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This issue is a harvest of healing energy. First of all, the Angels show us ways we can raise our energy, page 4. Then, what could be better news than to know our energy (Soul) lives on after death? Read Steve’s book review “The Afterlife Codes: Evidence of the Survival of the Soul,” page 6.

Cherrie Hanson takes a look at some thought forms that perhaps need to be cut from our psyche, in her article The Queen of Swords, page 8. A new contributor, Herbalist Gigi Stafne teaches us about plant-spirit-medicine, page 10. These are just a few of many ideas to read and integrate into your life this month.

“Everything is energy; and, energy is everything,” as stated by Albert Einstein, is also one of the main tenets in feng shui. We understand that everything we live with has an energy, or chi, that either raises or lowers our personal chi by our associations with the item. One of the first things I do when working with a client is to do a walk-thru where we begin to sort out and remove the things that lower their energy. If you don’t love or use an item, what’s it doing in your house? Read more by feng shui expert and author, Terah Kathryn Collins on page 22.

Last but not least on my mind as I put the final touches on this issue, is the horrible unrest in Afghanistan. I recall a meme that circulated on Facebook a while ago of a little girl standing in front of a mirror asking, “Why can’t everyone just get along?” My sentiments exactly! The only answer I can offer is this. War goes on due to a state of unforgiveness over what has happened in the past. If only we could forgive all of history and all of the mistakes that were made ~ every one of us and every one of them ~ and go forward in peace with a clean slate… our world would most certainly change and we would all get along ~ just like that little girl wished. Yeah, if only…

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