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Personal commentary on the Theosophical concept of “Second Death” – Part I

Fernando Luis Cacciola Carballal


Recently, @Andres Ramos, one of our Researchers here at Varanormal, brought up in a private conversation the subject of the so-called "Second Death" within the Theosophical doctrine, and I thought of writing a blog post on the subject.

To put this commentary in context, you might want to read up on the discussion subject, for example, here, and here. But in short and simple terms, this second death refers to a death in Astral Plane, there in the afterlife (not here, hence the term second), before we ascend to a higher plane, a process which involves the dissolution of the Astral Body.

Do not confuse this with the also called Second Death of Judaism and Christianity, which is an entirely different concept.

I strongly recommend that you first read about the Epistemological considerations on the metaphysical and spiritualist discourse on this blog.

According to a particular theory from the Basilio Scientific School Association:

In the beginning, which is way, way before matter existed, we spirits were all created by God, and existed in harmony, union, love and peace. There was nothing but light. And we all lived in a form of unity, and there was but one single all-united world alongside our creator, and spiritual Father as we can call him.

For reasons that are beyond comprehension, an increasingly large number of spirits (which includes all of us humans) in that primordial world of light begun to fall out of that harmony, union, love and peace. That one all-united world got split into separate, lesser, worlds. Love begun to be replaced by power. Peace by fear. And union by separation and individualism.

Many many spirits remain united in love and harmony, alongside God, while many others populated the new lesser worlds.

From those, many fell into a seemingly endless rabbit hole. The situation escalated to the point that the now totally separated groups started to fight with each other. The fighting itself escalated and the groups begun to recruit spirits to increase their power. Like the wars that we know of here on Earth, but at a far more massive scale, with millions of spirits on each legion, and several legions all fighting for supremacy.

Those ancient spiritual wars--which should be seen as several times larger, longer and far more destructive than anything we had ever done here on Earth--escalated to a point so destructive that it caused the spirits involved, in their uncontrolled impulse to annihilate each other, to shatter into pieces (as if they had exploded). For the very first time ever, still before matter existed at all, spirit fragments become a part of existence.

When a spirit is shattered into pieces, each piece retains a mere proportion of the essential attributes of the former unit spirit. Its will, and intelligence, for example, are proportional.

At first, the new situation was seen as a great convenience by the destructive leaders of the fighting legions, since now they had all these spirit fragments, easier to manipulate and use as blunt force. Unfortunately, however, these spirit fragments engaging in an uncontrolled impulse to annihilate each other got shattered even further and further, and further.

Eventually, these totally out of control spiritual wars (which might be compared to a full scale nuclear war on Earth), led to zillions of extremely small spiritual fragments. Since the consciousness level of a spirit fragment is proportional to the fraction of the unit, the more and more the initial fragments become further subdivided, the less and less conscious they became.

All that had, however, a positive outcome: utilizing such fragments as blunt force became less and less effective, because the more subdivided they got, the less conscious and less controllable they became.

Not all of the spirits that turned away from God (and every other spirit) participated in these spiritual wars. Only those in the lowest of the worlds did. And not all of the unit spirits which did participate got fragmented. And not all fragments got recursively subdivided into "particles".

Thus, at this point, the war zones were populated by a spectrum of "consciousness levels", from the barely conscious spirit particles to the fully conscious unit spirits.

Additionally, not every part of reality was a war zone. In fact, there were--and always had been--the spirits that still lived in harmony, love and peace. And every possibility in the middle. That is... what was one all light became a spectrum of levels, or layers, from the complete darkness of the spiritual war zones with its spirit particles (the vey very very small, barely conscious fragments) to the absolute light of the primordial world with God.

All along since the initial, inexplicable separation, every spirit in all layers of "light" had worked, with God holding their backs, so to speak, to bring every spirit in all layers of "darkness" back into the light. That is, the "heaven", so to speak, is not a place in which light spirits live in love, peace and harmony but having forgotten about us. That wouldn't be compatible with love. So, instead, all of them, called Redemption Workers, constantly work to bring us all there.

Eventually, the zillions of barely conscious, recursively subdivided, spirit particles reached a sort of bottom threshold, so vibrationally low, that they "transmuted" from ethereal into what we call matter (Since there is a spectrum of fragmentation levels, there is also a layering of ethereal/material forms). The material Universe was born.

What we call "Nature", that is, the sort of ordering and rules of the material world, was (is) possible thanks to a fundamental mechanism and principle that the "redemption workers" were eventually able to bring about: material and ethereal spirit particles and fragments entangle to form a "dual unit", having both a material (barely conscious) and an ethereal (conscious to different degrees) component. Such a duality is present in every bit of "stable or quasi stable" building block, no matter how primitive, such as a quark, for example.

The Universe, with all of its components, its processes, its cycles, and its rules (laws as we called them), all of that is about the spirit particles and fragments. Its the vehicle of their progress and evolution.

Because, as it turns out, the fragmented state of a unit spirit is temporary. Each and every fragment, however subdivided, evolves and progresses into a journey back to reunite and reintegrate into the once former unit spirit. And this material Universe is fundamentally about that.

We humans, that is, unit spirits incarnated into a biological body, are mere last second participants, only here thanks to the incredible progress made by the spirit fragments that went so far as to evolve into a complex biological animal.

This Earth, or the entire Universe for that matter, is not for, nor about, us. It has its own purpose, its own needs, and, most importantly for this conversation: its own cycles.

In particular....

Barely conscious material spirit particles came about as the result of a recursive subdivision which can be seen as an ethereal to material progression, which, fortunately, had a bottom threshold. From that bottom, particles bounced back up and journey into an evolution in which they progressively reunite. This evolution can be seen as the opposite: material to ethereal progression. Such a progression occurs in phases. Subsequent phases correspond to less material and more ethereal states.

The phases of this progression are like "stations", each with its population. This can be seen like, say, School: There are the grades, such that each grade has its own "stationary" rules, subjects of study, structure, etc... and there are the children that transition from grade to grade.

It is the same with the stages, or layers, or to use a better term: "WORLDS" in existence.

Each world has its vibratory range, its "material/ethereal" ratio, its rules, etc.. And they also have its population at any given period of time.

And, just like all the children in any given grade will, at the end of the school year, pass on to the next grade, the same happens with all of the spirit fragments and particles that are "stationed" into any of the staged worlds. For instance, all of the spirit fragments and particles that participate in our current universe will, in due time, transition to some next stage. When that happens, this Universe will have reached the end of its current cycle, and a new group of spirit fragments and particles will (probably) transition into a rebirth of this universe.


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