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ITC video

Michael Lee

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Kevin: Thanks!

I spent all weekend on video ITC. Here's another video. No mirror. Different method, but similar effect. SDR source. Seems like blending multiple frames of noise helps.

Yes, you can find faces, but you will also notice these complex 3-D objects / scenes in there, too. I feel like we're looking at the quantum foam 😎.


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Yes, I definitely see the duck Michael; which has me scratching my head and wondering why spirit would send an image of a duck or especially a mouse?  But there are definitely some amazing images captured here my friend. The smoothing out of the images seems to help them become even more noticeable to me as well. Great work! Not to go off topic, but I wanted to inquire regarding the progress of the "machine learning/A.I." audio experiments? I really felt that was quite a useful audio stream for EVP communication.  Take care and many blessings!

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Kevin - At some point, I'll explain in a post, why there are so many hangups to having more of my audio ITC available. Its a tractable problem, but its going to take a little effort.

For now, I've temporarily caught the Visual ITC bug. I hope it can help us further understand how spirit interacts with our devices, and how we can make their signal stronger.


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