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Philosophy 08 — Our Long History with Extraterrestrials


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Note: An earlier article explored extraterrestrial cultures and their recent interactions with our world, according to five experts on the subject. This new article takes a closer look at those ET cultures based on the work of other researchers and contactees (of whom there’ve been many).

The aim of the article below is to figure out what’s really been going on with extraterrestrials in our world—not just recently, but across the eons—based on lots of evidence, some solid and indisputable (what I’d call “basic evidence”), and some requiring a bit of faith, intuition, and common sense (what I’d call “secondary evidence”). Sources of evidence (listed at the end) are referenced throughout the article like this: [ITC] [TRA] [LMH] [PH]…. When all the evidence comes together I think it paints a pretty compelling picture of extraterrestrial presence in our world.


An alliance of highly advanced extraterrestrial cultures is said to be flourishing in our galaxy, representing many planets and star systems. Most of the members are human-like, but some are not (as these popular artworks suggest). [TRA, DM] They’d like us to join the alliance once we’re peaceful, resonant, and respectful of all life. Meanwhile, the ETs in the alliance watch our world with hope and concern, and do what they can to help us from behind the scenes.


There’s so much diverse information about the greater cosmic realities beyond our view—such as God, angels, spirits and extraterrestrials—that it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not… what’s important and what’s not.

I’ve come to believe that the following items are among the true and important points we should know about extraterrestrials (ETs)—what we could call highly intelligent physical or quasi-physical beings who inhabit our galaxy, travel among the stars, and have visited the Earth:

  • Advanced civilizations have flourished throughout the physical universe, including our Milky Way galaxy, for a very long time. For all intents and purposes, they’ve been here “from the beginning.” If we could measure the age of the universe by our concept of time (which is unreliable, unfortunately, because time is illusory), it would seem that the “beginning” was many billions of years ago.
  • Long, long ago, our little solar system (Earth and the other seven or eight planets) was suddenly bombarded by trillions of meteors and asteroids. The Earth apparently had been colonized by one of those advanced civilizations before that “Heavy Bombardment” occurred, and somehow our most ancient ancestors survived the cataclysm. Life on Earth has been tenuous ever since. [ITC]
  • Across the eons, influence on our world by advanced ET civilizations has been frequent and mostly positive.
  • Despite their profound role in our world (pyramids, temples, cross-breeding…), many people on Earth today don’t believe that ETs exist, for various reasons. [AA] For example:
    1) ETs and UFOs are interdimensional—beyond our concept of time and space—and when they get close to Earth, they appear to us only on rare occasions when they enter our dimension. Then they can disappear in the blink of an eye, making us wonder if we were hallucinating.
    2) In the 1950s, when humanity was still reeling with fear from the second world war and the atom bomb, and when UFOs appeared frequently in the skies, some prominent governments (especially the USA under President Truman) adopted a policy to “protect” the public from additional fear by insisting that UFOs and extraterrestrials don’t really exist (even though some government officials were well aware of ET presence). Government still maintains the policy of denial. [LMH]
    3) In addition to the mostly positive ET influences on our world, there’s also been a bit of genetic tinkering on us humans—alien abductions—by small races of troubled ETs (not of the galactic alliance) that we find intrusive, offensive, confusing and maybe frightening… what a lab animal probably feels while being poked, prodded, and abused by dispassionate scientists. We’d prefer to believe that these rare and repulsive practices don’t happen, but they apparently do. [KTBB]

So when we think about extraterrestrials in relation to our planet, we humans have mixed feelings—from acceptance and awe, to denial, skepticism, and fear.

Well, I’m convinced that ETs are real, and that the four things listed above can enhance our understanding while alleviating our fears about their presence in our world.

That’s what I believe, so let’s see what history and prehistory have to say.

  • Extraterrestrials and Earth (an overview)
  • Primordial past (from the beginning)
  • Ancient past (from the days of dinosaurs)
  • Recent past (during the last 200 years)


Overview: Extraterrestrials and Earth

Many advanced cultures in our Milky Way galaxy are part of an alliance of civilizations from various planets and star systems (Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius, Clarion, Aldebaran and Alpha Centauri of the Taurus constellation, and others).



They’ve spread from their home planets onto fleets of spacecraft, which they control telepathically. Ships may not have noisy earth-like propulsion systems to move in the physical universe, but they’re assembled as quasi-living things that can move among dimensions through wormholes, or stargates, in order to travel vast distances instantly [TRA].

The ETs and their civilizations share information silently—mind-to-mind—with each other and with their ships, which are sometimes integrated with advanced fiberoptic threads loosely comparable to the nervous system in our bodies, and a ship is essentially inoperable until the ETs themselves enter the ship and connect to the network, for example with special headgear. Then they’re like the “brain” of the living ship, which can move quickly and fluidly without constraints of time, space, or gravity [LMH].

There are about 250 small, planetary cultures like ours in the galaxy that get attention from the alliance [TRA]. The galactic alliance tries to help planetary civilizations like Earth advance to the point where they can join the alliance.

Earth is a special case for a couple of reasons:

  • Across the millennia most people’s telepathic abilities have gone dormant as we’ve learned to communicate mostly with our words and languages. That’s a challenge to ETs, who communicate mind-to-mind and can’t convey their knowledge in familiar ways to the general public or to those whom we consider to be our leaders here on Earth. So they choose resonant, psychically sensitive humans with whom to share information, and that “channeled” information always gets filtered to some degree by the beliefs and knowledge of the human receivers. (I’m choosing channeled information carefully for this article… which is another filtering process. So again, the information here probably isn’t 100 percent reliable, but I think it’s close to the truth….)
  • Also, Earth has a difficult symbiosis. Relationships among living things, including us humans, are often competitive, parasitic, and predatory, producing lots of fear, mistrust, and aggression in the world. Knowledge that ETs have shared with Earth in the past has often been used for conflict and destruction, which is against the mission of the alliance.

So, as a rule, members of the alliance simply watch our “free-will planet” with a mixture of hope and concern. They’ll intervene in a big way only under special conditions, such as:

  1. If Earth civilization (our collective mind, so to speak) advances to the point where we achieve a large degree of peace and harmony, mental rapport, and a respect for all life, then the ETs will step in to assist us. Then we’ll be suitable to join their alliance. It’s what they call rising from a 3rd-dimensional to a 4th– or 5th-dimensional civilization.
  2. Meanwhile, if we keep advancing our technologies and putting them to use in destructive ways that can pose a threat to other worlds (not just other physical planets, but especially invisible worlds that are “close” to Earth in superimposed, “parallel” universes, which we’ll explore in a moment), then the alliance will step in to try to prevent a catastrophe. [GVT] Such catastrophes have occurred in the past—for example, the obliteration 4 billion years ago of an inhabited planet called Eden (or Marduk or Maldek or Lucifer…) that apparently circled our sun in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter. That calamity caused lots of lingering problems in our little corner of the omniverse [ITC].

That seems to be the alliance’s general rule of involvement with Earth nowadays: Noninterference until humanity reaches either a turning point toward peace… or a tipping point toward destruction.

But there are exceptions. ETs do interact with our world—not to the extent they did in ancient times when they apparently built pyramids and temples, but they do have a quiet, behind-the-scenes influence on us, for better or worse.

  • Better: 1) As certain individuals refine their telepathic abilities, they can connect mentally with advanced ETs in the alliance who share knowledge, encouragement, and sometimes warnings to help our world rise to the next phase of its evolution—galactic membership [TRA, SK, MO]. 2) Some Earth communities (especially around the Adriatic Sea) are said to have refined extraterrestrials living quietly among them [PH]. 3) A refined extraterrestrial can merge with a human at the spiritual level to incarnate as a person who resonates at a finer vibration. Millions of such spiritual hybrids have been born on Earth in recent decades in hopes of creating new generations of starseeds, or children of the light… but there have been mixed results with these hybrids. Their sensitivities often make them susceptible to addictions and violence, for example. [TRA]
  • Worse: Lesser species of ETs (sometimes called greys and reptoids) conduct physical genetic experiments on humans, with or without their consent (and in opposition to the galactic alliance) apparently to produce human-alien hybrid species [KTBB]. They’re able to sort of hypnotize people into a trance or dream state, bring them aboard their ships, conduct experiments on them, then return them to their beds. The experience is quickly forgotten like a bad dream. These “alien abductions” are sometimes sanctioned by governments (especially the USA) in exchange for technical knowledge about spacecraft and weapons [LMH].

So let’s take a look at the rich history of ET involvement with our world across the eons… and let’s start at the beginning.

Primordial History


How did life come to exist in our universe? Did it evolve from the microcosm—atoms and molecules becoming amino acids and nucleotides, then living cells and multi-celled plants and animals?

Probably, but what if that’s just a sidebar to the bigger story?


Life-energy streams endlessly from the source to create and nourish everything in the omniverse. It’s like a pure, nonvibrating light that starts to vibrate very fast as soon as it leaves the source. The vibrating life-energy gets slower and denser as it spreads out-beyond… all the way to the material universes at level 1. Every universe, planet and entity has a “place” in the omniverse that’s defined by its unique vibration (not by its “location,” which is illusory). The vibrations could be thought of as “impurities” of the perfect light of the source. The slower and denser the vibration, the more “impure” it is. The material realm (level 1) is the most impure and illusory.

I think the bigger story of the origin of life is depicted in this diagram. It’s a pulled-apart view of the omniverse with its many entities, worlds, and parallel universes (fine, white circles) all divided into seven arbitrary levels. (Everything in the diagram is really superimposed in the same “space,” but that’s hard for the human mind to fathom… and even harder to illustrate… hence the pulled-apart view.)

Essentially, life-energy originates from the source and streams out-beyond in waves, creating countless possibilities for universes, worlds, and living beings to come into existence and to evolve of their own free will. Pure, brilliant life that flourishes at level 7 swirls out-beyond into level 6 to manifest life that’s slightly less pure and less brilliant, which swirls into level 5, and so on… all the way into the material universes at level 1, where illusions and impurities abound.

It makes sense, then, that life-energy has been streaming into our material universe from finer realms virtually forever… and various forms of life have been here, again, virtually forever. By this definition, the entire omniverse is a living thing.

*There are purifying techniques that we on Earth can use to raise our vibration and “lighten” ourselves. Meditation and prayer can foster a conscious contact with the source while washing away some of the impurities of Earth living. Then, when we observe others in our world, we can get in the habit of looking through their impurities to see the perfect light inherent in everyone. If most people did that, Earth would probably be members of the galactic alliance by now.

The following message** was received by our INIT group in the 1990s. It sheds some insights about our world in primordial times:

Long, long ago when humans came to Earth from Eden (or Marduk), they lost mastery over nature after their dissension with the serpent. This was the start of a drama which would cast its shadow even to the beginning of a new religion of a new God. Humans had to fight against nature and some of its most dangerous creatures. You call them monsters, but they were only life forms which defended themselves and their kind. These creatures did not subject themselves to the intellectual superiority of humans and had to be defeated and destroyed by cunning and strength….

The downfall of the civilization you often call Atlantis, also known by other names… was brought about by the descendants of the last inhabitants of Marduk who became marooned on planet Terra. This downfall came through reliance and blind trust in a massive technology.” (from the Contact! journal, fall of 1996) [ITC]

**The message was delivered by seven ethereal beings (through the computer of INIT members Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch of Luxembourg in 1995)… probably the same as the “Council of Seven Lights” mentioned by George Van Tassell near the end of the article. “The Seven” said that in the course of their long, long lives, some of them have incarnated on occasion to experience life in a material universe at level 1—like a human or an ET—while one or two of them have only lived as finer spiritual beings at finer levels, experiencing carnal living only second-hand.

That short message sheds light on our extraterrestrial beginnings and primordial history. Here’s what I think it means:

  • Long, long ago Eden (also called Marduk, Maldek, Lucifer, and other names) was a planet in our solar system between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The superhuman inhabitants of Eden—a Saturn-sized, paradise world—colonized smaller nearby planets, including Earth. [ITC]
  • At some point—probably some 4 billion years ago*—Eden was pulverized, resulting in what scientists call the LHB, or Late Heavy Bombardment, when asteroids began pummeling all the planets in our solar system. Only the Earth colonies survived.
    (*Radioactive argon has a billion-year half-life, so while carbon14 dating can assess the age of things thousands of years old, argon39 dating can test things billions of years old… in this case moon-melts from many ancient meteor impacts that all happened about the same time: 3.9 billion years ago.)
  • Where did the Edenites originally come from long, long, long ago—long before the obliteration of their world? They might have migrated to our solar system from another star system in the galaxy. Or, more likely, they incarnated from a spiritual template of Eden (probably at level 3). That level-3 paradise world (Eden or Marduk) still flourishes today, long after the obliteration of the physical planet, and many people from Earth awaken there after they die. It’s like the “spirit body” of the late Planet Eden. [ITC]
  • After the explosion of Eden, despite the chaos from shrapnel in our solar system, our marooned, superhuman ancestors were stewards of a relatively peaceful Earth until contentious dinosaurs (the “serpent”) emerged on our planet. Then they “lost mastery over nature.” [ITC]

It’s taken me a quarter-century to reconcile that mind-boggling scenario, but based on those ITC messages (when coupled with scientific evidence) it’s the scenario that makes the most sense to me.

The Edenite colonists were what we today would call “extraterrestrials”—intelligent beings not of the Earth—and they lived long ago… perhaps from “the beginning” of our material universe as it spun into being from finer (spiritual) universes.

Since then, there’s apparently been an extensive ET influence on our world, especially during the rise and fall of Atlantis, when mighty temples and pyramids were built on Earth, cataclysmic wars were fought, and genetic experimenting with plants and animals was done with abandon… which brings us to ancient history.


Ancient History


Cutline: Clockwise, from top left: 1) Pyramid of the Sun, north of Mexico City. 2) Kailasa Temple carved meticulously out of a massive rock near Ellora, India. 3) Ancient carvings of futuristic vehicles in the Temple of Seti at Abydos, Egypt. 4) Two ancient relics depicting humans contending with dinosaurs. Late last century more than 30,000 clay figurines like the brown one were dug up at Acambaro, Mexico, and more than 15,000 carved andesite stones like the black and white one were found near Ica, Peru. They were all evidently buried long ago, though current science has no method to measure their age.

There’s a lot of hard, basic evidence of extraterrestrial presence in our world in ancient times. The pictures above are just a small sampling.

Mainstream scientists have a difficult time grappling with that evidence.

  • They suggest that our “primitive ancestors” of the past 5,000 years somehow had the technology and artistry to create things like mighty pyramids and temples (the top two pictures)—feats that are even beyond the scope of modern technologies like industrial construction, large machine tooling, and 3-D printing.
  • They dismiss ancient carvings and artifacts (the bottom three pictures) as a hoax but provide no sensible* evidence as to who the hoaxters were or what their means and motives might have been.

(*Pseudoscientists prevalent on wikipedia claim that an impoverished Peruvian farmer named Basilio Uschuya might have somehow bought an expensive dentist’s drill and carved the 15,000 hardened Ica stones in his spare time… a project that would take a gifted artist about 225,000 hours of meticulous work to achieve.  Archeologist and creationist pastor Dr Dennis Swift disagrees: “Whenever the stones of Ica are mentioned, Basilio Uschuya is alleged to be the forger. I have known Basilio for many years, and have visited him in Ocucaje several times. Basilio is a poor, uneducated Peruvian who has been at the center of the whirlwind surrounding the authenticity of the Ica stones. Basilio lives in a shack with a dirty floor without any kind of modern gadget. He has no television, no electric generator, and lives on about 20 dollars a month.”)


It’s no exaggeration to say that today’s scientific cosmology (based on the ideas of Darwin and Newton) is starting to crack and crumble under the weight of ancient pyramids, temples, and other rock-solid evidence of advanced, ancient civilizations.

Recent History

Let’s start with a list of six well-documented, extraordinary interactions with refined ETs in the recent past: [TRA, AA, DJN], MO, PH…]

  1. [JS] In 1823, 17-year-old Joseph Smith awakened one night when his room in the small family cabin lit up like the sun. He said he was visited by a light being who introduced himself as Moroni (sometimes referred to as an angel, sometimes a Pleiadian ET). That brief visit and the information Smith received became the foundation of the Mormon religion.
  2. [MO] – Maria Orsic (1895-1945), a young, mediumistically gifted Croatian woman, was living in Munich, Germany in the 1920s while a philosophical renaissance was underway. She was influenced by Ariosophy (Aryan wisdom) of the Thule Society, or society of “hyperborea,” a legendary paradise of perpetual springtime “located beyond the north winds.” She formed the Vril circle of female psychics around 1917 in Munich. They received extensive knowledge from refined, “Aryan” ETs about the history of their two worlds in the Aldebaran star system in the Taurus constellation, their interest in Earth, and their interstellar vehicles… knowledge that was ultimately adopted and retooled by Nazi Germany for political and military purposes.
  3. [GVT ] – George Van Tassel, 1950s American aviator and ufologist, was the first known contactee by the “Ashtar Command,” who claimed to represent an alliance of advanced ETs from many star systems. Van Tassel built a three-story “integratron” in the Mojave desert so that the building itself and the people in it might resonate enough with the ETs to enable communication and collaboration… but he died shortly before it was completed.
  4. [V] – “Vrillon of the Ashtar Galactic Command” interrupted a television broadcast in southern England in 1977 to deliver a greeting and warning to the people of Earth. There’s no researcher associated with this event, but hundreds of viewers called the TV station, whose staff were completely baffled and had no explanation for the broadcast interrupt. (Another prominent member of the Ashtar Command is a being called Sananda, who our highly refined spirit friends The Seven told my INIT group is one of several aspects of the late Jesus of Nazareth. Another aspect of Jesus is called Pescator and “lives in the Moreysian Mountains” on the spirit world called Eden or Marduk, where many people on Earth awaken after they die.)
  5. [GA] – George Adamski, UFO photographer, reported being visited by a cultivated ET called Orthon in 1952 while driving in the California desert. Friends along for the ride confirmed watching the UFO land, Adamski climbing out of the car and approaching the craft, and the ET, Orthon, emerging from the craft to exchange information with Adamski.
  6. [PH] – Paola Harris is an Italian-American writer/researcher of exopolitics—government policy toward and interaction with ETs—and close encounters between ETs and humans in southern Europe. Her sources (and friends) include Maurizio Cavallo, who was visited by human-like ETs from a planet they called Clarion and took many Polaroid photos of them aboard their ship. (photos used with permission)
  7. All of those contactees had similar experiences: When in the presence of the refined extraterrestrials, they all felt a sense of vast knowledge, wisdom, unconditional love, and concern for the fate of our world. This message is indicative of the ETs’ motivations:

    Hail to you, beings of Shan (Earth). I greet you in love and peace. My identity is Ashtar, commandant quadra sector, patrol station Schare, all projections, all waves. Greetings through The Council of the Seven Lights. You (George Van Tassell) have been brought here inspired with the inner light to help your fellow man. You are mortals, and other mortals can only understand that which their fellow man can understand. The purpose of this organization is, in a sense, to save mankind from himself. Some years ago your time, your nuclear physicists penetrated the “Book of Knowledge”; they discovered how to explode the atom. Disgusting as the results have been, that this force should be used for destruction, it is not compared to that which can be. We have not been concerned with their explosion of plutonium and UR 235, the Uranium mother element; this atom is an inert element. We are concerned, however, with their attempt to explode the hydrogen element. This element is life-giving along with five other elements in the air you breathe, in the water you drink, in the composition of your physical substance: hydrogen….* Rest assured, they shall cease to explode life giving atoms, or we shall eliminate all projects connected with such. Our missions are peaceful, but this condition occurred before in this solar system and the planet, Lucifer, was torn to bits. We are determined that it shall not happen again. The governments on the planet Shan have conceded that we are of a higher intelligence, they must concede also that we are of a higher authority. We do not have to enter their buildings to know what they are doing. We have the formula they would like to use. It is not meant for destruction. Your purpose here has been to build a receptivity that we could communicate with your planet, for by the attraction of light substance—atoms—we patrol your universe. To your government and to your people and through them to all governments and all people on the planet of Shan, accept the warning as a blessing that mankind may survive. My light, we shall remain in touch here at this cone of receptivity. My love, I am Ashtar.

    —Message to George Van Tassell, July 18, 1952, from his book, I Rode a Flying Saucer

    *Channeled information like this is always filtered to some degree by the mind of the human receiver—adjusted to fit the person’s beliefs and understanding. For example, a hydrogen bomb doesn’t actually explode hydrogen atoms, but fuses them to form helium. It could be a semantical difference, but I removed most of the information about hydrogen bombs from the message. I think Ashtar’s main point is simply that if humanity wants to destroy life on Earth, that’s regrettable, but harming other worlds in the process? That’s unacceptable.
  8. Other sources of information for this article include:
  9. [LMH] – Linda Moulton Howe (American journalist who’s delved into clandestine interactions between ETs and the US government since the 1950s). She interviewed a soldier (an “Agent Kewper Stein”) who’d been on loan to the CIA in the 1950s to visit Area 51, where he saw 1) an alien autopsy film that had been shot after the 1947 Roswell crash, 2) a large hangar filled with more than a dozen ET flying discs of dull, silver finish, ranging in size from about 20 feet to 60 feet in diameter, and 3) an interrogation room where an ET (a “Grey”) was communicating mentally with government officials.
  10. [TRA] – Tony and Robyn Abbott (Australian psychics who receive information from the more refined ET races about their lives, their worlds, and their interactions with Earth, both now and in ancient times. They’ve published many books, including Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Aliens, and Not Yet! Earth and the Ashtar Command).
  11. [KTBB] – Alien-abductee Dr Karla Turner and regression hypnotherapist Barbara Bartholic (recent American ufologists who tracked abductions by Greys and Reptoids).
  12. [AA] – Researchers and writers of the Ancient Aliens TV series produced by the History channel (streaming on Netlix, Hulu….).
  13. [DJN] – Damien John Nott (Prolific Australian UFO photographer).
  14. [DM] – Ashtar Command Everything You Wanted to Know (dailymotion video).
  15. [ITC] – Instrumental transcommunication is the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit, especially through a dedicated bridge like the one experienced by INIT, the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication, in the late 1990s. That bridge was forged and facilitated by The Seven ethereal beings to allow clear communication between us and hundreds of our late families and friends and ancestors living in the spirit world Eden or Marduk. They also divulged a bit of information about ETs.
  16. 2016 — A UFO wobbling above Guan­gzhou, China, caused a massive traffic jam as people climbed out of their cars to capture the moment on their mobile phones.

    2021 — Damien John Nott is among the most prolific UFO photographers today. He says that he and others often get a feeling of when and where a UFO will appear, and several of them will show up to capture the event on film.

    And still, government agencies (hence mainstream science) today continue to deny the existence of extraterrestrials. Even the latest government report released in July 2021 (US Congress ordered the US Defense Department and Intelligence community to divulge everything they knew about extraterrestrials) was essentially nine short pages of waffling and denial.

    One way to get a full disclosure from Uncle Sam, ironically, might be to cut off all defense spending until he (the US government) levels with the world and shares everything he knows about extraterrestrials.


    Special thanks to reader Kate for the connection to Vrillon; to Dr John Day for the connections to Linda Moulton Howe, Maria Orsic, and Exopolitics founder Dr Michael Salla, who (like Dr Steven Greer noted in my earlier article) is a cornerstone in modern extraterrestrial research; to Evelyn Banna for the connection to the late Dr Karla Turner and Barbara Bartholic; and to Don Marsh and Walter Rucker for a broad exposure to extraterrestrials.

    And finally, here’s a chronological list of some of the well-documented UFO sightings during the past century or so:

    1865 — An old trapper named James Lumley witnessed a UFO crash along the upper Missouri River.

    1897 — A UFO was seen flying low above Aurora, Texas, as though lost, until it crashed into the windmill of “Judge Proctor.” The mangled body of a nonhumanoid ET was found in the craft and later buried in the local cemetery.

    1930s — Scandinavians saw “ghost flyers,” small spacecraft that flew long distances, often through severe blizzards, without refueling, apparently to observe military bases and navy ships.

    1930s — An Inuit (Eskimo) encampment at Lake Angikuni, Canada, disappeared around the time that an enormous craft was seen hovering in the sky by nearby trappers Armand Laurent and his sons. The Inuits’ dogs (dead of starvation), rifles, half-cooked meals (now moldy), hanging clothes, and other possessions all remained at the scene.

    1941 — Police, firemen, and preacher William Huffman from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, arrived at the scene of a silver saucer UFO crash—its side ripped open, exposing two dead aliens and one dying, unable to breathe.

    1947 — US pilot Ken Arnold reported seeing nine crescent-shaped UFOs flying at 1,700 mph over Mt Rainier in Washington State.

    1947 — A UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. Bodies of Zeta Reticuli (greys) were found and the site, moved to a hangar at Area 51, and studied by doctors and nurses.

    1964 — Socorro, New Mexico, policeman Lonnie Zamorra saw a UFO land, stopped his car, and watched two 4-ft-tall ETs dressed in white moving around the UFO.

    1967 — Amateur geologist Stefan Michalak saw two glowing, cigar-shaped objects hovering near Falcon Lake, Canada. One flew off, the other landed nearby. After sketching the UFO, he approached quietly, touched the vessel (which burned his gloves), then glanced into the open doorway, and saw a panel of blinking lights. The doorway closed, the craft rotated, and tiny holes in the craft sprayed him with scorching gas the set his hat and shirt on fire.

    1974 — A small plane collided with a UFO near Coyame, Mexico, one of many UFO encounters in Mexico since the 1970s.

    1980 —British and American servicemen observed a glowing, triangular UFO with a tripod hovering and then landing in nearby Rendlesham Forest (UK).

    1991 — Hundreds of spectator saw a round, silver UFO during an air show in Mexico City. It showed up again the following year at the same annual air show.

    2004 — Mexican Air Force pilots, searching for drug smugglers, saw UFOs flying at 11,500 feet above southern Campeche.

    2006 — A UFO hovered above O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

    2010 — Xianshan Airport in China was closed for two hours as a UFO hovered over the airport.


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