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Batgap Interview Windbridge Research Center - resources from talk


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14537c63-dd04-c510-e56d-4618b881f9ea.thumb.jpg.d750bebaec053ac8b5311e330f9ebcba.jpg On our Site:
Sources Mentioned on BatGap


During the BatGap interview above, Dr. Beischel discussed many of the materials that the Center offers for free in an attempt to alleviate suffering around dying, death, and what comes next through education. The direct links to the materials mentioned are: 

--the document featuring 'Uncle Harold': https://windbridge.org/factsheets/WRC_wellactually.pdf 
--Mark's physical mediumship study: http://www.tjics.org/index.php/TJICS/article/view/16/14
--the Christopherson & Beischel paper for mental health professionals interested in afterlife topics:  http://www.tjics.org/index.php/TJICS/article/view/29/24
--End-of-Life Experiences pamphlet: https://windbridge.org/factsheets/WRC_ELEs.pdf
--the 'You're Not Even in There Now' article (pages 6-10): https://www.scientificexploration.org/edgescience/40
--the Threshold article about paradoxical lucidity: http://www.tjics.org/index.php/TJICS/article/view/20/18
--our peer-reviewed journal articles: https://www.windbridge.org/peer-reviewed-research-articles/
--our free Fact Sheets: https://www.windbridge.org/fact-sheets/
--Advice for Sitters: https://windbridge.org/factsheets/WRC_sitters.pdf
--Windbridge Certified Research Mediums: https://www.windbridge.org/mediums/

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