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Life After Life Blog Digest September 2021


708406885_lisasmartt.thumb.jpg.809c1606ea54b3eff68ec6e1c0b0d66f.jpgLanguage Changes As We Approach The Threshold

By Lisa Smartt
You are describing to a friend what a chair looks like. That’s simple, isn’t it?

How about explaining the sensation of being in love?

Can you easily convey the taste of a chocolate bar to someone who has never eaten chocolate?

Now, how would you describe a deeply spiritual moment to someone who has never had one?

Certain concepts are harder to put into words than others. If you are like most people, you will find the task of describing a chair to be relatively easy. And the person you are speaking to will likely understand everything you are saying — there is little chance for misunderstanding. Your two perceptions of reality in this case overlap pretty closely.



Hidden Treasures: 1995’s ‘Seeing The Unseen’ DVD

The History of Using Clear-Depth Gazing for After-Death Communication

In Western cultures, death often means the loss of a loved one–never to speak to them again. But what if death just requires a different form of communication? For thousands of years, people all over the world have communicated with the dead using various forms of scrying, also known as clear-depth gazing.

Intellectuals like John Dee, Nostradamus, Plato, and even entire civilizations such as the Aztecs, Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, and many others, used clear-depth gazing with reflective cups, pools of water, cauldrons, and mirrors so that the bereaved could continue their connection with the dead. Clear-depth gazing has been, and continues to be, a way of seeing visions of things past and moments in the future. Used by cultures primitive and advanced, scrying is seeing a resurgence in practice to “See the unseen.”




The Indifference of Dying

By Sandy Coghlan

One evening in 1987, my mother went to bed. She didn’t get up again for a year.

Convinced she was dying, I became desperate to know if there was any truth to the existence of the afterlife. I also needed to know what it felt like to die.

This took more courage than I thought I possessed. Like most people, I didn’t want to think about death. Heck, I couldn’t even look at the page in the newspaper where names of people who had died were listed!

Ah, but once I took my first step on this journey, I discovered that dying appeared to be nowhere near as confronting as I had feared.




Near-Death Experiences in Childhood and Their Lifelong Impact

By Dr. PMH Atwater
A newspaper headline of March 2015 reads: “Toddler Dead For 101 Minutes Is Now Alive.” The news clip told of a Pennsylvania toddler who was pulled from an icy creek. No pulse. No breathing. No neurological function. Yet the child came back to life – unscathed.

Children, like the toddler in the newspaper clipping, typically see the dead, have conversations with angels, manifest stunning psychic abilities, have future memory, see and hear what is invisible to anyone else, and know things beyond their years.

This is my second study of child experiencers.


No Accidents – Signs Surround You

By Laurie Majka
What rules your life: destiny, fate, coincidences, chance or free will? Perhaps it's a combination of them all. Largely I believe your life follows a blueprint, or as I like to call it – a screenplay...that you wrote to have certain experiences in this Matrix like game of life. Which means, there are more destiny than chance occurrences. What if you had a contract with every single person you encountered? After all, a simple dirty look or a smile from you can have an untold ripple effect on another.

In 2012 one of my closest Soul Mates left this Earth, and he has become a guide for me from the Other Side. He regularly sends me signs to remind me of his loving presence. Because of my experiences I may be more aware than most of the opportunities I have to help empower the people who cross my path. I believe my life’s purpose is to help send positive energy into the world. I would like to share one such story…



Available Now


In his new book, Dr. Raymond Moody looks at God and how his personal understanding of the Creator has changed over the course of his life and research into near-death experiences.

Dr. Moody organizes his insights about God into 12 simple but profound ideas and walks us through them using stories and examples from his own life and from accounts of encounters with God in the hereafter.

He looks at our society's beliefs about God, how religion can both help and hinder our relationships with the Divine, and how we can bring Source into our lives with a new understanding that transcends all limits.

God Is Bigger Than the Bible is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. For more information click HERE.







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