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October 2021

Dear Readers,
It’s been said there are two times of the year: October and waiting for October; and, it always comes just in time to energize life anew ~ similar to the rush we feel in spring, only better! I had planned something entirely different for the Angel Talk column, but the Angels had something else in mind. (Nothing new there!) I must admit they are always right on with their message.

You see, I was tired from all that went on this last year with the pandemic and the fallout, and I wasn’t even aware how weary I’d become. You, too? Life was stagnant and nothing was working well. As I sat down to write my column, I had no idea at first what the angels were driving at, but then, voila! Hit the reset button! ~ just like we do when our devices aren’t working properly.


So, I present to you an issue dedicated to rebooting! Stop over-thinking and just let go (as Safire Rose says on page 5). Have some fun! Be a silly squirrel! Halloween is a perfect time to change the mask, lighten up, and laugh a little! Laugh a lot! It’s truly magical, just like the ideas I curated for you in this issue.


P.S. And who knew Mary Todd Lincoln was into seances?

~ Nancy, Publisher

October inspirations

Inspirations for Healing Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart & Home
3  Events at Golden Light Healing Retreat Center
4  Angel Talk: Stressed? Hit the Reset Button
6  Book Overview: The Spirits of Ouija
7  True Colors ~ A Poem by JA Dioguardi
8-11 Mary Todd Lincoln and the Occult: Seances in the Red Room
12 Squirrels |Composting Life by Kathleen Jacoby
13 Astrology of LIBRA by Barry Kerr
14 Creative Corner - Pat Gullett
15 Practicing Mindfulness with Beverly Brunelle
16 October ~ A Sacred Journey Within  by Lori Andrus
17 Ad: Lori Andrus' Crystal Shaman School
18-19 Rooted Remedies by Gigi Stafne
20 Potpourri | Subscribe to The Inner Voice
21 Beginning Communication with Spirit by Stacy Schuerman
22 Ad: Lux Eterna Healing with Ann Ruane
23 Ad: Essential Feng Shui® Consultations
24 Moving into the 5th Dimension by Lynn Schuster
25 Ad: Lynn Schuster Animal Communicator
26 Free Spirit Crystals: Featuring WANDS


October comes in the nick-of-time ~ to energize life anew bringing with it a bit of fun and magic. The articles in this issue are exactly the medicine we collectively need right now to reboot, lighten up and laugh a little. It's all inside this issue!

Also featuring: "Mary Todd Lincoln and the Occult." ~ who knew she was into seances?

Enjoy the issue!

Nancy, Publisher

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Thank you!!

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