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ITC Automation

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ITC can be used as a biofeedback tool for psychic development, or for proving PK. Neither is going to revolutionize society. PK is already proven. Psycho-spiritual development sounds noble at first, but it can actually widen the gap between the psychic haves and have-nots. Instead, we should aim to equal the playing field by eliminating the operator effect, aka the experimenter effect.  

What if you could only complete a telephone call if you had strong enough will power to vector in the voice on the other side of the call? Or you could only receive an email if you set your intention to receive it? Those who lacked the “magic” would not be able to communicate. The solid reliability of technology is what equalizes power and opportunity. 

ITC needs to be just as effortless, clear, consistent, reliable and ubiquitous. This is a technical problem, not a psychological one, though there may be a bridge to cross. How can the subjective be captured in the objective, consciousness condensed into matter, transducing the numinous into the tangible? And how can we make these interdimensional pathways function as seamlessly and reliably as phones, TV’s, radios, computers, and other media? 

Live or streaming seances, old-school spiritualism in technological wrappings, and the building of contact fields through the use of emotion, resonance and music to create the right “vibration”, are helpful to making contact, and from experts on the other side, learning how to develop the technology (among other things). Alternatively, let’s invite spirit to talk, sing and play music, but not rely on ourselves to make it happen. Let the technology lead the way, not the operator. Only then can it be a universal force for good, opening up the portals for everyone, not just the spiritually gifted. 

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I've pondered/meditated on this topic A LOT over the years.  The current problem in regard to our spirit friends is identifying an energetic signature for that specific person.  To date, there is just too little known about the subtle energies involved in their "form."

For a living person, this type of automation could be done with sensors for biofeedback.  For example, once a medium reaches a theta brain state, a trigger could be developed that takes an action...say, begins recording audio.

But the real problem is that our technology seems to make little difference; we're never the ones leading the way.  We're just along for the ride.  This dream would most likely need to be achieved by spirit teams working to bridge the gap back to US.

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