realize you caught more than you realized. 

I will also add, that from my experience - those that communicate with devices are not always the same that will interact in person at specific locations. I'm actually discovering that they are quite different. 

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Thank you Marie. Excellent comments! Perhaps we can begin to think about some field trips. It sounds like there is activity near where you live, so that's one possibility. Another are my friend's places in Texas, where the activity is so strong, there is no need for hype or fabrication. We can share energetic protection techniques with each other. 

I'm intrigued with your observation that device-communicating entities are in a class of their own. So a location with strong paranormal activity might not necessarily register with instruments, which would have to be factored into experiments at haunted places. 

You bring up an experience which could be a new topic. You describe a level of clairvoyant ability that allows you to "see" non-physical things that are so real, it takes a bit of effort to distinguish them from physical things. This has to do with brain function and how it interacts with the non-physical layers of personal anatomy. Exploring how these structures contribute to para perception is important, as it might shed some light on directions for ITC development, not to mention the nature of reality!  

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There's definitely more research and testing that is needed. When I first heard about different energy planes, or levels of the spiritual plane, that resonated with my experiences. I can tell those that were easy to communicate with in my youth, take a little more effort on their side and mine to get to the same level where we can communicate here. 

When I see a person, another sees a flash of light. There's something to tuning in with a certain relaxed mental state that allows us to see that energy. Technical equipment picks up various things - based off of its capabilities. Same with people. If we're bogged down with stress, preoccupied with the daily ongoings of life, if we're generally positive or negative, all these things affect how we experience those other energies. 

To me it's all energy. Devices can read certain levels. It's like taking my camera phone and taking a picture of a flower. That device isn't going to be able to replicate exactly how I see that flower in person. Technology is improving. Cameras are better today than ever before, yet it still isn't quite the same. Certain devices tap into and can read certain levels of energy. Some of that energy at specific locations is more like a replay of the past. Some great emotional experience that replays like it's imprinted there (like watching an old beat up vhs tape or cassette recording that's a little garbled but you can make out some of it). 

I'm going to take some of what I've learned in this group with video and experiment. If anything can allow others to see or hear what I do in person, or even close, I'm hoping to find that technology, those devices or that type of setup.

Just as I see and sense things, there's far more out there than I sense. Just as Keith is showing with his live broadcasts, in person they love it when there are more people wanting to communicate with them. I've seen far more activity with a group of 7 like-minded individuals vs 2. The more positive energy in the room with proper intentions, the more interaction we receive. To go into a location with a scientific approach is best. Those really wanting to test, not freak out or get scared with activity. 

It's also important to ignore what others have had happen in the past with experiences at specific locations. Remove the expectation of a certain type of energy or experience and just see. 

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Thank you Marie for your insight.

We have the best of both worlds....experience and the platform for those not gifted with soul sight to be able to connect with spirit.

Intention is everything. Thought is everything. Being sure of one's spiritual footing in approaching experimentation is much like a mountain goat balancing on a precipice- awareness of our physical and non physical space is mandatory.

Thank you both for your observations!

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