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For those who have kept up with the previous Scole group


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ISSUED ON Thursday, September 2nd 2021

Hello dear members, dear friends,
In the meantime our spirit friends were able to develop already excellent and new phenomena,
although the Torcal Experimental Group has been sitting regularly three times a week for
beginning of July.
Our spirit team already confirmed that it is important for our future work to have more circle
We are very excited to let you know about the fact that the Torcal Experimental Group will
soon consist of 7 people. We are very much looking forward to start sitting with a couple from
England end of September and as of mid of October in addition with Tanja (former circle
member of Beate and Uwe's circle in Germany) moving from Germany to Spain.
We already informed you about our lecture Scole II on 18th of September at 6 pm CEST
(Central European Summer Time). Please note that a copy of the book on Estelle Roberts -
The Famous medium - and her guide Red Cloud, will be won in a raffle held on the day
by one person who attends the lecture.
We are very grateful that the author - our member Brandon Kim - offered to send his book "Red
Cloud's Inner Teachings" to the winner:

The lecture Scole II will be on 18th of September at 6 pm CEST (Central European Summer
Time). Robin will speak about the breathtaking experiences with entities from far dimensions
and about the unbelievable results of the photographic work of the Scole group and their spirit
- Early Photographic Work (polaroid slides)
- Alice Experiment (experience with entities from far dimensions)
- Visit by Blue (ET) and other entities and miniature UFO's
- Levitation
- Percussion Phenomena (Raps/Taps/Drumming)
- Poems on empty film
Participants: Robin Foy, Beate and Uwe Siegert
Date: Saturday, 18th of September at 6 pm CET Central European Time
Duration: 1,5 to 2 hours
Please send your donation (minimum € 30 for members and € 35 for non-members) via paypal
(with the option sending to family & friends) to: torcalero25@yahoo.co.uk
and please indicate
• "lecture 18th September"
• your full name
• your email address and
• your membership number, if you are already member.
If you are interested in the video recording of our lecture Scole I on 28th of August (30 Euros)
or our seminar of 31st of July (35 Euros), just send your donation to torcalero25@yahoo.co.uk
indicating "recording lecture 28th August" or "recording seminar 31st of July", your full name,
your email address. Please see also our website: www.ssf-robin-foy.com/events
Please remember - if you have not already done so - to send in your 2021 membership donations
of € 20 per Person via Paypal using the 'payment to friends' option to the email address
or through our "Gofundme' page:
We thank you all very much for your continuous support !!!
Love and Light from the whole team
of the Spiritual Science Founders Association,
Sandra and Robin Foy
Beate and Uwe Siegert
Postal address:
BOX NO. 104

Web: www.ssf-robin-foy.com

People may recognise the names of these people particularly Robin Foy as the co-ordinator of the Scole Experiments.  Spirit led the change of venue.  Please contact Robin if you have any enquiry.  I do hope that a recording will be made available for those unable to attend because of Covid.



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